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Drag-n-drop Transitions for Premiere Pro

No more replacing placeholder shots! Simply drop transitions on the timeline!
Please note, that project works in Premiere Pro CC 2018 12.1.0 and above.

For more details please watch “how-to-use” tutorial video.
And if you need any help, please visit support page.

Fast Previews

You can preview each transition right inside Premiere Pro!

What resolutions are included?
  1. FullHD – 1920×1080
  2. HD – 1280×720
  3. Vertical – 1080×1920
  4. Instagram – 1080×1080
  5. GoPro – 2704×1520
  6. DCP Flat – 1998×1080
  7. DCP 4K Scope – 4096×1716
  8. DCP 4K Flat – 3996×2160
  9. DCP 2K Scope – 2048×858
  10. 4K UltraHD – 3840×2160
  11. 4K Full Frame – 4096×3072
  12. 4K DCI – 4096×2160
  13. 4K Academy – 3656×2664
  14. 6K – 6144×2592

110+ Zoom Transitions

90+ Glitch Transitions

150+ Flat Transitions

70+ Spin Transitions

45+ Warp and Panoramic Transitions

70+ Split and Stripes Transitions

70+ Glass Transitions

And 110+ Other Transitions

80+ Text Transition Presets

What sounds are included?

  • 5 Whoosh Swoosh Packs
  • 5 Cinematic Swoosh Packs
  • Cinematic Sub Drops
  • Low Subdrops
  • Cinematic Epic Trailer Hits and Impacts
  • Dramatic Horn Transitions
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer Impacts – 2 packs
  • Glitch Transition Sounds
  • 30 Glitch Sounds
  • Buttons
  • Bell Sounds
  • Digital HUD Interface Sounds
  • Camera sounds
  • Project Features:

  • Drag-n-drop method!
  • Works with any FPS
  • Works with any resolution
  • 13 ready-to-use resolutions included
  • 100% Premiere Pro (No After Effects needed)
  • Easy to use even if you are a beginner
  • User-friendly project structure
  • Fast previews right inside Premiere Pro
  • Various transition speed
  • Sound FX included
  • Fast support
  • Detailed FAQ
  • Free multiple future updates
  • Video tutorial
  • System Requirements:

  • Premiere Pro CC 2018.12.1.0 or higher
  • GPU acceleration

  • Please note, that some effects are not supported by Radeon GPU (OpenCL), such as VR Glitch for example.

    And one important notice about Premiere CC 2019. For unknown reason current CC 2019 version is very unstable and sometimes you may experience crashes for no reason. So please keep using CC 2018 until this issue with CC 2019 will be resolved.

    What if you want to use this pack in your Videohive projects?

    I don’t mind if you use my transitions in your video-templates! My presets will help you quickly solve the problem of transitions between scenes, and create easy-to-customize modular template. It’s super handy for any kind of slideshows, openers, promo videos etc. This pack will help you create a new unique design and save your time. Envato licence agreement allows such interaction. Read more in here: Envato FAQ.

    Terms are very simple:
  • Simply buy extended licence

  • Please use these transitions in good faith. You can use them as decorating elements in your big project, which includes your layouts and your motion design. But you can not just modify these transitions or sound FX and sell as a separate product, or sell a Premiere Pro template that will consist only or mostly of these transitions.


  • Music is not included: Track 1, Track 2
  • Images are not included. Source: Unsplash, Reshot
  • Videos are not included. Links
  • Feel free to email me if you’re wondering about music used in the promo video

  • Please, rate my project if you like it! Thank you

    Version History

    version 4.5 – 22 October, 2018
      Added 70+ new transitions:
     + Broken glass
     + Broken glass - RGB-split
     + Sliding Glass Diagonal 1
     + Sliding Glass Diagonal 2
     + Sliding Glass Horizontal
     + Sliding Glass Vertical
     + 6K - 6144x2592 is now available
    version 4.4 – 10 October, 2018
     + Added 50+ new transitions:
     + Split - 3 Lines
     + Stripes - Diagonal V1 & V2
     + Stripes - Horizontal
     + Stripes - Vertical
    version 4.3 – 3 October, 2018
     + Fixed "The importer reported a generic error" on MacOS
    version 4.2 – 27 September, 2018
     + Added 50+ new transitions: Light Leaks (v2), Warp Light Leaks, Panoramic Light Leaks, Flat Light Leaks
    version 4.1 – 3 September, 2018
     + Added 80+ Text Transition Presets
     + Added help file about applying text presets
    version 4.0 – 14 August, 2018
     + 400+ new transitions
     + 8 new ready-to-use resolutions
     + Added full resizeability
    version 3.2 – 30 June, 2018
    Added presets for 2704x1520 (GoPro)
    version 3.1 – 28 June, 2018
    Added presets for vertical videos
    version 3.0 – 26 June, 2018
     + Transitions updated to drag-n-drop presets
     + 2 new transition categories: Panoramic RGB-split, Light Leaks
     + New tutorial video
    version 2.5 – 15 June, 2018
     +140 Sound FX
    version 2.0 – 18 May, 2018
    New Tutorial: How to make transition copies
    version 1.8 – 11 May, 2018
    + fixed Camera Transitions on MacOS
    + added transition resizing insctructions 
    + updated html-preview gallery
    version 1.7 – 3 May, 2018
    +New Transition Category: Camera, + new sound FX
    version 1.5 – 30 april, 2018
    +3 New Transition Categories: Blur, Stretch, Panoramic
    version 1.0 – 25 april, 2018
    Initial release

      2018-07-03 03:23:20
      Purchased Reply

      For some reason I'm having trouble adding the presets to my work.

    • replayer

      2018-07-03 07:22:00
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please give me more details so I'll be able to help you.


      2018-07-03 12:11:01
      Purchased Reply

      I realized my mistake. I forgot to click the tab to open all videos besides video 1

    • priessnitzp

      2018-06-14 21:29:14
      Purchased Reply

      Hello are these transitions usable for standard timeline at 3840×2160, 23.976fps?

    • replayer

      2018-06-15 00:10:45
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Yes, it works great with 3840 x 2160 footage. 23.97 FPS is ok. I've used 25 FPS footage in my preview video - it looks awesome.

    • Poserinc852

      2018-10-15 22:52:27
      Purchased Reply

      just bought this but it says "this project was saved in a newer version of adobe premiere pro and cannot be opened in this version" PLEASE HELP I didn't think this would be that much trouble ....

    • replayer

      2018-10-15 22:57:37
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. There is no trouble at all. Version requirements are mentioned at the very top of the project page Just update your Premiere Pro to the latest version via Creative Cloud.

    • Poserinc852

      2018-10-15 23:56:05
      Purchased Reply

      ok sorry will try now thanks

    • bootcamphq

      2018-10-05 23:21:44
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, I have downloaded and uploaded the transitions into my project. however, when I add the transition to the timeline, make sure the insert sequence as individual clips is grey, and turn off track 1, the transition just shows up as stock images, not my footage. does that make sense? Have I set it up wrong?

    • replayer

      2018-10-05 23:24:39
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, please send me the screenshot from Premiere Pro on my email [email protected]

    • ahabaz

      2018-10-31 07:07:03
      Purchased Reply

      Hello , How I can i fix missed files when I import the FULL HD Project ?

    • replayer

      2018-10-31 07:08:59
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please email me via my profile page and I'll provide you with the solution.

    • replayer

      2018-10-31 07:29:49
      Purchased Reply

      Haven't received email from you yet. Please try this basic solution

    • GKCW

      2018-11-05 05:43:44
      Purchased Reply

      Some crahing problems in CC 2019. It's just stop working. i think it's about transition previews :(

    • replayer

      2018-11-05 07:14:31
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please email me via my profile page to continue this discussion.

    • nicholastan97

      2018-11-12 22:54:59
      Purchased Reply

      Hello! I'm using CC12.1.1 and a iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015) i7 3.3ghz. Would my computer be able to support? Is there a trial pack that I can try it out? :)

    • replayer

      2018-11-12 23:42:12
      Purchased Reply

      Hi! What about RAM? I guess your hardware is totally ok, don't worry. I don't have trial version, but you can look into awesome reviews :) And if you'll need any help or tips how to improve workflow, feel free to email me via my profile page

    • Rjamison77

      2018-11-13 11:10:16
      Purchased Reply

      Having trouble making the transition work correct, when I drag a transition into my timeline all I'm getting is a box in the middle like the transition is trying to run but won't, please help.

    • replayer

      2018-11-13 11:11:47
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please make sure that transitions resolution match your sequence resolution.

    • Rjamison77

      2018-11-13 12:04:09
      Purchased Reply

      Got it, thanks

    • CokinoZero

      2018-11-15 15:08:02
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Team, Effece number 12.Fade not use Premiere pro cc2019 ?

    • replayer

      2018-11-15 20:57:21
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please make video of that issue and send it on my email [email protected] Feel free to use your smartphone to make the video if you don't have any screen capture software. Would appreciate video in FullHD. Thank you.

    • zion_23

      2018-05-30 00:47:53
      Purchased Reply

      HI there how do I install the presets in my premiere pro?

    • replayer

      2018-05-30 00:53:55
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, these are not presets. If you want to import my transitions into your current project, please follow this instruction:

    • Vxsion

      2018-09-28 07:01:47
      Purchased Reply

      I Downloaded the Transitions pack and followed the tutorial but every time i import the files it shows up as missing media

    • replayer

      2018-09-28 07:03:30
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. It's well known Premiere Pro issue. Please follow this solution:

    • odrizin

      2018-09-07 03:19:28
      Purchased Reply

      i have just bought the Seamless Transitions +550, i tryed to use it but i recived an error that it was saved on a different version. i curently use V12 of premiere pro

    • replayer

      2018-09-07 05:09:23
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Already have replied on your email.

    • Cervantes21

      2018-09-07 07:09:45
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Your product does not work for me, what can I do?

    • replayer

      2018-09-07 07:12:23
      Purchased Reply

      As far as I understood you have old version of Premiere Pro (older than CC 2018 12.1.0). Please update to the latest version using Creative Cloud.

    • langwellenreiter

      2018-09-12 02:38:59
      Purchased Reply

      why should I choose your product over "Handy Seamless Transitions for Premiere Pro" by videolancer? they both look great - it's such a hard decision!

    • replayer

      2018-09-12 05:29:36
      Purchased Reply

      Hi! I suppose both projects are pretty much great, the main difference is animations. If you look closely you'll notice that even zoom and flat (pan) transitions are very different in our packs, not to mention the others. So it's totally up to you to choose what you like more :)

    • paulstarr

      2018-06-04 16:16:42
      Purchased Reply

      I really hope I'm misunderstanding, hopefully you can clarify. I just bought these and tried to use them. Are you saying every time I want to make a transition, I need to save and close my project, open your project, replace your files with my own, render those out, and then put them back in mine? Because if that's the case, this is a massive inconvenience. I really hope I'm misunderstanding.

    • replayer

      2018-06-04 17:56:51
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Yeah, you got it a little wrong, there is much easier way to use transitions :) You can import your project inside mine, or import transitions inside your current project. Here is how you can do that: Please, let me know if you any questions.

    • Geekyguru

      2018-07-15 13:45:41
      Purchased Reply

      Purchased... Files had to be located fyi.. Anyhow.. All I see is palm trees. Followed your video instruction. All I see is a palm tree on top of my footage. Not sure wassup.

    • replayer

      2018-07-15 18:08:43
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please watch the tutorial again. You can get the preview video above your footage only in one scenario: if the video layer 1 is still active. You need to deactivate layer 1 and then drag-n-drop transition above your footage. As for the media files. You need to extract each folder from the archive, not only the project files. When you open up my project for the first time Premiere Pro will begin the process of finding media (it make take some time), but it happens only once.

    • marvindicate

      2018-10-10 16:59:56
      Purchased Reply

      hi is there a way to make this work in premiere pro cc 2017?

    • replayer

      2018-10-10 19:24:14
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade project version to CC 2017. Please update using Creative Cloud.

    • tfornof

      2018-08-30 06:53:35
      Purchased Reply

      Is there a way to apply these transitions to titles/text only? i.e. Text or Title transitioning in over footage?

    • replayer

      2018-08-30 06:55:09
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. You can nest transition and text layer, so your background footage won't be affected by transition.

    • tfornof

      2018-08-30 07:02:43
      Purchased Reply

      Halfway there, but now it appears that the transition no longer has an alpha channel. Background is black behind text.

    • replayer

      2018-08-30 07:18:51
      Purchased Reply

      I see. It's happening because some transitions has "alpha adjust" effect. Please, disable it You can find this effect by clicking on transitions layers

    • tfornof

      2018-08-30 07:21:55
      Purchased Reply

      Perfect! Thank you!

    • replayer

      2018-08-30 07:25:25
      Purchased Reply

      You're welcome) Please, rate my project if you like it ;)

    • p3w

      2018-10-26 02:01:32
      Purchased Reply

      Could you upgrade the package to version 12.1.2 (build 69) of Adobe Pr?

    • replayer

      2018-10-26 02:08:10
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. My pack works in CC 2018 12.1.2 just fine.

    • JCDO

      2018-11-04 03:19:46
      Purchased Reply

      So I have 16gb of RAM, an i7-8700k and a gtx 1060 6gb. Everytime i press enter to render the preview files so the line above turns from red to green my cpu maxes out and it takes forever. What is going on?

    • replayer

      2018-11-04 03:24:48
      Purchased Reply

      Hi. Please email me via my profile page to continue this discussion.