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  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 no more broken images!
  • Easy and fully editable in Google Slide (shape color, size, position, etc)
  • 500+ easy editable font icons kit. We know you love icons!
  • Work faster with Drag and drop picture placeholder plus auto-adjustment (size, transparency, shape, etc)
  • Elegant transition animations
  • Elegant company profile slides
  • Easy editable data driven charts (pie, bar, line)
  • Effective infographics with creative visualization
  • Devices mockup with drag and drop screen placeholder
  • All about maps : Europe, U.S, Asia, Australia

Fonts use:

  • Lato Free Fonts
  • List Items:

  • Hope Creative Google Slide Template
  • Dawn Creative Google Slide Template
  • Soru Creative Google Slide Template
    • Corr

      2017-12-12 19:59:31
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, I have purchased your slides and have the same issues in google slides. I have emailed you a few days ago but no reply. Can you please help me?

    • Corr

      2017-12-14 21:46:58
      Purchased Reply

      Hello again, I have emailed you 5 days ago and then again sent you a message here 2 days ago. Can anybody help me?

    • jiosho

      2017-11-21 16:12:51
      Purchased Reply

      This is bad. When open in google slide it says "Unsupported placeholder". Also when opening in powerpoint, all the image placeholder don't fit the shape anymore so all image placeholder on these 3 slides becomes a square image only. Please fix asap.

    • 69slides

      2017-11-21 23:43:50
      Purchased Reply

      Email me, I send you item with images: [email protected]

    • jiosho

      2017-11-22 14:08:34
      Purchased Reply

      Thank you for the fast response! Problem was solved immediately. Author gave a great service & amazing slide! It's worth it. Have a great day!

    • drwasabe

      2018-11-11 08:27:17
      Purchased Reply

      I am getting a message that says “Unsupported placeholder” and everything is black and white!

    • 69slides

      2018-11-11 18:34:15
      Purchased Reply

      Thank you for purchased, and sorry for this problem Please email me via [email protected] I send you fixed version, because I'm waiting for Envato approve

    • 69slides

      2018-11-11 19:35:28
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, now you can re-download this template, I fixed and Envato approve this template