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Folk acoustic background music with positive summer vibe for joyful projects, adventure movies, game or tale videos.
It engage audience with it’s sunny feel, folk atmosphere and celtic village vibe.
Traditional acoustic instruments like mandolin, lute, wooden flute and more, catchy vibe creates happy and fairytale feel.
This folk vibe with sweet traditional instruments will set the tone for any adventure saga videos or cute fairytale movies.
Track Mood & Features:
Mood: acoustic folk music, positive and sunny, joyful and friendly.
Features: percussion, gentle acoustic instruments, freedom vibe.
Suited For…
It’s undeniably joyful and easy sunny theme, this could provide a great background track for a wide range of project work including:

  • Spring opener trailer
  • Tale intro projects
  • Bright youtube videos
  • Summer game \ gaming video
  • World legend projects
  • Adventure movies soundtrack
  • Celtic fantasy videos and much more!
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‘A Happy’ item includes:
  • A Happy – 1:28
  • Minute Mix – 1:03, (1:30 in preview).
  • Short Mix – 0:39, (2:34 in preview).
  • Loop – 0:24, (3:14 in preview).
  • Logo – 0:15, (3:40 in preview).