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What is AdelFox | Multi-Purpose PSD Template

AdelFox – Multi-Purpose PSD Template” is a great design idea for website of Creative Corporate, Corporation, Organization, Community, Company Profile, Personal Portfolio, News, Creative Blog, Gallery Photo and more… “AdelFox” is a creative modern and multi-purpose PSD Template. Template designed for convert into Wordpress, Joomla and other systems. In line with modern design trends, color fresh and dynamic. Creative Layout and Smart. Super Clear and Clean Layout! This is a great choice!

150 PSD files included – The design is very elegant and modern, and also very easy to customize.

[ HOT ] 2014’s Trendding Featured Items: TheFox | Multi-Purpose PSD Template – 255 Premium PSDs

TheFox is AdelFox’s Next-Generation – The #2 Selling PSD Template of All Time on Themeforest. You will love TheFox!!! Go to Download and Enjoy now!!!

Hot Updates – Version 2.5 (25 June 2014)

New Feature: Up to 150 Perfect PSD Files.
New Feature: Arrange, rename filename / folder / layers / groups
New Feature: Banner Smart Object Ready in Homepages.
New Changes: Blog / Portfolio / Contact Elements.
New Files Added: Dark Blog Color Option, Full Screen Portfolio Version, 4 Colors Variations, Portfolio Simple Detail, Contact Page, Blog Ver 04 Full Width, Subscribe Lightbox, Headers with Search Box... 

What buyers say about AdelFox?

Im first buyer, awesome work
It is the best detailed psd template that I ever seen very good detailed and it deserves 5 stars. GLWS yaNone
I think this is the best PSD on themeforest. There are just so many ideas and each PSD is perfectly organised. This must have taken you months to create. I can’t wait to see a Wordpress theme of this. Buy with complete confidence. MassThemes
Great and thoughtful psds! samhitabhatkar
Amazing template which of course I bought Adaminho
Great Work!!! rabida
good job !! keep it on !! anibabbar
Awesome work! bennieblanco
Your work is amazing dsarkodeeadoo
You guys a awesome! Version 2 is such a great improvement! This PSD is so helpful my project. By the way, I have coded a lot of this into a WP theme so if your dev needs any CSS or something I would love to provide some. brotsky

Template Features

  • 150 Perfect Pixel / Layered PSD files.
  • The #3 Selling PSD Template Of All Time On Themeforest.
  • Themeforest Most Popular PSD Template.
  • Based on 978px Grid System.
  • 14 Homepage Layout Options: 11 Verions.
  • 14 Online Store Layouts: 8 Online Store Index Options, 3 Online Store Detail Options, 3 Cart / Checkout / Checkout Order Received.
  • 26 Porfolio Layout Options: 4 Portfolio Versions (19 Layout Options), 7 Portfolio Detail Options.
  • 29 Blog Layout Options: 5 Blog Versions (26 Layout Options), 3 Blog Detail Options.
  • 35 Page Layout Options: 5 About Us Options, 2 Our Team Options, 3 Services, 4 Contact Options, 3 Loading, 4 Login, 1 Signup, 4 Coming Soon, 2 Error, 4 Search Results, 2 Forgot Usename / Password, 1 Sitemap.
  • 10 Full Shortcodes Ready: 1 Pricing Tables, 2 General, 1 Typography, 1 Introducing Box Style, 1 Skill/Progress, 1 Blog Widget, 1 Forms Style, 1 Lightbox Style, 1 Subscribe Style.
  • 7 PSDs Full Header/Navigation Style: Light / Dark / Dropdown Menu Style / Search Box / Language.
  • 1170 Grid System Update: 2 Index Light / Dark.
  • 08 PSDs Mobile / Tablet Ready: Light / Dark: Menu Opened.
  • 07 Colors Variations.
  • Unique and Modern Style
  • Super Clear and Clean Layout
  • Awesome and Creative Design.
  • Easily customizable Photoshop files.
  • Every page is fully layered and organized with proper names.
  • This PSD theme is perfect for convert into website project of Creative Corporate, Corporation, Organization, Community, Company Profile, Personal Portfolio, News, Creative Blog, Gallery Photo, Wordpress, Joomla and other systems.
  • Strange and unique interface, streamlined and impress.
  • Pixel Perfect.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • Free Google Fonts.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Free Font Based Icons.
  • Great Support 24/7.
  • Easy to find the files name, folder, layers, goups.
  • And many more…

PSD Files Included


  • 01_001_index_VERSION_01.psd
  • 01_002_index_VERSION_02.psd
  • 01_003_index_VERSION_03.psd
  • 01_004_index_VERSION_04.psd
  • 01_005_index_VERSION_05.psd
  • 01_006_index_VERSION_06.psd
  • 01_007_index_VERSION_07.psd
  • 01_008_index_VERSION_08.psd
  • 01_009_index_VERSION_09.psd
  • 01_010_index_VERSION_10.psd
  • 01_011_index_VERSION_11.psd
  • 01_012_index_VERSION_12_BOXED.psd


  • 02_001_shop_FULL_WIDTH.psd
  • 02_002_shop_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 02_003_shop_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 02_004_shop_TOP_SELLER.psd
  • 02_005_shop_LIST_LAYOUT.psd
  • 02_006_shop_LIST_LAYOUT_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 02_007_shop_LIST_LAYOUT_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 02_008_shop_2_COLUMNS.psd
  • 02_009_shop_DETAIL.psd
  • 02_010_shop_DETAIL_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 02_011_shop_DETAIL_FULL_WIDTH.psd
  • 02_012_shop_SHOPPING_CART.psd
  • 02_013_shop_CHECKOUT.psd
  • 02_014_shop_CHECKOUT_ORDER_RECEIVED.psd


  • 03_01_001_portfolio_version_01_1_COLUMN_WITH_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_01_002_portfolio_version_01_1_COLUMN_WITH_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_01_003_portfolio_version_01_2_COLUMNS.psd
  • 03_01_004_portfolio_version_01_3_COLUMNS.psd
  • 03_01_005_portfolio_version_01_3_COLUMNS_WITH_SLIDER.psd
  • 03_01_006_portfolio_version_01_3_COLUMNS_WITH_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_01_007_portfolio_version_01_3_COLUMNS_WITH_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_01_008_portfolio_version_01_4_COLUMNS.psd
  • 03_01_009_portfolio_version_01_4_COLUMNS_WITH_SLIDER.psd
  • 03_02_001_portfolio_version_2_classic_1_COLUMN.psd
  • 03_02_002_portfolio_version_2_classic_2_COLUMNS.psd
  • 03_02_003_portfolio_version_2_classic_3_COLUMNS.psd
  • 03_02_004_portfolio_version_2_classic_4_COLUMNS.psd
  • 03_03_001_portfolio_version_03_fullscreen_OPTION_01.psd
  • 03_03_002_portfolio_version_03_fullscreen_OPTION_02.psd
  • 03_03_003_portfolio_version_03_fullscreen_OPTION_03.psd
  • 03_04_001_portfolio_version_04_OPTION_01.psd
  • 03_04_002_portfolio_version_04_OPTION_02_WITH_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_04_003_portfolio_version_04_OPTION_03_WITH_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_05_001_portfolio_detail_OPTION_01.psd
  • 03_05_002_portfolio_detail_OPTION_02_WITH_COMMENT.psd
  • 03_05_003_portfolio_detail_OPTION_03_SLIDER.psd
  • 03_05_004_portfolio_detail_OPTION_04_WITH_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_05_005_portfolio_detail_OPTION_05_WITH_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 03_05_006_portfolio_detail_OPTION_06_FULL_WIDTH.psd
  • 03_05_007_portfolio_detail_OPTION_07_SIMPLE_STYLE.psd


  • 04_01_001_blog_version_01_OPTION_01_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_01_002_blog_version_01_OPTION_02_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_01_003_blog_version_01_OPTION_03_3_COLUMNS.psd
  • 04_01_004_blog_version_01_OPTION_04_2_COLUMNS.psd
  • 04_01_005_blog_version_01_OPTION_05_1_COLUMNS_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_01_006_blog_version_01_OPTION_06_1_COLUMNS_RIGHT_SIDEBAR_DARK.psd
  • 04_01_007_blog_version_01_OPTION_07_1_COLUMNS_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_01_008_blog_version_01_OPTION_08_1_COLUMNS_FULL_WIDTH.psd
  • 04_02_001_blog_version_02_OPTION_01.psd
  • 04_02_002_blog_version_02_OPTION_02_SMALL_IMAGE.psd
  • 04_02_003_blog_version_02_OPTION_03_SMALL_IMAGE_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_02_004_blog_version_02_OPTION_04_SMALL_IMAGE_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_02_005_blog_version_02_OPTION_05_2_COLUMNS.psd
  • 04_03_001_blog_version_03_OPTION_01_2_COLUMNS.psd
  • 04_03_002_blog_version_03_OPTION_02_3_COLUMNS.psd
  • 04_03_003_blog_version_03_OPTION_03_4_COLUMNS.psd
  • 04_04_001_blog_version_04_OPTION_01_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_04_002_blog_version_04_OPTION_02_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_04_003_blog_version_04_OPTION_03_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_04_004_blog_version_04_OPTION_04_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_04_005_blog_version_04_OPTION_05_2_COLUMNS_RIGHT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_04_006_blog_version_04_OPTION_06_2_COLUMNS_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_04_007_blog_version_04_OPTION_07_FULL_WIDTH_01.psd
  • 04_04_008_blog_version_04_OPTION_08_FULL_WIDTH_02.psd
  • 04_05_001_BLOG_DETAIL_LEFT_SIDEBAR.psd
  • 04_05_003_BLOG_DETAIL_FULL_WIDTH.psd
  • 04_06_001_blog_version_05_TIMELINE_OPTION_01.psd
  • 04_06_002_blog_version_05_TIMELINE_OPTION_02.psd


  • 05_01_001_page_ABOUT_US_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_01_002_page_ABOUT_US_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_01_003_page_ABOUT_US_OPTION_03.psd
  • 05_01_004_page_ABOUT_US_OPTION_04.psd
  • 05_01_005_page_ABOUT_US_OPTION_05.psd
  • 05_02_001_page_OUR_TEAM_LIST.psd
  • 05_02_002_page_OUR_TEAM_DETAIL.psd
  • 05_03_001_page_SERVICE_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_03_002_page_SERVICE_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_03_003_page_SERVICE_OPTION_03.psd
  • 05_04_001_page_CONTACT_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_04_002_page_CONTACT_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_04_003_page_CONTACT_OPTION_03.psd
  • 05_04_004_page_CONTACT_OPTION_04.psd
  • 05_05_001_page_LOADING_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_05_002_page_LOADING_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_05_003_page_LOADING_OPTION_03.psd
  • 05_06_001_page_LOGIN_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_06_002_page_LOGIN_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_06_003_page_LOGIN_OPTION_03.psd
  • 05_06_004_page_LOGIN_OPTION_04.psd
  • 05_07_001_page_SIGNUP_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_08_001_page_COMING_SOON_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_08_002_page_COMING_SOON_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_08_003_page_COMING_SOON_OPTION_03.psd
  • 05_08_004_page_COMING_SOON_OPTION_04.psd
  • 05_09_001_page_404_ERROR_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_09_002_page_404_ERROR_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_010_001_page_SEARCH_RESULTS_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_010_002_page_SEARCH_RESULTS_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_010_003_page_SEARCH_RESULTS_OPTION_03_FULL_WIDTH.psd
  • 05_010_004_page_SEARCH_RESULTS_OPTION_04_FULL_WIDTH_02.psd
  • 05_011_001_page_FORGOT_USENAME_PASSWORD_OPTION_01.psd
  • 05_011_002_page_FORGOT_USENAME_PASSWORD_OPTION_02.psd
  • 05_012_001_page_SITEMAP_01.psd


  • 06_01_001_shortcodes_PRICING_TABLES_OPTION_01.psd
  • 06_02_001_shortcodes_GENERAL_01.psd
  • 06_02_002_shortcodes_GENERAL_02.psd
  • 06_03_001_shortcodes_TYPOGRAPHY_01.psd
  • 06_04_001_shortcodes_INTRODUCING_BOX_STYLE_01.psd
  • 06_05_001_shortcodes_SKILL_PROGRESS_01.psd
  • 06_06_001_shortcodes_BLOG_WIDGET_01.psd
  • 06_07_001_shortcodes_FORMS_STYLE_01.psd
  • 06_08_001_shortcodes_LIGHTBOX_01.psd
  • 06_09_001_shortcodes_SUBSCRIBE_01.psd


  • 07_01_HEADER_STYLE.psd
  • 07_02_DARK_HEADER_STYLE.psd
  • 07_06_SIDE_NAVIGATION.psd
  • 07_07_SEARCH_BOX.psd


  • 08_001_1170_px_GRID_LIGHT.psd
  • 08_002_1170_px_GRID_DARK.psd


  • 09_01_001_moblie_LIGHT_INDEX.psd
  • 09_01_002_moblie_DARK_INDEX.psd
  • 09_02_001_mobile_LIGHT_MENU.psd
  • 09_02_002_mobile_DARK_MENU.psd


  • 10_01_001_tablet_LIGHT_INDEX.psd
  • 10_01_002_tablet_DARK_INDEX.psd
  • 10_02_001_tablet_LIGHT_MENU.psd
  • 10_02_002_tablet_DARK_MENU.psd


  • 11_001_colors_variations_OPTION_01_DAKR.psd
  • 11_002_colors_variations_OPTION_02_GREEN.psd
  • 11_003_colors_variations_OPTION_03_RED.psd
  • 11_004_colors_variations_OPTION_04_LIGHT_BLUE.psd
  • 11_005_colors_variations_OPTION_05_LIGHT_GREEN.psd
  • 11_006_colors_variations_OPTION_06_LIGHT_ORANGE.psd
  • 11_007_colors_variations_OPTION_07_PURPLE.psd

Fonts Used

  • Lato Font (Google Font)

Sources and Credits

Icons Used
  • Free Font Based Icons by Font-Awesome
  • Social Icons
  • The Elegant Icon Font
Graphics Used
Images links will be provided after you purchase this template.
Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and  NOT  included in the final purchase files.

Online Support

This is just a part of what is included in this theme. There is much more in there so you should check out the screenshots. If you have any questions about customization of this template witch are not covered in the documentation feel free to ask a question in the comment section or contact me directly via e-mail form on my profile page.

A Product of Tran Mau Tri Tam – Depla Mag and Uoneo.

Don’t forget to rate the template. Thanks so much!

Updates – Version 2.0 (23 December 13)

  • Code-Writer

    2014-03-06 21:38:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hmm... i am waited long time.. Its really a disappointment for all the Adelfox fans.. You take more time for Developing Wordpress! Tooo time Brother.. I dont know who is developing your design.. But he taking more time :confused:

  • tranmautritam

    2014-03-06 21:41:11
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your interest. A Wordpress version is in development, but quality Wordpress development takes time and I am making sure the development is of too quality. I will post an update here as soon as its completed and been approved. Thanks again for your interest.

  • imedesignpro

    2013-12-25 21:13:08
    Purchased Reply

    I like this work, this is a great design !! my best wishes for you :)

  • tranmautritam

    2013-12-26 02:24:20
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you friend ;)

  • wopethemes

    2013-11-21 17:01:23
    Purchased Reply

    good job :D

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-21 17:42:36
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks :D

  • bigbrandagency

    2015-01-13 14:27:30
    Purchased Reply

    There are zero images in these PSDs? Man, that sucks. Nice design PSDs, but that sort of defeated the purpose of why I purchased this.

  • tranmautritam

    2015-01-13 15:35:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Many thanks for purchasing AdelFox. I am so sorry, Here is PSD Template and I've noted in Description: Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files. Also, Themeforest doesn't allow Images included in Download pack. Please understand this one friend. The PSD Files are easy to customize and replace images. I hope you can find the nice images and put to designs, enjoy!! Kind Regards, tranmautritam

  • tranmautritam

    2018-05-24 18:11:18
    Purchased Reply

    Let’s see why you should use Cesis WordPress Theme for Your Next Projects!

    • Cesis live demo: • Purchase Cesis now:

  • SpyroPress

    2013-11-22 22:30:42
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome work ! Get some sleep now ! GLWS

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-23 00:09:39
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you so much!!!

  • thematek

    2013-11-22 01:09:53
    Purchased Reply

    very, very, very good work!

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-22 03:14:57
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much ;)

  • WPDesk

    2014-02-07 02:36:35
    Purchased Reply

    Great Design Great PSD Template, I want to ask you one question, where you got the background of slideshow in from other marketplace or your design? Thank you for this template :)

  • tranmautritam

    2014-02-07 13:59:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, If you buy my template. Creadit link will available for you. Thanks for comment.

  • DLRdesign

    2014-05-06 10:55:29
    Purchased Reply

    Very Clean & modern! Nice work.

  • tranmautritam

    2014-08-31 15:26:46
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you mate :D

  • geojc14

    2014-07-09 09:17:58
    Purchased Reply

    great work brother. thanks!

  • tranmautritam

    2014-07-09 20:27:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello brother!! Thanks for purchased my item. I am super glad when you are enjoying it. Thank you very much!! Kind and Regards, Tam

  • Layerdrops

    2013-11-22 04:50:03
    Purchased Reply

    Wow man great design, I like it. but seems like inspired a lot from "MINT MEGA PACK Design". Good effort:)

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-22 12:55:12
    Purchased Reply

    Yup! Well, I look for inspiration from more featured themes. Regards, ;)

  • Layerdrops

    2013-11-23 04:38:22
    Purchased Reply

    Yes I can see that. but I think pages like "404" and "Loading" page just simply copied from "Mint Mega Pack Design" anyway good mixing...

  • Layerdrops

    2013-11-23 04:48:38
    Purchased Reply

    Oh Also the CD BAG STYLE in the slider... exactly the same idea:)

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-23 14:57:00
    Purchased Reply

    I think I try to do the best, help customer they have many choices. A feature have always differents way to present. Anyway, differents authors can have same idea, it's normal. But I think I did well and I have creative in my theme, that's reason that AdelFox is here. Thanks for your time :) Regards,

  • Mohammad-Rasool

    2014-01-01 19:09:42
    Purchased Reply

    hello could some one make wp or html version of your design? did it need any licence or requierment?

  • tranmautritam

    2014-01-02 01:19:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hello friend, Thanks for comment but you can't do wp or html for my AdelFox design. Regards,

  • yaNone

    2013-11-21 18:43:58
    Purchased Reply

    Im first buyer, awesome work :)

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-21 18:55:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hello buyer, thanks for purchased my item! Cheer!!! :P

  • brotsky

    2014-04-23 06:08:56
    Purchased Reply

    You guys a awesome! Version 2 is such a great improvement! This PSD is so helpful my project. By the way, I have coded a lot of this into a WP theme so if your dev needs any CSS or something I would love to provide some. :)

  • tranmautritam

    2014-04-24 02:20:46
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for the nice comments. I am glad AdelFox has been such a help. Feel free to leave a link when you are done. I ma always pleased to see my work being used in different contexts. Good luck. Tam.

  • tranmautritam

    2018-05-22 21:11:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hello everybody, I am super excited to let you know that my newest WordPress Theme has been released on ThemeForest. Cesis is a new kind of WordPress Theme. In few words, it is the most powerful, easy to use versatile multi-purpose WordPress theme. We built Cesis in order to let the user have the possibility to modify and control every part of their site, and this really easily.

    Cesis - New WordPress Theme Released!

    Purchase Cesis WordPress Today! Best Regards, Tranmautritam

  • sidewayset

    2014-07-16 12:13:23
    Purchased Reply

    Try couple of things listed below if still have problems

    1. Solution One:Try to use native zip application of windows 7, and unzip it WITHOUT using WinRar
    2. Solution Two: Move the zip file to upper level directory,for example move it to C:\ , extract there, and then move it to wherever you want,also rename zip file, to shorter name before extracting
    3. Try to unzip using native installer however from inside of zip file, open the zip file using native zip, then click extract inside zip file, do NOT do Right Click, unzip

    Hope one of this helps, I have this problem in regular basis and this helped me.

    For Author, I will buy your AMAZING psd very soon to build up my theme on it for my website.

    Thank, SideWaysET

  • tranmautritam

    2014-07-16 14:38:18
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you sidewaset for talking the time to write us a kind comment. It is super usefull. Yeah, i am very glad when you have plan to buy my template. Thanks again, Have a nice day friend, Kind regards, Tam

  • themehippo

    2013-11-22 02:16:39
    Purchased Reply

    OOOOooooooo.... itz BIG :O ... Excellent work. GLWS

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-22 03:14:32
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks so much :D

  • AirTheme

    2013-11-24 08:06:45
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

  • tranmautritam

    2013-11-25 00:24:08
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks friend very much! ;)

  • speaklog

    2014-01-17 10:10:03
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome Great Design bro...

  • tranmautritam

    2014-01-17 13:29:34
    Purchased Reply

    Many thanks ;)

  • hrva07

    2014-07-27 18:42:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, do your PSD documents include Guides ?

  • tranmautritam

    2014-07-28 13:42:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, My PSD inlucde document file: it has featured, credit, simple guides (how to edit psd files)... because my PSD is easy to customize and you can use it, don't worried.

  • hrva07

    2014-07-28 15:44:25
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for answering. But I was thinking about Guides inside PSD - those blue lines that you can bring out from rulers :)

  • tranmautritam

    2014-07-28 16:12:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello hrva07, Yeah, sure of course. The Guides inside all PSD Files. You can enable it when you press Ctrl (Window) / Command (Mac) + H. Thanks for interest

  • hrva07

    2014-07-28 16:29:08
    Purchased Reply

    That's great :-). One more question. When you say Retina ready, do you mean that your graphics were created in vectors and pasted as a Smart Objects ?

  • tranmautritam

    2014-07-28 16:43:50
    Purchased Reply

    Yeah, the logo, icons i maked with font icon, vector. All background is shape, some background created by me is vector / smart object. Note: Preview images are not included in PSD file. Thank you!

  • tranmautritam

    2014-08-04 13:44:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello hrva07, many thanks for purchased my item. Enjoy!!! (love) tranmautritam