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Images Comparison is a simple plugin that allows you to showcase the power of your products and services, by comparing before and after images. You can use it through shortcode or VC element.

Plugin Features

Compare images left-to-right or top-to-bottom
Set the starting comparison point where you want
Add labels to your before and after images
Customize it further with your own CSS

  • gensey00

    2018-06-15 15:51:38
    Purchased Reply

    Does not work. [images-comparison image_1=" ge1" image_2=""] Shows divs and classes but no images. Also, I cannot find this plugin in the list of supported products for opening a ticket.

  • AlexPeter

    2018-06-15 22:45:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Please make sure you've added the link to your images correctly and the section where you've added it accepts shortcodes. You can choose any product when opening a ticket and we will identify you through the purchase code. All the best.

  • PreScriptZ

    2017-08-22 10:18:57
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome Work! Good Luck With Sale :)

  • digitalcenturysf

    2017-08-22 03:41:13
    Purchased Reply


  • jeffPIED

    2018-06-05 04:29:37
    Purchased Reply

    Do not work at all

  • AlexPeter

    2018-06-05 06:00:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Please open a ticket here: with your shortcode or a screenshot of the element and we will take a look. If you can provide us with WP login info, it would be of great help. All the best.

  • AlexTrup

    2018-07-31 13:53:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, this plugin works well in general, but I found that it makes the images slightly blurry, which makes any text unreadable. Original image:

    After loaded into plugin:

    Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


  • AlexPeter

    2018-07-31 21:51:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Please open a ticket on our support platform with a link to your page and we will take a look. All the best.