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Bimber is a viral magazine theme, that lets you launch a fully functional viral site in no more than 24 hours. It comes with powerful sharing buttons; popular, hot, trending listings and multiple ad locations. Everything in a lightweight and easy-to-use package. Just start today and go viral today!

Viral Content Optimization

  • Create listicles with images, gifs, self-hosted videos and embeds
  • Popular, hot and trending lists
  • Fancy badges for popular, hot, and trending posts
  • Paginated posts with big, bold navigation
  • Share count visibility threshold – no more “0 shares” messages
  • View count visibility threshold – no more “1 view” messages
  • Comment count visibility threshold – no more “0 comments” messages
  • NSFW posts (Not Safe For Work)
  • Maximize Time on Page with “You may also like”, “More from category” and “Don’t miss” sections

Social Media Profits

Social media, when used correctly, gives you more money-making opportunities than you might realize. Build up enough trust with your followers and they will be more inclined to check out your recommendations. Start using social media platforms with:

  • Big social share buttons with clear call to action
  • Big players first
  • Sticky sharebar
  • Image sharing
  • Social Comments Integration (Facebook, Disqus)
  • Fake counters for viral newbies

Possible Locations:

  • Share buttons before post content
  • Share buttons after post content
  • Micro shares on images
  • Site’s social links in the header
  • Site’s social links inside sidebars with sticky option
  • Site’s social links in footer
  • Social comments (Facebook and Disqus) after post content

Social Widgets:

  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

Fake Counters:

  • Fake shares
  • Fake page views
  • Fake votes
  • Fake reactions

Make Money with Ads

Various ad providers supported:

  • Google AdSense ads
  • Content delivery platforms like Taboola, RevContent, Outbrain, etc…
  • and many more

Multiple ad slots

  • ads automatically injected into post listings
  • ads inside sidebars with sticky option
  • ads inside the post content, before the first paragraph, etc…
  • ad before the header theme area
  • ad before the content theme area
  • ad before the “You may also like” collection
  • ad before the “More from” collection
  • ad before the “Comments” section
  • ad before the “Don’t miss” collection

Other Monetization Methods

  • Affiliate Links
  • Coupons
  • Donations
  • Paid Content
  • Promoted Products
  • Shop
  • Shop The Post Block (Single Post)
  • Shop With Us Block (Global)
  • Shoppable Images
  • Sponsored Articles

Mailing List

If you are involved with internet marketing you most likely have heard that “The Money is in the List”. Large email list is a key to start making money online and for long term internet marketing success.

  • Integration with free, highly popular MailChimp for WordPress plugin
  • Custom styling
  • Place subscribe form after post content, inside grid collection, inside list collection and inside sidebars

Front-end Submission

Bimber includes Snax – Viral Front-End Uploader plugin, our dedicated solution for submitting viral content:

  1. Story (like WP post)
  2. Meme (create a funny pic)
  3. Open List (users can submit new items and vote for them)
  4. Ranked List (users can vote for best item)
  5. Classic List
  6. Trivia Quiz
  7. Personality Quiz
  8. Classic Poll
  9. Versus Poll
  10. Hot or Not Poll
  11. Image (photo, gif)
  12. Gallery
  13. Audio
  14. Video
  15. Embeds (YouTube videos, Instagram photos, Twitter statuses etc)

Check Bimber + Snax in action

Unique Features (built-in, no 3rd party plugins required)

  • Frontend Uploader
  • Viral Image Editor
  • Video Playlist
  • Lightbox Gallery
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Lists (Open, Ranked, Classic)
  • Reactions & Badges
  • Header Builder
  • Top Lists (Hot, Trending, Popular, Top 10)
  • Auto-injected ads / newsletters / products
  • Fake Counters
  • NSFW – Not Suitable For Work
  • Off-Canves Menu (Hamburger Menu)
  • Ajax Search
  • Tracking Codes Panel
  • Sticky header
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Social Media Widgets
  • Posts widget (sort by: date, views, votes, downloads, shares)
  • Random Post
  • Points, Badges and Ranks
  • Paginated Viral Story
  • Lazy Load
  • Watermarks
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Image Sizes Manager
  • Exit-Intent Newsletter Popup
  • Slide-In Ad
  • Ads Manager
  • AdBlocker Detector
  • Shoppable Image
  • Shop The Post
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Coupons
  • Donations
  • Promoted Products
  • Multiple sticky widgets
  • Voting
  • Archive Voting
  • Mega Menu
  • Infinite scroll (optionally triggered with the Load more button) and standard pagination
  • Auto load next post
  • Left/Right sidebar
  • Two Sidebars

Easy to Use

No matter if you are a beginner or WordPress ninja, you will find the theme very easy and intuitive to use. Every single element, module or UI control was made with simplicity in mind and you should be able to use them without necessity of looking up the documentation.

  • 15+ predefined demos to start with
  • One-Click Demo Installation
  • Install/Uninstall demo components
  • Preview changes immediately with Live Customizer
  • Drag & drop intuitive interfaces
  • Change order of single post elements with drag & drop interface
  • Change order of footer modules with drag & drop interface
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Well documented

Easy to Customize

Finding a theme with the exact design, layout and all the features you need can be a challenge. Bimber is the highly customizable WordPress theme that allows you to modify various elements and customize every single site aspect so it looks and functions the way you want.

  • Customize without touching the code
  • Build any layouts using Visual Page Builder
  • Compose your header with our Drag & Drop Header Builder
  • Customize every font on the site
  • Different design styles
  • Get total control over single post page
  • Get total control over archive pages
  • Hide/Show most elements
  • Boxed or full-width layout
  • Different style stacks
  • Light and dark skins
  • Tons of color options
  • Different featured posts templates
  • Different single post templates
  • Different archive headers
  • Different archive templates
  • Different featured entries templates
  • Different home page and archive layouts:
    • Grid
    • Grid + sidebar
    • List
    • List + sidebar
    • Small list
    • Large list
    • Stream (like on 9GAG)
    • Stream + sidebar
    • Stream + skyscrappers
    • Zigzag
    • Masonry

Plugin Integrations

  • AMP for WordPress
  • bbPress
  • BuddyPress
  • Disqus
  • Download Monitor
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Loco Translate
  • Mailchimp for WordPress
  • myCRED
  • Search Everything
  • Social Media Share Buttons | MashShare
  • Restrict Content Pro
  • UpdraftPlus
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress Popular Posts
  • WordPress Social Login
  • WordFence
  • WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress (formerly Visual Composer)
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WPML
  • Yoast WP SEO
  • All In One SEO Pack

Theme Exclusive Plugins

  • AdAce – ads and other monetization methods
  • G1 Socials – social icons and widgets
  • MediaAce – for all media related tasks
  • Photomix – to create engaging viral images without Photoshop
  • Snax – the first viral content builder for WordPress
  • What’s Your Reaction – to share your reaction to a post, using nice looking badges

Well Thought Features

  • 100% responsive design
  • Retina ready
  • AMP ready
  • GDPR ready
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • SEO optimized
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Optimized for Google PageSpeed
  • Microdata (, rich snippets support
  • Translation ready
  • Full RTL support (right-to-left languages like Arabic or Hebrew)
  • Support for multi page articles
  • Compatible with caching plugins (WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache)
  • Multi-site ready

Really Premium Product

  • Created by ThemeForest Elite Author
  • 1-click demo installation
  • 5-star support
  • Automatic, free theme updates
  • Always up to date online documentation
  • Comes with the child theme to allow you safe modifications

What’s Included

  • All demos
  • All necessary plugins
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • 6 months support – with the ability to extend it
  • Documentation


Need support?

Support for all our products is conducted through our support forum , where you can submit your product related questions, bug-findings, etc.


The photos used in our live preview are not a part of the demo content. All photos can be purchased from

Emoji provided free by EmojiOne

Latest Updates

Before you update to 6.x

If you have modifications in the child theme, please read the migration to version 6.x guide first.

VERSION 6.2.1 – 31 October 2018, minor update

# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - AdAce, outdated styles
# Fixed - BuddyPress, member profile
# Fixed - CSS fixes

VERSION 6.2 – 30 October 2018, major update See What’s New in 6.2

# NEW - Foodies demo
# NEW - Download page
# NEW - Download methods: direct, download page
# NEW - Newsletter options
# NEW - Call to Action button
# NEW - Post widget new templates
# NEW - Moderation action
# NEW - Link duplicates checker
# NEW - Link open methods: new window, same window, landing page
# NEW - Link format, url in content changed to button
# NEW - Relink demo improvements
# NEW - Snax, edit format texts and labels

# Improved - Products/Affiliate products can be opened in a new window
# Improved - Track page views on collections with the "Load More" option
# Improved - AdAce, ads between poll and quiz questions
# Improved - Snax, option to disable linking to a single item page from a list
# Improved - Snax, prevent links duplication
# Improved - Author info box, "Written by" to "Posted by" for the Link post format
# Improved - rel="nofollow" for external urls (sponsors, referral links)
# Improved - Follow button in author's info box
# Improved - Add typography control for the dropdowns
# Improved - CSS improvements
# Improved - WordPress compatibility
# Improved - WooCommerce compatibility
# Improved - Visual Composer update

# Fixed - AdBlock detection doesn't work for AdBlock addon
# Fixed - Ads overlay
# Fixed - Carmania demo, mobile view
# Fixed - Demo music, big item featured image is pixelated
# Fixed - Video/Audio/Image format is on even if allowed types are empty
# Fixed - The newsletter icon in the header doesn't link to the search page anymore
# Fixed - Latest page (in header) can't be be disabled
# Fixed - Special collections (in header) can't be disabled
# Fixed - Waiting room posts preview not accessible
# Fixed - Link format shouldn't be editable
# Fixed - All posts tagged as trending
# Fixed - Stream template, instagram on mobiles is not 100%
# Fixed - Stream template, voting box can't be disabled
# Fixed - Amazon S3 storage, broken image links
# Fixed - G1 Social Icons, save doesn't work
# Fixed - BuddyPress, register page
# Fixed - BuddyPress, profile page without cover image bug
# Fixed - Center quiz result image
# Fixed - Search results page
# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - PHP 7.x issues

VERSION 6.1.1 – 6 September 2018, minor update

# Fixed - Pending post not assigned to taxonomy

VERSION 6.1 – 6 September 2018, major update See What’s New in 6.1

# NEW - reLink Demo
# NEW - Home Filters
# NEW - Link Format (Snax)
# NEW - Waiting Room (Snax)
# NEW - External Link Redirect Page
# NEW - Order Hot/Trending/Popular collection by votes

# Improved - Admin interface improvements (tag selectors)

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - AMP Gallery not working
# Fixed - Ad slots not working on AMP
# Fixed - Impossible to edit referral links on some posts
# Fixed - Target '_blank' links option not working
# Fixed - URL waypoints in collections not working
# Fixed - Add friend button always visible in BuddyPress
# Fixed - Dummy ads issues

VERSION 6.0.4 – 9 August 2018, minor update

# Fixed - Adsense not working
# Fixed - Snax error on multisite

VERSION 6.0.3 – 7 August 2018, minor update

# NEW - Option to add a custom sidebar

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - RCP blocks access to comments on restricted posts
# Fixed - Publication of scheduled post doesn't trigger header featured entries cache purge
# Fixed - BuddyPress header issues
# Fixed - AdSense JavaScript errors
# Fixed - AdSense issues on masonry
# Fixed - Hot/popular/trending pages get injected into VC content when VC widget is used on those pages
# Fixed - Auto Featured Image for embeds overrides the one set manually
# Fixed - Fake views and votes not working
# Fixed - Snax format's options not working properly

VERSION 6.0.2 – 31 July 2018, minor update

# NEW - Option to set the excerpt length

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - Sticky widgets issues
# Fixed - Ad injections don't work on small list
# Fixed - Fake counters issues
# Fixed - List draft issues
# Fixed - Email notices not working correctly

VERSION 6.0.1 – 27 July 2018, minor update

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Gallery FB share not working

VERSION 6.0 – 26 July 2018, major update

# NEW - Carmania Demo
# NEW - Fashion Demo
# NEW - Freebies Demo
# NEW - Video Playlist
# NEW - Lightbox Gallery
# NEW - AdBlocker Detector
# NEW - Install/Uninstall Demo Data
# NEW - Facebook Social Widget
# NEW - Instagram Social Widget
# NEW - Twitter Social Widget
# NEW - YouTube Social Widget
# NEW - Snapchat Social Widget
# NEW - Featured Posts Templates
# NEW - Archive Templates
# NEW - Left/Right Sidebar
# NEW - Two Sidebars Template
# NEW - Multiple Sticky Widgets
# NEW - Archive Voting
# NEW - Sort Posts by Votes
# NEW - Shop The Post Block (Single Post)
# NEW - Shop With Us Block  (Global)
# NEW - Shoppable Images
# NEW - Coupons
# NEW - Donations
# NEW - Promoted Products
# NEW - Affiliate Links
# NEW - Restrict Content Pro Plugin Integration
# NEW - Download Monitor Plugin Integration

# Improved - WordPress compatibility
# Improved - WooCommerce compatibility
# Improved - Visual Composer update
# Improved - WP Customizer sections
# Improved - Single/archive sidebars
# Improved - Fake counters
# Improved - Snax admin sections
# Improved - Snax options per format
# Improved - Setting separate ads per device
# Improved - Setting separate ads for AMP
# Improved - Option to add disclaimer for ads
# Improved - Groups in ads widgets
# Improved - Option to disable GIF player
# Improved - AMP tracking fields
# Improved - Option to disallow playing quizzes/polls for guests
# Improved - Updates WooCommerce templates
# Improved - Cleaned markup
# Improved - Snax GDPR compliance improvements

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - FB comments count notice
# Fixed - Auto load issues with quizzes/polls and embeds
# Fixed - Translations get deleted during updates
# Fixed - Customizer UI issues
# Fixed - BuddyPress extended profile field issues
# Fixed - Typography settings don't affect headers in post content
# Fixed - WooCommerce display issues
# Fixed - White space in collections with ad injection
# Fixed - Votes widget issues
# Fixed - Front submission UI issues
# Fixed - Draft and post status related issues
# Fixed - Embed issues
# Fixed - Broken link in after submission notice
# Fixed - Login popup issues
# Fixed - Meme creator issues

VERSION 5.6 – 24 May 2018, major update

# NEW - Music Demo
# NEW - GDPR compliance
# NEW - BuddyPress 3.0 compatibility
# NEW - Facebook SDK 3.0 compatibility

# Improved - Tracking code options
# Improved - Minor performance improvements
# Improved - Meme generator output file sizes
# Improved - YouTube player controls to remove suggested videos from a paused and ended video

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - RTL styles not loading
# Fixed - Canvas menu not opening in customizer
# Fixed - Can't disable Facebook Comments per post
# Fixed - Random ads don't work on widgets
# Fixed - No page reload after login in login popup
# Fixed - Unnecessary "See more" link in item comments

VERSION 5.5 – 8 May 2018, major update

# NEW - Typoghraphy Controls

# Improved - Option to set number of more from/you may also like/don't miss posts
# Improved - Froala editor translations upgraded

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Posts loaded while scrolling open FB and Twitter shares in new window instead of in popup
# Fixed - Issues with featured author widget
# Fixed - BuddyPress menu exceeds the viewport on mobile
# Fixed - HTML special chars are escaped in microshares
# Fixed - Missing translations

VERSION 5.4.2 – 20 April 2018, minor update

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Collections in BuddyPress show full post content
# Fixed - MyCred bages tab in BuddyPress doesn't deactivate with badges addon
# Fixed - BuddyPress user cover image not working

VERSION 5.4.1 – 18 April 2018, minor update

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Header Builder UI glitch

VERSION 5.4 – 17 April 2018, major update

# NEW - Header Builder
# NEW - Exit intent newsletter
# NEW - Archive header - new options
# NEW - Global featured entries - new options

# Improved - Option to disable microshares
# Improved - FB Comments plugin packaged with the theme

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - PHP errors on older PHP versions
# Fixed - AMP notices
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - Icons breaking after switch to HTTPs
# Fixed - AdAce align center issues
# Fixed - Sticky sidebar breaking on smaller screens
# Fixed - Reaction icons - missing alt attribute
# Fixed - Meme - minor UI glitches
# Fixed - Issues with login popup
# Fixed - All list drafts turn into open lists
# Fixed - MediaAce breaking upload for snax_authors
# Fixed - Share buttons always visible in polls

VERSION 5.3.5 – 26 February 2018, minor update

# Improved - Option to restrict polls to one vote per user
# Improved - Updated WooCommerce templates
# Improved - Secondary Menu submenu support
# Improved - reCaptcha on BuddyPress register form

# Fixed - RTL CSS fixes
# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - WooCommerce single product sidebar not working
# Fixed - Featured image in amp
# Fixed - Disqus not working
# Fixed - AMP breaks when Mailchimp is used with MashShare
# Fixed - MyCred badges import errors
# Fixed - AdAce - some units not visible on AMP
# Fixed - Custom post type archive title not showing
# Fixed - Duplicate sponsor after content
# Fixed - BP register issues on IE
# Fixed - Snax Login popup chrome dev tools warnings
# Fixed - AMP error with GIF featured images
# Fixed - Nested categories issues
# Fixed - Password reset not working on multisite
# Fixed - Snax poll character escaping issues
# Fixed - Meme creator UI glitches
# Fixed - BuddyPress user profile collection excerpt issues
# Fixed - Auto Featured Image issues
# Fixed - Multiple Category Assing on mobile UX glitches
# Fixed - Post limit blocking edition

VERSION 5.3.4 – 12 January 2018, minor update

# Fixed - Boxed backgroud color not working
# Fixed - Mailchimp form error

VERSION 5.3.3 – 11 January 2018, minor update

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Icons not working after the update

VERSION 5.3.2 – 10 January 2018, minor update

# Improved - Author info box shows BP description if available
# Improved - Turn reactions on/off separately for collections and single posts

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Import issues
# Fixed - Ranks break author info box on AMP
# Fixed - Single group view broken when BP sidebar is disabled
# Fixed - Voting breaks on AMP
# Fixed - Snax item's comment being under moderation is visible for other members
# Fixed - Twitter login not working in WP Social Login

VERSION 5.3.1 – 22 December 2017, minor update

# Fixed - Featured author widget shows mutliple users
# Fixed - BP members counter show wrong value on multisite
# Fixed - Share badge/rank notification on FB not working
# Fixed - CSS fixes

VERSION 5.3 – 21 December 2017, major update

# NEW - myCRED integration (badges, ranks, hooks, points widget, BuddyPress integration)
# NEW - BuddyPress followers plugin integration
# NEW - Reactions BuddyPress page and widget
# NEW - Votes BuddyPress page and widget
# NEW - Featured Author widget
# NEW - Redesigned BuddyPress layouts
# NEW - BuddyPress profile widgetized Home page
# NEW - G1 socials for authors

# Improved - Redesigned author info box
# Improved - AdAce wraparound ads
# Improved - Option to add pagination URL waypoints in infinite scroll
# Improved - Visual Composer upgraded to the latest version

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP Notices
# Fixed - Microshares don't expand on mobile
# Fixed - Fake views and shares visible on preview
# Fixed - Lazyload conflict with AMP
# Fixed - Missing icons
# Fixed - Auto Load Next Post breaks "Time ago" date format
# Fixed - Embed instead of featured image shown in collection for Snax Polls and Quizzes
# Fixed - Microshares break on autoload
# Fixed - YT video requires two clicks to start playing on iPad
# Fixed - Snax item comments - see more uses wrong post count
# Fixed - Snax Authors can't add images to a poll
# Fixed - Embed instead of featured image shown in collection for Snax Polls and Quizzes
# Fixed - Snax breaks 2nd level comments

VERSION 5.2.4 – 16 November 2017, minor update

# Improved - Load more/ infinite scroll UX

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Archive does not show post when featured and collection has sidebar and there's only one post
# Fixed - Middle of the content ad displays in a wrong location
# Fixed - No featured images in the BuddyPress posts card
# Fixed - Video player issues on load more/auto load
# Fixed - Pinterest default domain
# Fixed - Snax breaks wp-admin post search
# Fixed - Image/item microshare shares wrong image
# Fixed - Mov videos not working

VERSION 5.2.3 – 8 November 2017, minor update

# Fixed - G1 Socials not automatically updating

VERSION 5.2.2 – 7 November 2017, minor update

# Improved - Autoplay UX
# Improved - Poll UX
# Improved - Autoload UX

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Animated GIFs display issues
# Fixed - Items not clickable in featured entries if there's no featured image
# Fixed - Items are lost when saving list draft
# Fixed - Poll displays too many results
# Fixed - Clasic collection displays full content instead of excerpt
# Fixed - Users with lower roles can access Ads in dashboard
# Fixed - Sticky sharebar shows on Auto Loaded next post even if it's disabled
# Fixed - Wrong schema for AMP
# Fixed - Can't disable ads for search results
# Fixed - Ads not available for polls
# Fixed - Polls/quizzes conflict with YOAST link checker
# Fixed - Sticky sidebar glitches
# Fixed - Autoload analytics issues
# Fixed - Lazy load breaking RSS
# Fixed - Ads rendering in wrong places
# Fixed - Snax sanitizes embedly in story
# Fixed - Snax Lists widget shows closed for submissions lists when is set to show only open for submissions lists
# Fixed - Missing translations

VERSION 5.2.1 – 26 October 2017, minor update

# Improved - Visual Composer 5.4.2

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Escaping characters in poll share
# Fixed - Only first poll share works
# Fixed - Polls require manual regeneration of permalinks to work

VERSION 5.2 – 24 October 2017, major update

# NEW - Classic poll
# NEW - Versus poll
# NEW - Hot or Not poll

# Improved - HDPi image field in custom ads
# Improved - Google Analytics and WPP counts views for auto loaded posts
# Improved - Snapchat in G1 Socials
# Improved - Up to date WooCommerce templates

# Fixed - PHP notices and errors
# Fixed - Most viewed collections not working
# Fixed - Ads don't work on author archives
# Fixed - Snax call to action widget has wrong link

VERSION 5.1 – 4 October 2017, major update

# NEW - Auto load next post rewritten
# NEW - Auto play videos on stream collection
# NEW - Visual Composer upgraded to the latest version

# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Multisite issues
# Fixed - Loco Translate default file location
# Fixed - Lazy load breaks cropping in BuddyPress
# Fixed - Lazy load breaks Instant Articles
# Fixed - bbPress breaks manual excerpts
# Fixed - Repeating middle of the content ads
# Fixed - AdAce breaks instant articles
# Fixed - Blurred images with big height
# Fixed - Watermarks break animated GIFs
# Fixed - Auto load next post breaks various post elements
# Fixed - List description is not saved
# Fixed - Fake views, votes, reactions settings available for author role
# Fixed - Ads are not displayed on tag archive
# Fixed - MashShare placeholder descriptions for Facebook share
# Fixed - Ads render is RSS feeds
# Fixed - AdAce AMP issues
# Fixed - AdAce activation error
# Fixed - Embeds do not work in auto load next post/ load more
# Fixed - Counter for list shows wrong number after removing/adding items
# Fixed - Guest voting UX glitches

VERSION 5.0.2 – 12 September 2017, minor update

# NEW - Ad groups

# Improved - Ad slot settings

# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Ads not working on Bunchy collection template
# Fixed - Ad align setting not working
# Fixed - Ad links attributes
# Fixed - Posts per page setting not taking effect
# Fixed - Cross-conflict with YOAST and Visual Composer
# Fixed - Reply button on AMP pages not workign
# Fixed - 1 with sidebar template not working
# Fixed - AdAce breaking Instant Articles
# Fixed - Embeds not working in auto loaded posts
# Fixed - Video format does not show grabbed featured image when using embed video
# Fixed - Snax login URL glitch

VERSION 5.0.1 – 6 September 2017, minor update

# Improved - AdAce AdSense format setting

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Lazy Load breaks Slider Revolution
# Fixed - Lazy Load breaks embed provision
# Fixed - AdAce escapes characters in the codes
# Fixed - AdAce AdSense units not working correctly
# Fixed - PhotoMix fatal error
# Fixed - Auto load next post display issues
# Fixed - Auto featured media for video format embeds not working
# Fixed - Video format form not working when video items are disabled
# Fixed - Images/GIF's from url overwrite issue

VERSION 5.0 – 4 September 2017, major update

# NEW - PhotoMix plugin
# NEW - AdAce plugin (WP QUADS replacement)
# NEW - Manage Image Sizes
# NEW - Lazy Load Images
# NEW - Lazy Load Embeds
# NEW - Watermarks
# NEW - Hotlink Protection
# NEW - Auto Featured Images
# NEW - Regenerate Thumbnails
# NEW - Auto Load Next Post
# NEW - Load and play embeds directly on archive view
# NEW - Sponsored article
# NEW - Video format
# NEW - Audio format
# NEW - Video list item
# NEW - Audio list item
# NEW - Text list item (now you can create text based list)
# NEW - integration, 400+ social channels supported
# NEW - Full control over each format (upload size, allowed mime types)
# NEW - AMP for all Snax formats
# NEW - Compatibility with most popular compressing services
# NEW - Visual Composer upgraded to the latest version

# Improved - Frontend UX
# Improved - Admin UX
# Improved - Performance

# Fixed - CSS fixes
# Fixed - Missing translations
# Fixed - PHP notices
# Fixed - Search Everything conflicts
# Fixed - Minimal demo not working
# Fixed - Injections setting not working for single categories
# Fixed - bbPress display errors
# Fixed - Missing microdata
# Fixed - Guest reaction votes error
# Fixed - Missing thumbnails on attachement pages
# Fixed - Meme format not marked on backend post list
# Fixed - Meme creation issues
# Fixed - Broken call to action widget for plain permalinks

Full changelog

  • mess

    2017-10-03 16:14:21
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your earlier responses. More pre-sale questions. 1. Is it possible to have a separate section on the homepage for upvoting user submitted posts/images (while upvoting is disabled for admin posts)? 2. For a video-heavy site, is it possible to configure a single post layout with a video embed front and center on a black background with title, caption and related videos? Eg.

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-03 23:43:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1) Do you want section on a home page (built with Visual Composer) to show only voted posts by users? If so, I think we can try to help you filter these posts using custom code in child theme but it's not built in option in the theme so you need to ask for it on our support forum. I also can't guarantee anything as I can't tell now if I fully understand your final goal. All I can do is to promise we will do our best to help you make it. 2) Right now it's not possible. regards, Luke

  • mess

    2017-10-03 23:54:10
    Purchased Reply

    1) I'm looking for a "Reddit" type up/downvote section on the homepage with, let's say, the last 10 user submitted stories, images,... followed by a link to all recent front-end submitted posts. 1b) A related question, can you set Trending to only display user posts? 2) Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Here's my vote for a video demo/template in a future version. ;)

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-04 00:38:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1a) I think this can be done. We have templates that allow voting just from archive page (check eg. our Bunchy demo or Gagster). All posts created by users via Snax can be automatically assigned to specified category that further can used to filter posts. 1b) I can't say for 100% if all necessary filters are available for now to change this but that's not a problem too. Trending list is generated based on views. We need to narrow those posts just to user generated posts. I think this can be easily done too. Just ask for that on the support forum, explain there you asked about on ThemeForest comments section and Luke give you green light ;) 2) It's good suggestion. Thank you. regards, Luke

  • neurro

    2017-10-06 21:57:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, how to create affiliate lists wit buy button from backend? I don't want to use it for front end user submissions, but rather want to use it as a template for my regular affiliate lists. But I don't see any option to do it in WP dashboard. Is it only for front end submissions? Thanks, David

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-06 22:03:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please post all your issues/questions directly on our support forum: Our support team will be glad to explain everything and assist you solve them. regards, Luke

  • neurro

    2017-10-06 22:05:39
    Purchased Reply


  • 2m40j

    2017-10-22 08:41:08
    Purchased Reply

    why i can't install a demo ineed to register a token and it's not working, why you are so complicate ?? i need a solution please

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-23 18:10:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, please post your issue on our support center: and we will try to help you with it asap. It's probably some weird configuration issue. Thank you in advance. Regards, Michael

  • alaadin007

    2017-10-12 07:05:13
    Purchased Reply

    I'm trying to register this theme but it gives me this error The OAuth Personal Token could not be verified. Please check that the Token has been entered correctly and has the minimum required permissions.

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-12 17:04:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please post all your problem directly on our support forum: Our support team will be glad to explain everything and assist you solve them. regards, Luke

  • kevinbieber

    2017-10-14 01:31:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hello again :) for the affiliate site demo, is there function for updating product price and availability automatically? in case seller changes the price or product not available anymore?

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-16 18:03:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, No, sorry. Right now there is no option to do that automatically. regards, Luke

  • curmi

    2017-10-15 11:39:31
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for the awesome theme. Just one question: how do I disable the native comments so only Facebook comments show?

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-16 18:02:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please hide native comments in WP Admin > Appearance > Customize > Posts > Single > Hide elements. regards, Luke

  • webadnan

    2017-10-15 20:51:47
    Purchased Reply

    Dear authors, i have been waiting so long, are you adding poll tomorrows update?

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-16 18:01:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Polls are on the way. Please a little bit more patience. You won't regret. We are on last phase of testing. Polls will be available in 1-2 day. Sorry about this little delay. regards, Luke

  • webadnan

    2017-10-16 21:20:33
    Purchased Reply

    ok boss, waiting ;)

  • Malda1961

    2017-10-16 08:30:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. When does the update come up with the new POLLS feature?

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-16 17:51:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, It's on the way. Should be available in 1-2 day. regards, Luke

  • davidraskin

    2017-10-23 15:49:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hello i am using boombox theme and their front end uploader. i want to purchase your theme. Is it possible that their front end uplaoders posts will be converted into your list. Because they have different short code. or how can i transfer their post to your front end uploader. Thanks

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-23 23:20:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, as far as I know they use shortcodes inside the post content, and we use shortcodes only internally (to overcome some WP issues), so it won't be easy I guess :/ Regards, Michael

  • sanvas

    2017-10-25 00:59:07
    Purchased Reply

    hi, like the odd quizzes that I never created because they never worked, polls are the same, I create a poll, publish, but end up with a 404 page, another useless update on my end again.

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-25 01:10:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please reload your permalinks. Polls are new custom post type so like any other post types require reloading. We will make it automatic in next update, sorry for that inconvenience. Please go to the WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks and click "Save". That should do the job. regards, Luke

  • orotips

    2017-10-25 18:13:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Bimber, Awesome poll updates.Thanks a lot for this quick updates. i requested one items more than 3 times to luke.He promised but this update also i not get.Please have a look on author templates .Bimber is a viral them with multiple authors but we have no author templates like this .I forced to bought boombox only for this function.But am eagerly waiting bimber for this update beacuse my main site running with Great bimber theme only. 1) If we add social profiles in buddypress profile fields it should come in our author page 2)if author add his website details in buddypress profile fields it should come in our author page 3)if author add his Biography n buddypress profile it should come in our author page Can you please cooperate this 3 functions in upcoming updates.Author page have its own importance in multi author site. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4 Example 5 Why i gave examples. luke asked me show some samples.Where are you luke :) :) :) :) Thanks and regards vibin

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-25 22:07:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, We have this scheduled. Will be done really soon. Sorry about the delay. regards, Luke

  • maccas83

    2017-10-28 09:09:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi guys, great to see polls added. Is there any way to insert a poll into a general post? As in, it's not the only purpose of the post, but rather related to the article content? That's how most people use them. Many thanks

  • bringthepixel

    2017-10-29 23:34:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, right now it's not possible. We will think about making it possible in the future updates Regards, Michael

  • sonicalist

    2017-11-04 23:42:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, When I activate Yoast Seo Plugin, some snax modules are not opening/working. (quiz, poll,versus, hot or not) can you check my website: Frontend submission page: Id: dexterminate pass: dexy345 thanks

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-06 00:03:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, please don't publish private login data here :) Have you tried to go to the WP admin > Settings > Permalinks and click the "Save changes" button? It will regenerate all rewrite rules so it may help Regards, Michael

  • sonicalist

    2017-11-06 07:46:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, this is just a snax_editor data :) and yes i tried .I clicked the "save changes" button on permalinks page Permalinks page:

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-06 19:56:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Ok, so now please that directly on our support forum: so our support team can check your case and provide necessary help. regards, Luke

  • Suslik11

    2017-11-07 02:39:56
    Purchased Reply

    On a demo when copying a picture into the editor, an error: Ctrl+c ctrl+v picture into editor

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-07 20:19:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Our editor couldn't parse your image. Please instead of copying and pasting it, try to use normal upload form (image icon on toolbar). regards, Luke

  • Suslik11

    2017-11-07 23:03:27
    Purchased Reply

    So on all browsers. I really need this function. Your demo also does not load an image from the buffer (ctrl+c)

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-08 00:56:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Ctrl+C is handled by Froala editor and it can't recognize all possible formats. When you copy from Froala and paste into it, it for sure will do the job. But when you copy from eg. Word it can not recognize your image. regards, Luke

  • Suslik11

    2017-11-08 14:31:24
    Purchased Reply

    You probably did not quite understand me. On the demo editor, downloading images using ctrl + V works

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-08 18:08:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, So you are telling that Ctrl + V working on our demo but not on your site? Could you please send me link to your site? And tell me what image do you use? regards, Luke

  • Oemmi

    2017-11-07 06:33:43
    Purchased Reply

    I have question before I buy :) Is it possible to disable upload of images/media etc.? I don't want media uploaded on my server, I would like to just embed the media from other sites/servers. I'm scared of copyright issues on images uploaded on my server, if they are just embeded everything should be fine if I have a disclaimer saying that all media files are coming from other servers. I hope you understand my concerns :) Thanks in advance kind regards Oemmi

  • Oemmi

    2017-11-07 17:50:18
    Purchased Reply

    And is it possible to add posts Anonymously or as an guest? If not is it possible to make an Account called "Anonymous" and restrict things only on that account? (e.g. disallow changing profile image, changing profile information, etc.)

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-07 20:27:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes, of course. You can disable upload of images/media. Front-end upload is optional and you can turn it off. Of course I understand your concerns. Embeds much better suit copyright needs. regards, Luke

  • Oemmi

    2017-11-07 23:55:32
    Purchased Reply

    Okay Perfect! 1. So that means I can change all upload functions to embed fuctions? (E.g. pictures for quizzes, I only have Upload function in the Demo) 2. In the Demo if I „embed“ by using the link (e.g. the Cover Images) it also Upload the Image to the Server can I disable that too and change it to embed? 3. can you give me instructions how I can change Upload to embed? If this is possible and easy to setup I will buy your script :)

  • Oemmi

    2017-11-08 00:16:27
    Purchased Reply

    What I forgot to mention is that it is important for me not to only disable upload but change it to embed in the front end (not only in the backend :) Thank you so much!

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-08 00:54:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, As I good understand, you want to disable all formats (lists, quizzes, image etc) except "Embed". You can do that. What's more if you keep just one active format (Embed) the Create button won't redirect your users to format selection page (as you can see on our demo) but just to that format page (as it's only one format, no selection needed). When you submit embed, Bimber automatically fetches its featured image but you can disable that. You will need to set that image manually or you will see only placeholder on list view. Only stream template load embeds (players) directly. Other templates like 3 columns grid use post featured image on archive view. regards, Luke

  • Oemmi

    2017-11-08 01:03:43
    Purchased Reply

    No, there is a missunderstanding. I don't want to disable the formats. I want to have every format but change the upload media to embed. For example if I like to make a quiz: For the answers I need to upload images seen on this screenshot: If I click the button it asks to upload a Image. I want to change it to an input field where I can paste a link to a image/media and then it shouldn't upload it, it should just embed it. kind regard Oemmi

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-08 17:44:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Sorry but this is not possible. All you need to do is to restrict formats and item forms for lists (to not allow all type of media: image, audio, video, embed, text). For quizzes there is no way to change image to embed. regards, Luke

  • smbsgs23

    2017-11-09 21:21:16
    Purchased Reply

    WPBakery Page Builder eklentisi kurulumda otomatik kurulan eklentilerdendir. Ama bu eklenti lisans istiyor. siz zaten bunu paket dahilinde vermemişmiydiniz. lisanslamayı nasıl yapcaz. ayrıca snax eklentisini bir türlü kuramadım. baya karmaşık yardımcı olacak bir video veya döküman lazım.

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-10 00:10:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please post all your issues/questions directly on our support forum: Our support team will be glad to explain everything and assist you solve them. regards, Luke

  • ultraupdates

    2017-11-13 20:48:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I noticed you theme does not support pinterest offical pin it button. it does not fetch any image except social featured image.

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-13 21:37:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please check our demo now We've just fixed that problem, in today's update. regards, Luke

  • HVSH

    2017-11-16 15:26:47
    Purchased Reply

    Waiting for you to add review post type. It is a must... whether for affiliates or non affiliates. When you add reviews... ill leave a nice review for you ;)

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-16 17:59:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, It will added but can't tell ETA. We're working on something new now and I can assure you will be better that happen after next update and you will forgive us delayed reviews :) regards, Luke

  • HVSH

    2017-11-19 13:07:25
    Purchased Reply

    Im looking forward to what you are working on :)

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-20 17:37:02
    Purchased Reply

    You won't regret ;)

  • hello_vickysen1

    2017-11-23 06:28:07
    Purchased Reply

    how i get access to support forum, i have some technical problem, ie. 1) theme has media ace plugin and i have BJ lazy load plugin, when i activate BJ nothing happen, but when i activate media ace and deactivate BJ the only problem i got is gif not showing properly and youtube url not showing the video as simply showing the url, but in bj gif works fine and youtube url also but no image lazy load

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-23 18:17:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please post all your issues/questions directly on our support forum: Our support team will be glad to explain everything and assist you solve them. regards, Luke

  • devkaz

    2017-11-29 21:40:48
    Purchased Reply

    How do I make it so that admins can only post stuff?

  • bringthepixel

    2017-11-29 23:02:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please post all your issues/questions directly on our support forum: Our support team will be glad to explain everything and assist you solve them. regards, Luke