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You are owning the hottest news and interesting blogs. You would like to share with everyone. BlogPlaza is the best choice for you.

BlogPlaza is a Responsive Joomla Template built on Plazart Framework with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. BlogPlaza supports users updating hot news and posting blogs.

We are proud of having developed a Responsive Joomla Template which can support for HTML and CSS3 very well. Your template will fit automatically with the screen size of the device that you use.

BlogPlaza has “option” helping you change font and color easily.

Join us to get new experiences right now! BlogPlaza is also an ideal place for everyone to share emotions in each blog and hot news in each article.


BlogPlaza is a Responsive Joomla Template. It supports Bootstrap, your template will adapt automatically to the screen size of the device and display all the content in an intuitive and simple way.

TZ Portfolio

TZ Portfolio works on database of com_content, sothat you do not have to worry about importing or exporting data from your system (which already works with com_content).

TZ Portfolio inherits all current functions of com_content, in addition, we develop two new data interfaces: Portfolio and Timeline view.

TZ Portfolio is strongly supported by Group Extra field system, you can create multi-portfolio system in your website. In addition, it supply 3 functions , these are video display, gallery or representative photo displayed for each article.

Google rich snippets

BlogPlaza supports Rich snippets. Google can identify it and, when users search for apps, use this information to better display your app details in search results.

Video Tutorials

  • Content & Sidebar
  • Mega Menu
  • Contact Page
  • Guestbook


  • Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x support.
  • Changing menu color in BlogPlaza.
  • Easy to change pattern on top.
  • Having “options” to change module background and content website color.
  • Having page width and sidebar configure, right to left layout support.
  • Changing website background such as; color, image, pattern easily.
  • With Navigation, you can use Megamenu with some useful characteristics. For example; creating sub-menu and group, inserting module and menu.
  • Supporting Google Analytics and Author link.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Support.
  • Bootstrap Integrate.
  • Plazart Framework.



Change logs:

Version 2.3
    Update Joomla latest version 3.4.3.
    Update Plazart latest version 4.5.
    Fixed Logo doesn't work when you click on the logo from the detail article page on Mobile.

Version 2.2
    1. Update Joomla latest version 3.4.1.
    2. Update TZ Portfolio 3.3.1.
    3. Update Plazart latest version 4.3.

Version 2.1

    1. Update Joomla latest version 3.3.6.
    2. Update TZ Portfolio 3.2.9.
    3. Update Plazart latest version 3.8.
    4. Fixed Search module in right sidebar.
    5. Fixed Scroll to top button.
    6. Fixed Right to Left style.

  • AtomTech

    2013-05-30 00:18:17
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Great Work with Joomla!.. And better Joomla 3… We need more of this.

  • templaza

    2013-05-30 11:59:13
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, AtomTech

  • h2theme

    2013-06-06 06:26:14
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice ! Thank you!

  • fedorabilisim

    2014-02-14 12:40:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi ; Templaza ; I ama use Turkish ; I can not find change in homepage ; "read more" and "view more" Where from in file change as a Türkish words ?

  • templaza

    2014-02-14 21:14:34
    Purchased Reply

    Please send me your ftp account via [email protected] Our technical team will help you check it. Thanks, Sonny

  • fedorabilisim

    2014-02-22 22:39:57
    Purchased Reply

    Ok I will sent you thanks a lot

  • RedExp

    2013-05-29 17:14:47
    Purchased Reply

    hehe, good luck to sales my Bro :))

  • templaza

    2013-05-29 17:28:49
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks Superman ;)

  • rolo65

    2015-07-26 18:46:43
    Purchased Reply

    I like this template and would like to buy it but there is a problem for me with google chrome. When in mobile view the menu works good. Clicking on logo refreshes homepage so that works good too. Clicking on view more does not load new articles so that does not work for me. Clicking on a picture from article works good and brings me to the article page. But then clicking on menu or/ clicking on logo does not work. Note: This problem only exsists in google chrome. In my standard browser it works OK.

  • hongnhung1508

    2015-07-28 14:32:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thank you for your contacting us. We have checked your problems you said on Samsung Galaxy with Browse "Chrome". 1st: When clicking on "View More", it still works normally. 2nd: When Clicking on a picture from article works good and brings me to the article page. Then clicking on the menu, it works normally. But when clicking the logo, it does not work. If you buy our product, we will fix for you. And then, we will update it in the next version. Thanjks!

  • EstudioBitono

    2013-09-29 23:27:20
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations for your great template, it is a great job and I really like the integration of K2, but I find a problem in the frontend administration does not work, the button 'Save' does not work, and the flaps 'Image Slider', 'Extrafields' and 'Attachments' not loaded. I updated the 'TZ Portfolio' but the problem persists. Would it be possible to find a solution to this problem? A greeting.

  • templaza

    2013-09-30 13:01:53
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for your interest! Please send us an admin login via [email protected] Our developer are going to help you check it.

  • EstudioBitono

    2013-09-30 19:53:07
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry, but I assume you mean [email protected] ...

  • templaza

    2013-10-01 12:35:43
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, I am.

  • viskirob

    2014-02-11 21:39:19
    Purchased Reply

    I updated to joomla 3.2.2. and since the template admin panel does not appear, just a white screen. Is there any updates for the template to joomla 3.2.2.? Thx,

  • templaza

    2014-02-11 22:50:16
    Purchased Reply

    This problem because Plazart Framework has issue with Joomla 3.2.2. You can download Plazart latest version update by install manager. That's solution. We are going to soon update quickstart package. Thanks & Regards, Sonny

  • viskirob

    2014-02-11 23:16:51
    Purchased Reply

    Thx, Rob

  • templaza

    2014-02-12 20:23:10
    Purchased Reply

    You're welcome :)

  • borab

    2015-02-05 22:54:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Nice work, but we have problem. When content or user add, record has not id ( id=0 ). There is big problem for use. Can u help us?

  • templaza

    2015-02-07 16:44:07
    Purchased Reply

    Please send me detail issue via [email protected] We are going to help you check it. Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny