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Hello, my friend! Enjoy our new project on Videohive. Circles Slideshow – create awesome hi-tech show with you photo, video and logo! It can be used to create a trailer for the film, or futuristic presentation!

Attention! Our project uses a lot of complex distort-effects, and on non-professional PC’s it can be rendered for a very long time. However, this pays off with a high professional quality of visualization, which is why we do not want to simplify the project (and make it worse). Therefore, please, understand, these projects created for several weeks of hard work so that you can enjoy quality.

Yours faithfully, Neurostudio.

FullHD preview:

  • After Effects CS 5.5, CS 6, CC 12v. or Later
  • UHD 4K 3840×2160 and Full HD 1920×1080
  • 17, 7, 2 Placeholders
  • Modular Structure
  • Easy editable titles
  • No Plugin Required
  • PDF Tutorial Included
  • Well organised and easy customizing
  • Photos are not included
  • Sound track are not included
  • Great soundtrack you can find here
    • petrosgreat

      2017-04-18 04:32:40
      Purchased Reply

      Really nice! ;)

    • docsanyi

      2018-10-08 19:31:27
      Purchased Reply

      hello! how can i render this movies with alpha channel? i see a black background, but i set the AVI format, RGB+Alpha (None compression) and not see the result only the black background. thanks!

    • TranSMaxX

      2017-04-18 22:57:00
      Purchased Reply

      Looks very good!

    • themusemaker

      2017-04-18 09:34:58
      Purchased Reply

      Really great work!

    • madgraph_ch

      2017-04-28 08:49:52
      Purchased Reply

      Excellent template! On the help files, I didn't find out how to change Moving Titles opacity to 100% ?

    • neurostudio

      2017-04-28 19:54:45
      Purchased Reply

      Hello! It can be done: Text opacity (Click on the CONTROL LAYER. Then activate the EFFECT CONTROLS (F3 or menu Effect).)

    • red-mouse

      2017-04-18 04:52:18
      Purchased Reply

      Good job!!

    • Othareelen

      2017-04-21 01:46:50
      Purchased Reply

      Excellent work! Congrats. Only one question. I have a very very slow render time, even in full hd. Any recommendation? im rendering with 3 PC ( i7, GTX 970, 32 GB. ) multimachine render, and even so takes 5 hours for 30 sec of video.

    • neurostudio

      2017-04-21 06:43:42
      Purchased Reply

      Hello! Thank you very much for your purchase! Please read the manual, there is a very useful advice, how to render faster.

    • neurostudio

      2017-04-21 19:21:45
      Purchased Reply

      Please, be sure to read the help files, they are made for a reason. The solve almost all common problems simply.

    • AlexBlare

      2017-04-18 05:15:38
      Purchased Reply

      Looks very nice!

    • MadLizard_PROduction

      2017-04-18 16:08:01
      Purchased Reply

      great work!

    • VideoSalt

      2017-04-18 19:06:52
      Purchased Reply

      Dynamic!!! wish you all the best!

    • serdarbayrambey

      2017-04-18 23:13:16
      Purchased Reply

      Very Nice Work!

    • EasyEdit

      2017-05-15 21:51:39
      Purchased Reply

      wow!!! loved it! :)

    • rgba_design

      2017-04-18 05:22:25
      Purchased Reply

      Excellent project!

    • BeyondMultivision

      2018-11-13 12:32:09
      Purchased Reply

      render Very long processing time..

    • neurostudio

      2018-11-14 02:01:25
      Purchased Reply

      Of course! We warned on the project page. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make faster, otherwise the project will be worse. Sorry for the difficulties.

    • petrus2008

      2018-05-10 18:15:27
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, great job! I wanted some advice to see how I can get better rendering time. I have a PC with i7 3770 at 3.40GHz, 16GB DDR 3 RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 graphics card with 2Gb dedicated. What is more important to render this type of projects? What more power is required? What is more important: a more powerful graphics card like the NVIDIA 1080, better processor or more RAM? Greetings, and thank you very much.

    • GraphEase

      2017-04-19 00:13:41
      Purchased Reply

      great work :) good luck :)

    • mustkillah

      2017-04-19 15:21:11
      Purchased Reply

      Great work!

    • UraGranD

      2017-11-04 14:48:52
      Purchased Reply

      Excellent work, I liked good sales!

    • Crisilience

      2017-05-05 07:28:46
      Purchased Reply

      Ok so I bought this. I can't see any executables. Is there another program required to use this? Can't see anything in the help files

    • neurostudio

      2017-05-06 02:16:22
      Purchased Reply

      Hello! To use, you need to install the Adobe After Effects (current version) and open the file aep.

    • Crisilience

      2017-05-07 22:36:37
      Purchased Reply

      Many thanks bro

    • mo2m

      2018-01-25 08:20:17
      Purchased Reply

      awesome template, is there a possibilty to render faster, i mean another way than settings to half. maybe to switch off some lights or glow? many thanks...

    • neurostudio

      2018-01-25 21:42:21
      Purchased Reply

      Hello! Thank you for your purchase! Distort effects consume a lot of resources. Unfortunately, if you turn them off, the project will become ugly. Alternatively, you can try this: