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Construction is a business theme designed specifically for construction, building companies and those that offer building services. The theme comes pre-packed with a drag and drop page builder (Visual Composer) to ensure you can easily design your website just how you like it.

The layout looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or tablets. Plus, Construction includes plenty of customization options that allows you to change the visual style of any elements without touching to single line of codes.

Construction Header Examples

Construction Homepage Examples

Actual Construction Theme Reviews

Construction Theme Features

One Click Demo Importer

With WPCharming’s demo data importer, you’ll be set up and ready to customize your site in minutes.

One Click Theme Update

All you need to do is enter your ThemeForest Username and ThemeForest Secret API key in Theme Options setting field. Powered by Envato API.


Free Visual Page Builder ($28 SAVED)

Visual Composer for WordPress is drag and drop frontend and backend page builder plugin that will save you tons of time working on the site content.


Free Slider Revolution ($18 SAVED)

Create a responsive(mobile friendly) or fullwidth slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization.


Free Essential Grid ($25 SAVED)

Essential Grid is an All-Purpose Grid Building Solution for WordPress that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customizable grid.


Fully Responsive

What ever you are using the device your site will run as it should be. Chicago theme is fully responsive layout for all type of devices.


Advanced Theme Option

Our theme provides very easy and comprehensive set of theme options that will help you configure and modify the things around your website more easily.


600+ Google Fonts

Change the look and feel of your website with the included custom Google Font options. Use our theme option panel to change the fonts for your body, header, heading, menu …


Translation Ready

Our theme is created with best translation practices in mind and already contains language .pot file for easier translation.


WPML Compatible

Our theme is translation ready and additionaly supports WPML plugin. So, You can build your website in single or multiple languages.


Amazing Support Team

We live by making our clients happy and if you had anything less than a great experience with this theme please contact us now.

What You Get:

  • Fully Responsive (Tested on Multiple Devices)
  • Full Width Layout or Boxed Layout
  • SASS Powered
  • Free Visual Composer Plugin (28$ Value Saved)
  • Free Slider Revolution Plugin (18$ Value Saved)
  • Free Essential Grid Plugin (25$ Value Saved)
  • One Click demo data importer
  • Advanded Theme Options
  • Compatible Browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
  • WPML Compatible.
  • Included demo data files.
  • Included documentation.
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • Note: Only logo PSD files include in the download package.


## v3.1.6

* Update - Update `Visual Composer` bundle plugin to latest version (5.4.4).
* Update - Update `Slider Revolution` bundle plugin to latest version (
* Update - Update `Essential Grid` bundle plugin to latest version (
* Update - WordPress 4.9 Tipton compatibility checked.

## v3.1.6
  • New – Support for EasyMega Mega Menu Plugin
    * New - Support for EasyMega Mega Menu Plugin. 
    * Update - Update `Visual Composer` bundle plugin to latest version (5.2.1) 
    * Update - Update `Slider Revolution` bundle plugin to latest version ( 
    * Update - Update `Essential Grid` bundle plugin to latest version (
    * Update - WordPress 4.8.1 compatibility.
    * Fix - Page comment form does't apply theme setting.
    * Fix - Icon box builder item issue.
    * Fix - Blog page duplicate breadcrumb issue.

## v3.1.5

* Update: Tested with latest version of WordPress
* Update: Visual Composer to latest version (5.1.1).
* Update: Slider Revolution to latest version (

## v3.1.4

* Update: Visual Composer to latest version (5.0.1).
* Update: Slider Revolution to latest version (
* Enable comment form for page, disable it for all page by follow:
* Update footer copyright year info.

## v3.1.3

* Update: Visual Composer to latest version (4.12.1).
* Update: Essential_Grid to latest version (
* Fixed: Featured box empty link check.
* Improved: Header fixed background color.
* Improved: Portfolio category page with sidebar widgets.
* FAQ: How to update bundle plugins:

## v3.1.2

* Update: Compatibility with latest version of WooCommerce (2.6.4).
* Update: Visual Composer to latest version (4.12).
* Update: Slider Revolution to latest version (5.2.6).
* Update: Essential_Grid to latest version (
* Update: One click update now use Envato Market plugin.

## v3.1.1

* Update: Visual Composer to latest version (

## v3.1.0

* Update: Visual Composer to latest version (4.11.1)
* Update: Revolution Slider to latest version (
* Update: Essential Grid to latest version (
* Update: Bootstrapcdn HTTPS compatibility.
* Update: Compatibility with latest version of WordPress.
* Add: Auto play, auto play speed and speed settings for Carousel layout - Child Page builder item.
* Add: Auto play, auto play speed and speed settings for Carousel layout - Recent News builder item.
* Add: Auto play, auto play speed and speed settings for Carousel layout - Testimonial builder item.

## v3.0.2

* Update Visual Composer to latest version (4.9)
* Update retinajs to version 1.3.0
* Update wpcharming.pot
* Remove metabox/theme-option language folder to avoid confuse when use Loco Translate plugin.
* Fallback style for video row (

## v3.0.1

* FIXED: Header styling option confict with sticky header fixed.
* FIXED: Header and footer social icon issue
* FIXED: Remove padding bottom of Primary section on home.
* UPDATED: Update Visual Composer to latest version (4.7.4).

## v3.0.0

* NEW: Latest version of Visual Composer (You must update VC to latest version).
* NEW: A long waiting Testimonial Carousel feature.
* NEW: Add new social icon: Yelp, Foursquare, VK, RSS.
* NEW: RTL Supported
* NEW: New FAQ, Shortcode page.
* NEW: Improvement of Tabs, Toggles, Accordions shortcodes.
* NEW: Enable Progress Bar & Notification shortcdoes.
* FIXED: Fixed testimonial avatar issue.
* FIXED: Carousel issue with RTL mode fixed.

## v2.0.7

* FIXED: Fixed an urgent issue with Visual Composer.

## v2.0.6

* UPDATE: Update Visual Composer to latest version 4.5.3
* UPDATE: Update Revolution Slider to latest version.
* UPDATE: Update Essential Grid to latest version.
* UPDATE: Improve auto update script, include auto import rev slider.
* FIXED: Fixed Visual Composre link popup issue.

## v2.0.5

* ADD: Add transparent header settings blog/single blog page.
* FIX: Error when activation plugins while child theme is active, thanks to @ComSiBV
* FIX: Global Page Title Button issue, thanks to @ComSiBV
* FIX: Fix link issue for feature box builder item.
* UPDATE: Update Visual Composer to latest version 4.5.2

## v2.0.4

* UPDATED: Update Visual Composer plugin to latest version.
* UPDATED: Update Visual Composer row settings.

## v2.0.3

* FIX: Specify page NOT to retrieve issue in Page Children builder item
* UPDATE: TGM-Plugin-Activation updated.
* UPDATE: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Essential Grid

## v2.0.2

* FIX: Single blog layout issue when update the theme.
* ADD: Able to change page settings for blog page.
* ADD: Breadcrumb setting for single blog post.
* UPDATE: Update metabox for page/portfolio.
* UPDATE: Update bundle plugins to latest version.

## v2.0.1

* UPDATE: Make phone number clickable - call link.
* UPDATE: Continue improve mobile navigation.
* UPDATE: Update wpcharming.pot language file.
* FIX: WooCommerce layout issue when update.
* ADD: Sorting for child page builder item
* ADD: Page settings for single project.

## v2.0.0

* ADD: Add three header style option: Default with/without transparent, topbar and centered.
* ADD: Show excerpt for page by default.
* UPDATE: Social icons are now open in new tab.
* UPDATE: Improvement CSS hover for some elements.
* UPDATE: Remove duplicate footer text setting.
* UPDATE: Update .pot file.
* FIXED: Contact Form 7 compatible issue.

## v1.0.5

* FIXED: Issue with two carousel active on same page.
* FIXED: Media Grid builder item issue.
* FIXED: Header elements issue on IE.
* ADD: Button target option.
* ADD: New page with full screen slider.
* UPDATED: Example demo data.

## v1.0.4

* Fixed carousel slider JS issue.
* Update .pot files.
* Fix child-page and recent-news builder extras class issue
* Fix Visual Composer media grid and post grid issue.
* Change retina theme option text.

## v1.0.3

* Fixed header phone color setting bug.
* Add an option to select position for Button builder item.
* Add gallery view for lightbox when use WordPress gallery.
* Fixed back to top button z-index issue.
* The color of Ess. Grid elements now inherit from primary color.
* Add option for easy change project post type slug.

## v1.0.2

* IMPROVED Continue improve responsive elements, mainly for header.
* IMPROVED Update Visual Composer and Essential Grid to latest version.
* ADD Auto update for ThemeForest customers.
* ADD Recent News builder item added.
* ADD Update one click demo data import script and updated data content.
* FIXED Header style setting issue has been fixed.
* IMPROVED Theme Document.

## v1.0.1

* ADDED sticky header on scroll
* IMPROVED responsive header on mobile.
* ADDED child theme in main download package.

## v1.0.0

* Initial release


Our Premium WordPress Themes

  • MegaMatts1

    2017-11-08 23:33:58
    Purchased Reply

    I notice there are a lot of comments about site speed despite people using W3 Total Cache etc. Please can you confirm this theme is compatible with full minification? Do you have a user guide to ensure no theme functions break upon activating minification? Alternatively can you provide a screenshot of the minification settings you're using on your demo?

  • socialscratch

    2017-09-12 00:32:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I'm having an issue with the button that appears to the right of the page titles. The button is visible on pages imported as demo content, but not visible on newly created pages. Where is the setting I need to enable for the button to show up? Thanks

  • WPCharming

    2017-09-15 13:46:03
    Purchased Reply

    In theme options > page setting you will have an option to select which pages the button will appear. Regards.

  • mitchelldesigns2011

    2017-09-21 05:23:25
    Purchased Reply

    The visual composer isn't working properly. Nothing shows up, I cannot make any edits.. & I had just done a fresh re-install of the theme.. Options? Thank you in advance.

  • WPCharming

    2017-09-21 18:04:12
    Purchased Reply

    Update both the theme and visual composer to latest version will help. PS. New version of Construction theme will out next 2 days :) Cheers.

  • wvgwagner

    2017-09-23 02:46:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, can not get access to my support account, till I do not receive your password change email. So I do this way: Today I installed you latest update and hoped that you update to VC 5.2.1 but you only jump on 5.1.1. Why? Since using WordPress 4.8.2 I got problems in the text edit field with pull down menu for H1/H2/... Read that this is a problem of VC and fixed with VC 5.2.1. When will you update on this latest version von VC? Thanks for your reply!

  • WPCharming

    2017-09-23 03:55:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, the current version of the Visual Composer plugin includes in latest theme version is 5.3 : Please try to delete the old one and upload new version. Regards.

  • wvgwagner

    2017-09-23 04:53:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, thanks for your quick reply. Got it. It works and pull-downs also work well again in VC. Best regards…

  • WPCharming

    2017-09-23 12:08:42
    Purchased Reply

    Glad to hear that. :)

  • AirTheme

    2015-02-19 23:56:20
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work!! Good luck! :)

  • WPCharming

    2015-02-20 05:02:22
    Purchased Reply

    I think so :p

  • WOUT

    2015-03-12 00:42:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Nice template! Before purchase question: Is it possible to have a double navigation/ double header? Like this one Thx!

  • WPCharming

    2015-03-12 15:06:58
    Purchased Reply

    It's not possible at this time as I'm working on the same thing for next version. Regards.

  • jobouchard

    2015-04-01 08:31:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I would like to know how to fix the sub-menu styling in sidebar. The sub-items appear on the same lvl, and all highlighted. See ss. Very nice theme. Ty!

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-01 09:07:28
    Purchased Reply

    You will need to use custom menu, what is your site url ?

  • jobouchard

    2015-04-03 05:16:22
    Purchased Reply

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-03 05:55:06
    Purchased Reply

    The sidebar menu only support one level menu. Regards.

  • alerts_lawrencdavis

    2015-04-14 19:10:07
    Purchased Reply

    gettting 500 internal server error when activating the theme

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-15 00:54:44
    Purchased Reply

    Please try to increase your memory : and/or contact your hosting provider to solve it. Regards.

  • alerts_lawrencdavis

    2015-04-15 01:03:25
    Purchased Reply

    tried to increase the memory but no luck

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-15 01:15:59
    Purchased Reply

    Please contact your hosting provide, they will take a look at the log file and will let you know what is the issue. Regards.

  • alerts_lawrencdavis

    2015-04-15 01:18:14
    Purchased Reply

    we host the site we have other wordpress site we didnt had any issue with them its only with this theme site is breaking

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-15 01:35:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, the reason is the theme come with Advanced Slider, Ess. Grid plugin, theme option and all other things so it will required some resource, it working fine for nearly 1k user without issue. Please ask your hosting provide, they will take a look at the log file and let you know the issue. We can work together to solve it. Regards.

  • tommyowendesign

    2015-04-10 00:15:50
    Purchased Reply

    Is there a support forum or does it all happen here on ThemeForest?

  • tommyowendesign

    2015-04-10 07:42:15
    Purchased Reply

    Where is this amazing support I heard about?

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-10 11:47:37
    Purchased Reply

    We use email ticket system ( HelpScout ), you can send us an email here and all will be set : Regards.

  • teeka421

    2015-04-22 05:42:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Q1) There's a very nice Visual Composer layout when editing Pages, but the VC UI is missing when editing Projects - am I missing how to enable Visual Editor on Projects? Q2) The Essential Grid preset on the bottom of Home page, for Featured Projects seems to pull old projects before new ones. I've done a lot of digging on Essential Grid documentation, but I can seem to find an option to show latest Projects first here. Ideas?

  • teeka421

    2015-04-22 07:26:24
    Purchased Reply

    Found the answer to Q1) This can be enabled in Settings > Visual Composer

  • teeka421

    2015-04-22 07:53:45
    Purchased Reply

    AND Found Q2) in Essential Grid settings under Nav-Filter-Sort: Change to Date & Descending. Sweet. Thanks for this beautiful and functional them.

  • WPCharming

    2015-04-22 09:38:09
    Purchased Reply

    Glad to hear that :)

  • compras_sunsystem

    2015-05-22 22:09:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I'm having trouble changing some things in the theme. In the services page I don't know how to change the head's background image ( and also i don't know how to make the side bar look the same as the demo ( > (

  • WPCharming

    2015-05-23 02:17:14
    Purchased Reply

    I replied to your email :)

  • compras_sunsystem

    2015-05-23 03:01:45
    Purchased Reply

    Wich one? I don't receive.

  • WPCharming

    2015-05-23 03:08:01
    Purchased Reply

    Did you got the email? :

  • jklcreative

    2015-05-30 10:33:25
    Purchased Reply

    Can someone please tell me where I go in the Theme Options to change the background colour of the primary (top) menu. Thanks

  • WPCharming

    2015-05-31 00:04:31
    Purchased Reply

    There is only option to change primary background color for menu, you will need to use custom css code to change default white background color. Regards.

  • jklcreative

    2015-06-03 03:07:36
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you.

  • Joeydeputz

    2015-06-06 03:19:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi There, I just finally install my theme and now I need some help with the Import demo content, do you guys have a video tutorial , or some guides to get this done, because I try to import the files but don't leave me do it

  • WPCharming

    2015-06-06 04:47:26
    Purchased Reply

    Here you go :

  • developments

    2015-07-01 10:06:46
    Purchased Reply

    How do I go about and set the theme to display the Home Extended version. Is there a layout, css, script I can import?

  • WPCharming

    2015-07-01 13:15:45
    Purchased Reply

    Please import our demo data follow this video guide : Regards.

  • jklcreative

    2015-09-16 16:08:17
    Purchased Reply

    The page title background colour and typography is not displaying after changes have been made. I'm not sure this is a caching issue as all other changes have reflected right away after refreshing. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • WPCharming

    2015-09-16 18:27:20
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please post your support question to our support ticket system here : Regards.

  • magose1

    2015-07-02 23:48:36
    Purchased Reply

    Google webmaster — Missing: author Missing: entry-title Missing. Google webmaster under structured data section is reporting these errors for all the pages created. Please how do i fix

  • WPCharming

    2015-07-03 02:32:20
    Purchased Reply

    We use class page-title for page and entry-title for post and on page there is no Author information display. Regards.

  • mkoegler

    2016-09-22 18:57:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. I am using the page children carousel to show some product pictures. Under these pictures the name of the site is shown. How can I change this font size?

  • WPCharming

    2016-09-24 01:46:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, We’d be happy to take a look. Could you please open a new ticket in our support center? One of our developers can help you out.

  • luanga

    2016-11-02 19:17:40
    Purchased Reply

    Please, help me? I can not do like theme, you can help me? Error URL Demo:

  • WPCharming

    2016-11-04 05:16:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, We’d be happy to take a look. Could you please open a new ticket in our support center? One of our developers can help you out.

  • AdaptiveWebs

    2016-12-07 11:21:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I purchased your theme a while back.... now the visual composer is not working properly in the theme. I backed up old JS_COMPOSER and uploaded the new zipped JS_Composer. When I extracted the files and visual composer now works but some of the styling is lost. How do I update the whole theme including plugins without loosing custom styling etc? Thanks.

  • WPCharming

    2016-12-07 15:22:55
    Purchased Reply

    For automatic theme update, you can use plugin. For free bundle plugin which come with the theme, you will need to manual update it by follow this guide : If you wish to receive auto update for bundle plugin, you will need to buy license for them on codecanyon. Regards.

  • arahayem15

    2016-07-07 19:02:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there... Some images are blurred due to license (stock photos). Do you got a list of all blurred images where I can buy them?

  • WPCharming

    2016-07-08 07:03:45
    Purchased Reply

    All of these stock images are from Adobe Stock :

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