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A Multipurpose One-Page WordPress Theme

This is the FIRST and Only one-page theme in the market place which got Drag and Drop Visual Composer Page Builder, Revolutions Slider, MailChimp, Aweber and PayPal integrated. You can use this theme for showcasing your Portfolio, selling your ebook, App or various products like Ladies items, Gents items, Electronics items and so on… Travel Agency, Medical or Doctors and many other business people also can use Cosonix theme.

$63 valued items (VC plugin, Revolution slider and Layered PSD on request) included with this theme. Total $107 valued items you are getting only for a few bucks

Wordpress 4.9 Ready!

Current Theme Version 4.0; What's new here:
1. Required plugin path updated.

Key Features

  • 6+ different Demos ready for 1 Click installation
  • Visual Composer drag and drop Page builder integrated
  • Revolution Slider plugin integrated
  • PayPal integrated for accepting payment
  • MailChimp and Aweber integrated

6+ different Demos ready for 1 Click installation -Endless Possibilities of making tons of other variations. Customization has never been so easy! Take control over the appearance of your site, choose the elements of the theme, change their colors, styles, sizes, fonts, backgrounds and positions easily with Drag and Drop Visual Composer page builder. Build your webpage within Seconds (Not Minutes).

Explore Cosonix Pre-Loaded Demos (Tons of other variations can be made with endless possibilities)-

Few Customers Sites using Cosonix


See some Admin Panel Screenshots below -

Customer Reviews

Strong Features

Cosonix is a clean, beautiful and professional wordpress theme for any kind of business. It is designed to easily show off your product’s or service’s features all in single page so that your customers don’t need to look around for it. Professional Blog pages are also there so that you can use our theme as a Blog as well.

Powerful theme-options, Unlimited color variations, Drag and Drop page builder, Multilingual, Responsive and Retina ready are some of the powerful features of Cosonix theme.

Cosonix Theme suits perfectly for you if you would like to showcase your ebook, mobile app, travel agency service, medical or doctor service, consultancy service, or any kind of publishment or products with a modern, flat, clean one-page marketing landing page in a professional, sophisticated and eye-catchy way.

Theme Features

  • VC Drag and Drop Page Builder – $34 value
  • NEW – Home Page variation included
  • NEW – Revolution Slider included – $19 value
  • NEW – PayPal integrated
  • Fully Responsive
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 5 Minutes SetUp
  • Powerful Theme-Options
  • Working MailChimp Integrated Subscription Forms
  • Working Aweber Integrated Subscription Forms
  • Retina Ready
  • 2 Menu Options: sticky / static
  • Clean and flat design
  • Multilingual Translation Ready for left to right languages
  • Layered Psd Files available on request- $10 value
  • More than 350+ available icons
  • Working ajax / php contact form
  • Flat and Modern Blog Pages
  • 1 Click Import/Export Theme-Options
  • SEO ready
  • And Much More…


v4.0 – 11th May 2017
1. Required plugin path updated.
v3.9 – 23rd March 2017
1. More flexibility added through Theme-Options.
v3.8 – 10th November 2016
1. Optional Smooth Scrolling effect added.
v3.7 – 9th September 2016
1. Visual Composer updated to version 4.12.1
2. Couple of CSS bugs fixed.
v3.6 – 9th June 2016
1. Visual Composer updated to version 4.12
2. Revolution Slider updated to version
v3.5 – 11th April 2016
1. Visual Composer and Rev Slider updated to the latest versions.
v3.4 – 28th April 2016
1. Portfolio Demo xml files added
2. Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins updated to the latest versions
v3.3 – 22nd March 2016
1. Two more Demo xml files added
2. Slider files added
3. Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins updated to the latest versions
v3.2 – 13th February 2016
1. New options added for footer and for one-page/multi-page to the 'Theme-Options'. 
2. Flexibility added to the 'Features with Icons' shortcode element in Visual Composer.
v3.1 – 12th February 2016
1. Visual Composer updated to version 4.10
v3.0 – 23rd January 2016
1. Visual Composer updated to version 4.9.2
2. Revolution Slider updated to version 5.1.6
v2.9 – 18th January 2016
1. Fonts updated
v2.8 – 11th January 2016
1. Top Menu Updated
v2.7 – 10th January 2016
1. Mobile Menu Updated
v2.6 – 3rd January 2016
1. Revolution Slider updated to 5.1.5
2. New Portfolio Shortcode AND Portfolio Layout added to the vc plugin
v2.5 – 30th December 2015
1. Visual Composer updated to 4.9.1
v2.4 – 9th December 2015
1. Visual Composer updated to 4.9
v2.3 – 7th December 2015
1. Mobile toggle menu got issues in version 2.2 which is fixed in the version 2.3.
v2.2 – 6th December 2015
1. PayPal integrated
2. Toggle Menu style/function updated
v2.1 – 11th November 2015
1. WPML compatible issue fixed
2. VC 4.8x plugin compatibility updated
3. Animations updated
v2.0 – 5th November 2015
1. WPML compatible
2. VC 4.8x plugin compatibility updated
v1.9 – 30th October 2015
1. Revolution Slider included
2. VC plugin updated to 4.8x
3. Top Menu style updated
v1.8 – 24th October 2015
1. Shortcodes and CSS updated
v1.7 – 21st October 2015
1. Few More Flexibility added to the Drag and Drop shortcodes
v1.6 – 18th October 2015
1. More Flexibility added to the Drag and Drop shortcodes
v1.5 – 12th October 2015
1. Options added to the Theme-Options 
2. CSS updates
3. Linkedin added as Social Links
v1.4 – 9th October 2015
1. Compatibility with Visual Composer 4.7.4
v1.3 – 7th October 2015
1. Few CSS bugs fixed
v1.2 – 4th October 2015
1. Aweber integrated to the subscription forms
2. Little CSS updates
v1.1 – 3rd October 2015
1. New Homepage Variation
2. Contact Form 7 integrated to Get Started block
3. Footer Background color and Show/Hide Latest articles column options added
v1.0 – 24th September 2015
Initial Release


  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • Font-Awesome
  • Lato (Google font)

Note: Some images in the template are just used for preview purpose only and not included in the final purchase files.

  • JunaidHira

    2015-09-27 01:40:41
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS. :-)

  • Tobias_Unkel

    2015-12-09 03:26:36
    Purchased Reply

    I bought the theme but I have not received any plugins . where do I get Visual Composer etc?

  • Tobias_Unkel

    2015-12-09 03:44:47
    Purchased Reply

    I found it on the top of the backend. thanks, great theme!

  • mod7

    2016-03-22 05:50:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I see your theme supports paypal. Which of your demos use paypal? Is ot for the ebook theme? thx

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-03-22 06:02:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, all the variation of the theme is ready to use paypal. If you want to see the paypal function in the demo, you can view this: . Click on the buttons of the 'Pricing Tables' and you will see the paypal function. Thank you, Fluent-Themes

  • szmirnov

    2016-09-28 06:20:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, how can I change the fonts used in the Text Block element? Also, is there a way to use google fonts there?

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-09-28 07:24:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, In the VC default 'Text Block' element there is no option given by VC to change the fonts. If you need to change the fonts and use google fonts, you need to use one of our give custom elements which got the option to change fonts. For faster response, we always recommend to use the support tab Please include details of your problem. One of our staffs will reply and check the issue as soon as possible (Not more than 24 hours). Thanks, Fluent-Themes

  • szmirnov

    2016-09-28 07:47:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, where can I find that "one of your give custom elements which got the option to change fonts"? I could not find any. Thanks,

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-09-28 20:11:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Our theme support team can help you better in this. Please use the support tab to reach our support team. Please include details of your problem. One of our staffs will reply and check the issue as soon as possible (Not more than 24 hours). Thanks, Fluent-Themes

  • 2codeThemes

    2015-09-26 13:34:31
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS :)

  • soolgaso

    2016-06-02 19:02:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, for some reasons the logo doesnt show in the header. Only the word logo in red and a tiny rectangle. Both in crome and ie. What did I do wrong?

  • soolgaso

    2016-06-02 20:26:55
    Purchased Reply

    It disappeared after I on the retina mode

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-06-02 22:21:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Please read the Documentation carefully. After that you should understand what you did wrong to setup the web page. If you still can't get rid of the issue, you can use the support tab to send email to our support center and send them your website url and wp admin panel login details, so that they can check and fix the issues. Thanks, Fluent-Themes

  • HinaThemes

    2015-09-26 16:27:36
    Purchased Reply

    Great and beauty item, GL :)

  • pressmeenvato

    2016-06-08 20:06:14
    Purchased Reply

    Presale question: Is it possible to achieve a function like "insert your email and download a free book preview" in this theme? I thought to use a redirect after filling a contact form 7 form, but i don't know if it's possible to go on a thank you page with this theme. Also, after the paypal payment, does the theme automatically makes you download the ebook file? Thanks

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-06-09 04:03:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, These depends on how you setup your website. If you are very familiar with WordPress functions, you will be able to achieve these easily. For further questions about these, please use the support tab to get our support experts. Thanks, Fluent-Themes

  • pdelite

    2016-06-30 02:46:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, all of a sudden, the visual composer is not working when you try to edit a page. It is as if Visual composer is trying to load, but it doesn't. I see that a plugin update is available for VC, but it is part of the theme, so I'd have to pay extra for it. Please help!

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-06-30 03:05:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, You are using old version of Visual Composer, which does not work in latest WordPress versions. You need to download our latest theme files from your themeforest account, to get the latest version of Visual Composer. However, for your convenience we can send you the latest Visual Composer plugin files to your email, if you send an email to our support center using the 'Support Tab' of this theme. You just need to grab the plugin zip file from there and remove your old plugin files from your server using ftp or cpanel and upload this new plugin zip file there. After uploading you need to unzip the plugin file there to let the plugin to be installed automatically. Thanks, Fluent-Themes

  • hpatel25

    2015-09-27 07:05:00
    Purchased Reply

    Good job! This is one of the best one and very useful!

  • beeteam368

    2015-09-26 20:37:06
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS :)

  • pixellamedia

    2015-12-22 01:57:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, on mobile (iphone) the height of the sticky menu is too high. It lays a little bit over the RevolutionSlider. Is it possible that the sticky is not fixed on top at mobile devices?? Thanks

  • Fluent-Themes

    2015-12-22 05:51:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes it is possible. Please use support ticket and our support team will help you. Thanks :)

  • ChristWolves

    2016-11-16 02:47:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I have purchased your theme - Just want to know how do I remove the loading screen before loading the home page?

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-11-16 04:47:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Would you please send an email to our support team? Our support team will help you for any kind of issues of the theme. To get to our support team please click here. Thanks, Fluent-Themes

  • mailer3331

    2017-09-04 23:30:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, do you have more information about the PayPal integration? Where can I see an example? Didnt find one on the Previews. Thanks

  • Fluent-Themes

    2017-09-05 03:55:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, You can see the PayPal integration in the 'Awesome Pricing Packages' section of this demo page ( of Cosonix. Click on the 'Choose Me' button of any pricing tables and you will see the PayPal to work. Regards, Fluent-Themes

  • whisper

    2015-09-30 16:24:59
    Purchased Reply

    Does this have a sticky menu? seems hard to navigate a one page site without one is it just my browser?

  • Fluent-Themes

    2015-10-03 08:57:12
    Purchased Reply

    The theme got sticky menu :)

  • whisper

    2015-10-09 15:24:22
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks :) I just can't see the sticky menu on the demo is all - I am using latest google chrome

  • Fluent-Themes

    2015-11-27 08:28:00
    Purchased Reply

    You should not have any problem viewing the sticky menu in any browsers. Please try installing your browser again.

  • whisper

    2015-11-27 09:15:04
    Purchased Reply

    LOL - replied one month after I asked the pre-sales question.. noice.

  • Fluent-Themes

    2016-01-18 07:14:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Johnny, at the bottom of the item details page we provide the change-log. There you will get all the details of the updates. Hope it helps. Thank you :)

  • joomlastars

    2015-09-28 14:55:35
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, Congrats and GLWS :)

  • ninzio

    2015-09-28 17:47:56
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome clean theme. Congrats :)

  • adamjrichman

    2015-12-13 11:52:30
    Purchased Reply

    Mailchimp integration does not work... I've sent multiple tests and no new signups are added to my list... Double checked the API and list ID's; they are accurate... This was the entire reason I purchased this theme!

  • adamjrichman

    2015-12-13 11:56:36
    Purchased Reply

    To be clear, I'm talking about the signup form in the bottom right, not the main home block (that one works). Thanks!

  • adamjrichman

    2015-12-13 11:57:48
    Purchased Reply

    OK! USER ERROR AGAIN! I had some special characters in the name. It just said, "failed, please try again." — it should give some indication as to WHY IT FAILED. Possible to correct??

  • Fluent-Themes

    2015-12-13 20:43:30
    Purchased Reply

    @adamjrichman: The issues you are talking about are not issues at all. You just need to know the way of using theme-options, visual composer page builder and wordpress etc. For example: You said 'Mailchimp integration does not work', the MailChimp has double opt-in enabled. You need to put the API and ID to the Theme-options, and it will work perfectly. Users will get an email when they signup and with that email they have to confirm the signup and then they will be added to your MailChimp list. That is why we suggest you to contact support center and give them the login credentials so that they will solve the issues by logging into your WP Admin panel. The rest of the community won't be so benefited since most of them know how things like theme-options, vc plugin etc work. Thank you!

  • Fluent-Themes

    2015-12-13 20:45:25
    Purchased Reply

    @adamjrichman: As you see more than 80 clients are using Cosonix and none of them said 'MailChimp does not work'. It proves that MailChimp work perfectly, only you need some assistance on how to use things... Thanks!

  • rngoes

    2016-08-26 06:12:39
    Purchased Reply

    We can get the theme and install it on a temporary domain and then make the change to a definitive domain?

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