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Email : [email protected]
Password :  admin

DWT Listing is a WordPress Theme that gives you complete freedom to create any type of directory or listing website Design your pages on the front-end and witness your work instantly come to life. No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. Absolutely no coding required.

  • Powerful theme options.
  • Contact Form 7.
  • Listing Reviews.
  • Bookmark Listings.
  • Listing Ratings.
  • Short code Ready
  • Custom short codes included.
  • Integrated with Google Maps.
  • Background Images Parallax
  • Owl Carousel
  • Instant search on header.
  • Bootstrap
  • Fully Responsive
  • Breadcrumbs bar (section).
  • Customized Dashboard page for front end users.
  • Shop Integrated.
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • User Sign In/Register functionality included.
  • Single Click Demo Import.
  • Integrated with Contact Form 7.
  • Contact Form widget included.
  • Latest Blog Posts widget included.
  • Back to top option.
  • Translation ready (Does not support multi-language).
  • Clean and well structured code.

    • This theme requires PHP version 5.6+ DWT Listing can be translated to any language, but it is not multi-language or WPML compatible yet.

      Note:We are not providing support for any kind of adult website. If you want to buy than you can proceed but do not expect support for illegal or Adult Websites. Thanks

      Attention: Google maps Service has updated his policy. Please read details over here

      Updates: v 2.0.5 -- November 20th, 2018
      Please clear your cache after update.

1. New header added.
2. New detail page added.
3. New short codes added.
4. New elements added.
5. New & improved features.
6. New layouts added.
7. Improved styling.
8. POT files updated.
9. Improved responsiveness .
10. User packages name shown on user dashboard.
11.Map location issue fixed  on backend
12.Event to & from updated.
13. 500+ new icons added.
14. Plugins updated.
15. New demos added.

Updates: v 2.0.4 -- October 29th, 2018

1.  Missing translation strings added.
2. Map loading issue fixed.
3. Shop mobile layout fixed.
4. Date issue fixed.
5. Wocommerce templates updated.
6. Styling issue fixed.
7. Plugins Updated.
8. POT files updated.
9. Links option added for clients.
10. Miss spell correction.

Updates: v 2.0.3 -- October 17th, 2018

1. Intelligent Search 2.0 Added.
2. Search by tags, categories & listings.
3. New Video Hero Section.
4. Timezone Library Updated.
5. Profile Timezone Issue Fixed.
6. Custom fields added in backend listings.
7. Improved Styling.
8. Plugins Updated.
9. POT files updated.
10. WP Bakery New Version Added.
11.  Default Timezone Selection On Listing

Updates: v 2.0.2 -- October 4th, 2018

1. WP All Import Plugin Support Added.
2. Improved Pagination.
3. Responsiveness issue fixed.
4. Improved Styling.
5. Plugins Updated.
6. POT files updated.

Updates: v 2.0.1 -- September 29th, 2018

1. Submit listing glitch removed.
2. Responsiveness issue fixed.

Updates: v 2.0 -- September 28th, 2018

1. Backend Listing Submission. 
2. Disable Frontend Submission.
3.Assign any Package On Registration
4. Admin can post unlimited listings.
5.URL Rewriting
6.SEO Friendly URLS
7.Recurring payments
8.Packages without 3rd Party Plugin
9.Food Menu / Services Added
10. Fully Ajax Based Search
11. Improved FIlters
12. New Search Layout
13. Category & Location Based Search
14. Events Based on Ajax
15. New Listing Detial Page
16. New Home Page
17. Listing Open CLose 
18.New Footer
19. All Authors Page
20. Listing Time With Yes No Option
21. Events with Map
22 Search & Events Ajax Based Search
23. New Improved Style
24. Plugins Updated.
25. POT files updated.

Updates: v 1.0.9 -- September 20th, 2018

1.Listing Open/Closed timing issue fixed. 
2.Packages strings updated.
3.RTL responsiveness Login issue fixed.
4.WP Bakery Latest Version Included.
5.Listing Images Upload issue fixed.
6.Pot file updated.
7.Styling Issue fixed.
8. Registration issue fixed when (Hebrew) language

Updates: v 1.0.8 -- September 1st, 2018

1.Free package issue fixed. 
2.No result found string updated.
3.Submit Listing glitch resolved.
4.Email on listing approval fixed.
5.Translation strings updated.
6.Pot file updated.
7. Event delete issue fixed.
8. Plugins Updated.

Updates: v 1.0.7 -- August 20, 2018

1.Closing div glitch removed (in last update).

Updates: v 1.0.6 -- August 20, 2018

1.Blog issue fixed. 
2.Responsive Issue Fixed.
3.Pagination issue fixed  for public profile.
4.Category selection issue on edit listing page fixed.
5.Custom fields style issue.
6.Account deletion issue fixed.
7. Style Improved.
8. Plugins Updated.
9. Email issue fixed.

Updates: v 1.0.5 -- July 31th, 2018

1. Translation Words. Amenities + Additional Fields updated.
2. Styling issue fixed.
3.Bar showing issue fixed.
4.Click view fixed.
5.Mobile custom location.
6.Custom Css + Js Option Added.
7.Plugins Updated.
8.Translation Files Updated.

Updates: v 1.0.4 -- July 25th, 2018
1. Categories Icons Logic fixed (old users need to update icons just for once)
2. Spelling Mistake resolved.
3. Translation Files Updated.
4. Forget Password Message fixed.
5. Modal closed issue fixed (Firefox).
6. Listing Timezone Issue Fixed.
7. Close Icon added at modals.
Updates: v 1.0.3 -- July 17th, 2018
1. Google Map & Open Street Maps Integrated
2. Google Recaptcha Added.
3. Redirection to packages page with notification added .
4. Map Position Changed With Search Added. 
5. Image Restriction Mode Added.
6. Map Disable Option Added.
7. Popup Closed Issue Fixed.
8. YouTube Hero Section Added.
9. New Grid Style Added.
10. Translation Files Updated.
11. Plugins Updated.
12. Style Improved.
13. New Home Page Added.
Updates: v 1.0.2 -- July 10th, 2018
1. Typography feature added.
2. Unlimited colors option added.
3. Live Ajax Search With Suggestion.
4. Geo Location Feature  Added. 
5. Contact Form fixed.
6. Report Modal fixed.
7. Google Map issue fixed.
8. Two new short codes added.
9. Two New Home Pages.
10. Style Improved.
Updates: v 1.0.1 -- July 5th, 2018
1. RTL One-Click Demo Data Added.
2. Visual Composer (WP Bakery) new version added.
3. Translation Files Updated.
4. Improved Theme Styling. 
5. Theme Plugin Updated.

Updates: v 1.0.0 -- June 28th, 2018
1. Initial Release
  • javiermisat

    2018-07-06 07:25:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I am going to buy this theme and the apps, I am a buyer of Adfores and the native app, this new theme is what I always wanted from the beginning, I have many questions, I ask for it to be clear the doubts to make my purchase. 1. When it is missing for the android app to launch, will it be released before the end of the year? 2. Is it on android java, kotlin, or react js? I am a developer and would like to make modifications 3. Will you have a chat system like Adforest or better? the truth the one that has adfores is not very efficient, since it uses ajax instead of websockets or they should do it totally in firebase, or 4. The notifications on the website will be in real time? 5. Have you thought about adding rich snippets of google for business ratings, so that when looking for them, they appear as a rich google result? 6. Do you recommend php and apache or php-fpm and nginx? I thank you for your attention and I hope you can clear my doubts, greetings from Colombia.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-06 12:11:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Thanks for taking interest in our theme 1. Hi there is no ETA about time frame. It will be available soon. We will notify when it available at marketplace. 2. It would be Native Android. 3. We are sorry about that there is no chat system 4. 5 In our to do list will be added time to time 6 You can use any. Thanks

  • javiermisat

    2018-07-06 14:48:57
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for the quick response, one more question. Will the app have chat in the future? for me it would be too important as well as adforest has chat, I think it is the plus of the app

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-06 15:28:57
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for your suggestions. We will send it to developers team. Regards

  • HokusPokus

    2018-09-16 20:40:25
    Purchased Reply

    How to remove Location Section in the Listing Form manager?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-17 03:35:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Please submit your ticket at Our team will assist you Thanks

  • trl99

    2018-09-02 22:35:28
    Purchased Reply

    hi on search with maps; can I use map on top as I really don't like sidemap?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-02 23:47:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. We are sorry about that currently we don't have such option. Thanks

  • trl99

    2018-09-06 08:20:49
    Purchased Reply

    OK when you do have category with map on top I will buy but until then i wont so good luck with script.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-06 12:28:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hi It's in our todo list we are working on it and it will be available in further updates. It will be top searchbar with no map. Means full width design Thanks

  • trl99

    2018-09-09 09:26:20
    Purchased Reply

    why no map- i still want search results with a map but like in other directory the map is at the top of the page and listings appear under the map eg see; map is at top and not on side

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-09 16:31:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Thanks for your suggestions.

  • trl99

    2018-09-25 01:24:04
    Purchased Reply

    any news on this?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-25 03:45:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Our team is working on that and it will be available soon. Thanks

  • ac65uk

    2018-09-25 05:57:29
    Purchased Reply

    Dear developer team, first of all, I am so impressed by your theme and well done for the perfect theme you guys have created. I have tried many of the other directory themes such as Listo, istingpro & MyListing but I am not happy with any of those themes.... I have few questions before I decide to purchase you theme and go ahead. So, I will be much appreciated to answer these questions as early as possible. 1) Ios and Android APPs, When are these will be live? this is very important for me to know how long do I need to wait! 2) I understand you guys have RTL demo website but i was not able to click on it or find it over the internet! So, could you please provide me a link of it? 3) I would like to have English and Arabic languages for my website and I prefer o have them in one wordpress! is this possible? or do I need to create a sub domain and install a fresh wordpress for the Arabic version? If so, the comments and things like this will be shared in both platforms or users have to create a separate account for each language? 4) am I be able to customise the Apps appearance or not? I mean the page layout and things like this... 5) I understand you have event page and I am able to promote events through that.. but Is it possible to sell tickets online within my website in the same page as the event? how about your apps!? Are users can buy tickets from the app too? 6) Shop page, Is this included the theme or do i need to install it myself? 7) Is this fully SEO ready? any specific plugins you guys are using or is this built in within the theme? 8) user's dashboard, (NOT LISTING OWNERS) are they able to see their passed activities? i mean such as purchased items and things like this? 9) the contact form inside the listing's page, would that be possible for the business owners to respond to thier messages from the dashboard? or is this going to be emailed to them.... 10) Online booking, any plan for future or possibility to integrate booking plugin? If yes, which plugin are working with this? 11) what hosting packages are suitable for this theme? 12) as I said currently I use MyListing theme! and I do have 200 listings at the moment... is it easy to export and import them to this theme with out any hassle and re-listing them? 13) Would that be possible to install elementor instead of WP Bakery? 14) the advertisement box inside the single page listing, would that be possible to deactivate them in some pages? I mean for free listing i would like to add advertisements and or paid listings not! would that work? I know this is alot of questions!! lol and I really appreciate your patience to answer my questions :) I hope all of the above work!!! if so, then I will be one of your happy buyerssss real soon! Regards Amir C

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-25 17:59:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for taking interest in our theme. 1. We are sorry about that we can't provide any ETA about Apps. 2. You can find RTL version here 3. Yes you can achieve that using sub domain but user need to post separately. 4. We are sorry about that our APPs is not live yet so we can't tell at this point. 5.For events currently we don't have any booking system. It's in our TODO list. we will ad these features in upcoming updates. 6.Shop is included in this theme. 7. Our theme is SEO friendly you can use any third party plugin for SEO. User can seen event & listings from public profile. 9. We are sorry about that there is no dashboard option he can reply from his email. 10.We are working on WP import plugin so user can import their listings from every site. This feature is provided in next update. 11. You need a good hosting for this theme because it's not a blog theme. 12.We are sorry about that our theme is compatible with WP Bakery only. 13. Yes you can de-actived advertisement box from pages. Thanks

  • ManasaTheme

    2018-06-28 14:14:15
    Purchased Reply

    Nice Work, Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-06-28 16:06:02
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you!

  • joshlee18

    2018-08-25 02:51:38
    Purchased Reply

    Very interested in buying the theme! Do you have to select a package for the user to upload a listing? Or can this be done for free? We are a wine association and wanted the wineries to be able to add their listings and manage them. We did not want to charge to do this? Thank you so much.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-08-25 03:08:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Yes user need to buy package first in order to submit listing because form fields based on packages. However if you want packages to be free you can change package type to free from backend. Thanks

  • joshlee18

    2018-08-25 03:08:51
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for quick response! I also need to be able to sell tickets on the website for our events. Is that possible?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-08-25 03:15:04
    Purchased Reply

    We're really sorry about it we don't provide any support for these types of niche, sorry!

  • joshlee18

    2018-08-25 03:24:33
    Purchased Reply

    So I can't create woocommerce products on the website?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-08-25 04:12:12
    Purchased Reply

    I mean we don't deal with adult and wine niches, sorry

  • joshlee18

    2018-08-25 05:38:49
    Purchased Reply

    What do you mean by that? You are saying I cant use product ebcasue we are a winery directory?

  • joshlee18

    2018-08-30 03:00:18
    Purchased Reply

    Very interested in purchasing asap but want to know if I have the ability to sell a product, sell event tickets, add eventon plugin. If not do you have any suggestions.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-08-30 03:27:08
    Purchased Reply

    Admin can sell their product, sorry about other 2 things. Note: we'll not provide any support if you use this theme in adult or wine niches.

  • rsmith4321

    2018-07-25 05:56:45
    Purchased Reply

    I get the error Warning: Illegal string offset 'field_group' in /wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/fields/_functions.php on line 374 when editing pages on the dashboard. Everything still seems to work correctly.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-25 12:55:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please submit your ticket here at one of our support team member will get back to you with details. thanks,

  • Marlon2125

    2018-07-14 06:18:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for develop this theme. It is really fantastic, I Have a Question, Listings have many phone numbers ¿Do you set a multiple phone numbers on form to bussiness? Another question is while a listing has local shipping (Domicile), exists an option to show this feature. Best Regards,

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-14 15:04:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. We are sorry about that currently user can ad only one phone number. we will pass your suggestion to our technical team they will look into it. Sorry about that. Thanks

  • robertocmcosta

    2018-12-05 05:58:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. First of all, congratulations on the excellent theme you people have built. My client has chosen your theme to build his next listing project. But before buying or even taking the job I'd like to be sure it'll meet his needs. Please bear with me and my questions. 1) He liked the category button filter on the Royal and Wedding template. But he'd like to add 2 rows with 8 buttons each without scrolling them as in the sample. Is that possible? 2) Once you click on a category then you go to listing page where there's a map with markers for all the listings in a given area. Here he'd like that: - the initial area be within ??km range of the user place using geolocation (the user must agree to using geolocation). The reason is that he wants the user to find the nearest services in the same city he's in. - the listings shown on the map and on the sidebar be the paid ones first. - the listings shown on the sidebar be paginated, (page 1, 2, 3... a la google maps search result). (He wants to choose the amount of listing shown on the first page, maybe 8.) - after showing all the premium listings, the free ones are shown but not on the map (which should be a premium service) - the listings cards should show an abbreviated phone number (+55 21 8875...) that forces the users to click and view the listing single page where he can see the full number. 3) Fully customize the search filter options adding or removing parameters 4) He'd like to sell the ad slots. Are those slots locked to Adsense? Is there a product type to manage these slots by price and time? Can you control where the ad slots are placed and how many? 5) Is it fully translated into brazilian portuguese, including the back-end?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-12-05 15:21:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Thanks for taking interest in our theme. 1. We are sorry about that can you please explain that point. 2. Currently we don't have range option & all listings are shown on map. Featured listings will be on top before simple listings. 3. Yes you can enable or disable filters from backend as well. 4. We are sorry about that we have dedicated ad slot's but only admin can place ads. 5. Yes our theme is fully translatable. Thanks

  • robertocmcosta

    2018-12-06 00:20:01
    Purchased Reply

    Explaining no. 1: On the Royal and Wedding homepage there's a seach input field and below it a row of 8 category buttons with scrolling arrows to the left and to the right. My client wants to customize these button to show as two rows with 8 buttons and no scrolling arrows. On no. 4, I don't understand what you mean. How does the ads placing mechanism work? My client will be the site admin. Are the ads manually placed? Or are they an extra feature of the premium packages that clients buy? Or are they a separate premium package? As far as translation goes, does it support translation plugins especially WPML?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-12-06 00:38:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. We are sorry about that that categories section based on slider so it can move left to right. And for point 4. Only admin can show Adsense. Means currently there is no way for end users to submit their Adsense. As this is a submission theme and it's not compatible with WPML. But admin can select one language from backend at a time. THanks

  • Dark_X

    2018-06-28 19:40:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, in demo site, have demo user?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-06-28 19:42:15
    Purchased Reply

    Not for now but we'll give demo user soon.

  • Banana987

    2018-06-28 19:33:38
    Purchased Reply


  • scriptsbundle

    2018-06-28 19:34:05
    Purchased Reply


  • WillSann

    2018-06-29 19:21:06
    Purchased Reply

    This theme looks really cool. I am gonna wait for the apps to be released to purchase :)

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-06-29 19:21:51
    Purchased Reply


  • krishnakumar_ka

    2018-06-30 22:31:12
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations on launching a new theme! You guys are doing a great job. What is making me happy is the 'shop' in this theme, that I am expecting to see in Adforest too. The plus point of Scritbuddle is the apps along with the theme that no other developers are not focusing. Happy selling!

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-06-30 22:54:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Adforest will have shop as well soon. Thanks!

  • faracho

    2018-07-11 10:51:25
    Purchased Reply

    hello Sir the theme working fine ! I need working languaje spanish and loco translate, work on update please

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-11 12:02:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Our theme is already translation ready. Just use any plugin to translate string to any language. If you having any issue then submit your ticket at Thanks

  • louiesison

    2018-07-11 15:07:31
    Purchased Reply

    I like the theme so much, I actually bought for my site. just a reaction, <-- does not click to the desired list result

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-11 15:33:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Thanks for letting us know about that. That's a small css glitch we have fixed that. will update style file in next update. Please submit your ticket. Our technical team will assist you. Thanks

  • anitafin

    2018-07-14 21:42:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Scriptsbundle. Very interesting with ur theme. Please help me to clear this one. Does this theme need Google Map API? Is Google Map API free? I don't have experience with it. Thanks.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-07-14 21:49:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Thanks for taking interest in our theme. Yes this theme requires Google Map API . Google changes their policy for API user need to ad his billing Address. But don't worry we are working on other Map and that will be free and will be available in next update. Thanks

  • Miroslaw_Kowalik

    2018-09-17 07:33:42
    Purchased Reply

    Pre-sale question. A very promising theme - congratulations. - Are you planning to introduce a division of users when registering for clients (without the option of adding new points - only my favorites, my coupons, my reviews etc.) and a company with the possibility of adding new points. - Can I set the opening time in 24 h format? Regards Mirek

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-09-17 15:53:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi in this theme listing are based on packages. So form fields depends on that you can enable disable desired options. Yes you can setup timings. Thanks

  • alphaslider

    2018-10-14 03:58:34
    Purchased Reply

    Pre-sale. Nice theme. (1) I will like to use it for business listing, just noticed that there is no provision for business to upload logo, can you add this feature? (2) Majority of people searching the web do so on their mobile devices. Your theme is so nice but emphasis should be focused on mobile devices as most people don't even use computers these days. The web theme is good for the admin backend but users are not going to the computer to search for a products when they can do so right on their mobile phone. I will like to buy the theme as soon as the mobile versions are out.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-10-14 07:28:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. We will ad these features in upcoming updates. And our site is fully response. Anyone can open this theme is any device. Also we are working on dedicated Apps to target mobile users and that will be available soon Thanks

  • alphaslider

    2018-10-14 11:03:21
    Purchased Reply

    Good to hear that. I'm hopping they come soon. Thanks for your quick response.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-10-14 18:32:52
    Purchased Reply

    You're welcome!

  • merrittman

    2018-10-15 10:05:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. I suggest that event need to have price option which should display prominently on event page.

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-10-15 15:37:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • cucuzacom

    2018-11-27 00:12:48
    Purchased Reply

    The "dwt-events" version has geolocation? I see that the design of events is much more basic than the other demos. Is there a possibility to apply the styles of the other demos in that?

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-11-27 00:39:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Our theme support geolocation. Currently we have this layout for events. As we are regularly update our theme we have plans to updates events as well. Thanks

  • cucuzacom

    2018-11-27 00:42:36
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! Do you have an update date for the event demo? Because I'm looking for a template that makes listings of events with the quality of the listings

  • scriptsbundle

    2018-11-27 01:18:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. User can post event from their dashboard and also can list events with listings as well have a look listing with events on sidebar. And we are sorry about that we can't provide any ETA about that. Events features is in our TODO list. Thanks