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If you are looking to make a strong professional impact, go with this Modern Minimalist Powerpoint Template. It has a very clean, formal look that is perfect for your next big presentation.


This Powerpoint Template is a great tool that dazzles audiences with its clean and modern design. It’s easy to change colors and modify shapes, texts and charts

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Eureka Minimal PowerPoint Template is a presentation perfect to present your company or personal use. We focused on the real use, each slide is proven useful in real-world presentations.


  • 200 Clean, Modern & Creative Slides
  • 3 Aspect Ratio (16:9, 4:3, A4 Print Ready!)
  • Modern layouts Based on Master Slides
  • Editable Icons as Vector shapes
  • 95+ XML Colors Themes
  • Animated PPT Template
  • Data charts (Editable via Excel)
  • PPTX and PPT Powerpoint Files
  • Unlimited Color Just One Click to change the colors
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable in Powerpoint
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • Easy Editable chart
  • Best powerpoint template
  • Powerpoint presentation templates
  • Section Break Slides
  • Swot analysis powerpoint template
  • Stock photos used in the demos are NOT included


  • Instructions PDF
  • PLEASE READ the Documentation first before opening the presentation
  • Free Font Used

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  • Vector Graphics Freepik
  • Photos Photodune

  • If you have any question please feel free to contact us through our contact form, you can find this Here We will help you to fit the pieces together!

    Enjoy it!

    • SlideRiver

      2016-11-25 19:43:54
      Purchased Reply

      Amazing. Please tell the process how does create brush effect placeholder ?

    • Tribevibe

      2018-06-21 00:45:57
      Purchased Reply

      Could you please include the map of the Netherlands? Thanks you.

    • Transporter007

      2018-01-16 04:27:46
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, great presentation. I have bought it but can't find the powerpoint files. I am using windows and microsoft office 365.

    • Jetfabrik

      2018-01-16 18:10:18
      Purchased Reply

      Hello thanks for your purchase. Go to your downloads section to get the files: Don't forget to read the documentation. Please if you need support ONLY via private message: thanks for understanding

    • jmeese

      2016-10-07 18:05:38
      Purchased Reply

      That's a nice brush effect. How exactly does this work?

    • LolaHoa

      2017-06-17 00:46:46
      Purchased Reply

      good luck with sales man

    • charlie_moreno

      2016-04-07 12:15:36
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, on Mac OS X 10.10 with Office ver. 15.20 I can't find where to install the XML files, the location that you give does not appear. I got to the folder but inside it does not have the folders that you say.

    • Jetfabrik

      2016-04-07 12:20:24
      Purchased Reply

      Hello Thanks for your purchase, all about support it will be better if you can send us a message through our profile page we don't do support via comments. Thanks for understanding!

    • charlie_moreno

      2016-04-07 12:31:04
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks for the assistance! everything works perfectly now!

    • alexwdpetrie

      2016-09-08 21:05:37
      Purchased Reply

      Hi - first time I have purchased one of these, so sorry for what might be an obvious question - I now see the the typefaces are not included, not an issue, but which ones have been used in the demo images? I'd like to recreate that look. Thanks, Alex

    • Jetfabrik

      2016-09-09 04:25:51
      Purchased Reply

      Hello Alex thanks for your purchase, all elements of the demo are included except photos. Also in our documentation we included links to download the fonts completely for free use. Please all about support and questions only via private message you can contact us through our profile page: send me a screenshot and I will help you

    • RafiqFarzali

      2017-04-21 22:17:38
      Purchased Reply

      Thank you!

    • ahakansimsek

      2017-01-03 19:15:58
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, Is there any video to see animations?

    • peanutmonster

      2018-10-24 08:23:57
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Love the style. But how to change the color theme? Plus, is there anyway to get rid of the "Eureka presentation" sign on the bottom left corner on most pages? Thanks!

    • Jetfabrik

      2018-10-27 11:09:26
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, please read our html documentation file. We included the instructions there. to edit "Eureka prese.." you have to go to slides master

    • francoiscarlier

      2017-01-12 03:18:09
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, I just want to be sure there are psd files, because I want to customize and use it like a website template. Thanks.

    • Jetfabrik

      2017-01-12 04:27:48
      Purchased Reply

      Hi there, this is a Powerpoint template, only includes ppt and pptx files easy to edit in Microsoft Powerpoint not PSD.

    • juanchp

      2017-11-27 22:50:56
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, congrats for this great presentation. ¿How can I make more letters as SWOT examples like paint strokes? Thanks!

    • juanchp

      2017-11-27 23:15:06
      Purchased Reply

      I only need the name of the font because I have a tutorial for do it the same effect Thanks!

    • frfal1

      2017-02-08 01:35:20
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, I juste buy PowerPoint Template I would like delete some slide in mask mode but i can't ; delete it's not active Think a lot to help me

    • Jetfabrik

      2017-02-08 01:36:56
      Purchased Reply

      Hello please all about support only via private message thanks for understanding

    • cecilelegales

      2016-09-20 18:01:28
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, I downloaded the presentation and added the font but when I open it, it doesn't put the good font in the slides. What should I do ? Thanks

    • Jetfabrik

      2016-09-20 22:02:34
      Purchased Reply

      Please all about support and questions only via private message you can contact us through our profile page: Thanks for understanding!

    • SlothZombie

      2016-05-05 03:42:53
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, is this compatible with PowerPoint 2003? Old I know, but, never needed to upgrade :)

    • Jetfabrik

      2016-05-05 03:44:06
      Purchased Reply

      Hello there, yes is compatible with all versions of PowerPoint (Mac and Windows) cheers!!

    • belenalfaro

      2018-04-05 02:18:21
      Purchased Reply

      This templates works with Apple-Mac?

    • Jetfabrik

      2018-04-06 08:13:35
      Purchased Reply

      If you have Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac yes. If you use Apple Keynote software we have that version here:

    • sesinio

      2016-02-24 07:50:13
      Purchased Reply

      Do you have the map of Romania for this presentation?

    • Jetfabrik

      2016-02-24 07:52:50
      Purchased Reply

      Hi there, thanks for your purchase :) Romania map was not included BUT I can send you, please send me a message through my profile page and I will be there with you quickly!! ;) Kind Regards

    • electrichi01

      2017-01-01 16:39:31
      Purchased Reply

      Hello Are the pictures included with the template?

    • Jetfabrik

      2017-01-03 14:28:42
      Purchased Reply

      Hello photos are not included. Thank you!

    • Serigirl

      2017-02-09 00:00:09
      Purchased Reply

      Design good!

    • laurenesther

      2017-03-04 08:51:38
      Purchased Reply

      Hi - I posted a comment earlier and now can't find it. I downloaded the PPT version but for whatever reason, I can not select the Eureka Presentation footer at the bottom. Any recommendations? Thanks!

    • Jetfabrik

      2017-03-04 08:54:17
      Purchased Reply

      Hello have you read our documentation? Follow these easy steps.
      - View Tab
      - Click Slide Master
      - Scroll up to the first slide then edit or delete the footer also you will find the
      page number if you don’t want just delete it
      - Close Master Thank you