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Explainer Music Pack

3 Corporate, motivational, background tracks. Perfect for presentations, slideshow, advertising, creative projects, youtube.

“Explainer Music Pack” included:

1. Explainer Music – 2:12

“Explainer Music” included:

“Explainer Music” – 2:12

“Explainer Music” – 0:36

“Explainer Music” – 0:20

2. Career – 2:09

“Career” included:

“Career” – 2:09

“Career” – 0:58

3. Soft Music – 2:36

“Soft Music” included:

“Soft Music” – 2:36

“Soft Music” – 0:55

Explainer Music Pack

  • HitsLab

    2018-07-11 23:46:45
    Purchased Reply

    For VideoHive Authors: If you are looking to use our music in your projects, just download any of our watermarked tracks for free and use away! Just remember to email us in the contact box so we can promote your work on our profile page as well. Thank you!

  • HitsLab

    2018-07-11 23:46:52
    Purchased Reply

    For Buyers: All of our music are royalty free, no any additional PRO or broadcasting fees needed. We are not registered at any ad claiming service like AdRev so you won’t have any legal problems when using our music!