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Flattery is a premium, fully responsive tumblr theme, designed to cover the needs for a strong online presence of all different kinds of PROs. From artists to businesses and agencies. Grab the chance to impress your audience!

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Fully Customizable


01. Fully Customizable
02. WebFont Icons
03. Fully Responsive
04. Attention grabbing title to engage your visitors
05. Call to Action module
06. Google Analytics support
07. Showing or hiding theme elements
08. Support for all common Tumblr post types
09. HTML5 + CSS3 animations for high loading speeds
10. Responsive Animated Content Tabs with 3 icons fully customizable
11. Social sharing buttons below each post and on permalink pages
12. Disqus commenting system
14. Like and Reblog buttons
15. Support for user defined pages

Credits – Sources

I would like to thank the following providers. This template would not have been possible without the amazing work of those people:
Social Media Icons : Jamie Peak
WebFonts : IcoMoon
Animated Content Tabs : Codrops

Update v1.1

Fixed: -Links on the social media icons on header doesn't work.
  • arvaone

    2013-07-24 16:32:25
    Purchased Reply

    I love the design and the color :)

  • Pixelosaur

    2013-07-24 20:20:22
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much canimalition :)

  • Stewan_io

    2017-01-17 17:49:43
    Purchased Reply

    Nice job :)

  • ashtonleehudson

    2013-07-28 00:42:23
    Purchased Reply

    Love the overall flat design. Can not believe that nobody has purchased it yet!?

  • Pixelosaur

    2013-07-28 03:30:45
    Purchased Reply

    I am very glad you like my theme!

  • GrafAS

    2014-07-12 23:42:28
    Purchased Reply

    wow,very nice!;

  • Pixelosaur

    2014-07-14 00:50:25
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you GrafAS! :)

  • tristanbraakman

    2014-05-28 04:30:39
    Purchased Reply

    Can posts be organized underneath each other and can it intergrate iFrame?

  • Pixelosaur

    2014-05-29 01:21:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello tristanbraakman, 1. Posts are already organized underneath each other, 2. Can you be a bit more specific?

  • HerronCreativeWorks

    2014-06-02 03:13:43
    Purchased Reply

    Can't get the social media icons to work. I purchased the template on Friday, May 30th, 2014. Says social media icons are fixed in V1.1, my version says 1. How do up update and fix this problem?

  • Pixelosaur

    2014-06-02 03:50:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, to update the theme, just go to your downloads page and download it again.

  • HerronCreativeWorks

    2014-06-02 05:48:20
    Purchased Reply

    Have you updated it since this Friday, May 30th? How come my version says version 1?

  • HerronCreativeWorks

    2014-06-02 06:30:51
    Purchased Reply

    If download it again to get updated 1.1 will I have to re-input all content?

  • Pixelosaur

    2014-06-02 06:39:05
    Purchased Reply

    No, you will not lose any of your posts. Just go to "Edit Html" on tumblr and paste the code as you did before. Don't forget to save the changes.

  • HerronCreativeWorks

    2014-06-02 08:41:57
    Purchased Reply

    FB icon works, I deleted two icons that you had and replaced it with Google+ and LinkedIn icons but they don't work...Also the Twitter icon doesn't work.

  • Pixelosaur

    2014-06-02 17:31:14
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please send me your issue along with your purchase code to the e-mail provided inside the documentation file that comes with the theme?