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More than 700 Handy Transitions presets, for After Effects

Hello VFX brothers!
This project is the continuation of my top Handy Seamless Transitions, which many of you had time to appreciate!

Technical requirements

  • To use the Motion Bro extension, requires After Effects CC.2014.2 or higher. Watch tutorial
  • To use presets without an extension (drag-and-drop method), requires After Effects CS6 or higher. Watch tutorial
  • It is possible to use presets in Premiere Pro, using Dynamic Link. Watch tutorial

Extension Free Download | Demo Presets | All Presets Preview | Help Center


  • Over 700 glitch presets
  • Applying a preset in one click
  • Motion Bro extension included – requires After Effects CC.2014.2 and higher. Review
  • Package for manual use is included – requires After Effects CS6 and higher. Tutorial
  • Supported any resolution up to 4K
  • Supported any aspect ratio regardless of orientation – portrait or landscape
  • Without mediahodlers (adjustment layers system)
  • Animation speed control in real time
  • Change glitch-pattern in one click
  • Ability to use in Premiere Pro (via the Dynamic Link). Video tutorial here
  • Does not require advanced skills in After Effects
  • AEP-file of Promo video is included
  • Sound FX is included
  • Music used in Promo (not included): Countdown Trailer Teaser | Epicness
  • Font used in Promo (free): Muller
  • Video used in Promo: Link

Free Handy Extension

Four glitch levels

Supported any resolution up to 4K

Customer reviews

After Effects templates that use Glitch Transitions


Update 2018-10-24
+ Fixed an expressions error that appeared in After Effects CC.2019
+ Updated the Motion Bro extension to version 2.0.1
2018-09-17 - Release of the new version of the extension - Motion Bro 2.0
2018-04-02 - Updated the Motion Bro extension to version
2018-03-23 - Updated the Motion Bro extension to version
Update 03-02-2018
+ Fixed a problem causing the error "GPU Effects Error" which appeared in After Effetcs cc.2018
+ Fixed some presets that could cause crashing After Effects cc.2018, when user try to open the preset composition
Update 01-12-2017
+ Motion Bro extension has been updated to 1.1.1.
+ Minor bugs fixed in transitions category: Rewind and TV
  • StenLogo

    2017-12-12 02:16:11
    Purchased Reply


  • levsha_vfx

    2017-12-12 05:39:58
    Purchased Reply

    You've done a great job, as usual. Great project!

  • arent0261

    2018-01-11 19:45:25
    Purchased Reply

    Trying to install, it tells me "Please Check your Purchase Code" where do I find that?

  • videolancer

    2018-01-11 19:49:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Please watch this video tutorial (timing 0:57)

  • arent0261

    2018-01-11 20:40:55
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, thank you for the fast reply! Works great.

  • TRyzes

    2018-10-23 04:23:21
    Purchased Reply

    Heyyy, I would use these templates for, my youtube videos (commercial). Do I have to get a license for every video or can I get this unlimited? Best regards, Tobi

  • videolancer

    2018-10-23 04:34:22
    Purchased Reply

    Please send your message to [email protected]

  • Motion-Bear

    2017-12-12 05:19:51
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome !!

  • GR-44_NE

    2017-12-12 03:06:48
    Purchased Reply

    Veryyy Coool!!! The Best!

  • cdl_uberaba

    2018-01-14 15:21:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! I bought the product on January 6th and downloaded it. But only today, January 14, I was able to use the product. The same requires "activation code", but I can not find it in the site download menu. How to get the code now? I need to activate the product!

  • videolancer

    2018-01-14 17:33:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! You probably made a purchase from another account. In the current account (cdl_uberaba) the purchase of this product was not made and, accordingly, on the download page you did not find the purchase code.

  • cdl_uberaba

    2018-01-14 20:35:56
    Purchased Reply

    I have no other account. So I think it's a site problem. That's why I contacted support for help or refund. But I really needed to use the product. I'll wait until they answer me.

  • videolancer

    2018-01-14 20:42:05
    Purchased Reply

    To solve this problem, please send a request through Envato support:

  • Shawn_Flashback

    2018-03-15 04:04:57
    Purchased Reply

    I can't seem to install the zxp. keep gettin this message: "installation failed because of a file operation error". what do I do?

  • videolancer

    2018-03-15 04:08:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! Please try this solution.
    If the problem remains unresolved, please send your message through my profile page to continue the correspondence by email.

  • Shawn_Flashback

    2018-03-15 06:36:44
    Purchased Reply

    It worked, thank you very much.

  • SayFaraday

    2017-12-12 01:16:12
    Purchased Reply

    Looks greta! Well done!

  • seteoito

    2018-04-03 23:56:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I have formatted my computer and now it says that the code is already in use. How do I solve the problem?

  • videolancer

    2018-04-04 00:21:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Just update the Motion Bro extension to version

  • seteoito

    2018-04-04 00:45:08
    Purchased Reply

    When entering the purshase code it informs: You use code from another project. Please enter the correct code.

  • drev0

    2018-08-15 21:55:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hello my friend, very interesting project! I wish you good luck for you sales! ;)

  • Octopusic

    2017-12-12 01:34:45
    Purchased Reply

    Wow! these are wicked tools!

  • Artem200800

    2017-12-12 03:40:57
    Purchased Reply

    Perfect work!

  • Fixik

    2017-12-12 12:54:02
    Purchased Reply

    Another great pack! Well done!


    2018-01-31 21:04:50
    Purchased Reply

    Can I buy this template without problem?

  • videolancer

    2018-01-31 21:16:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! If you are concerned my comment above, about the error of "200 OK", then do not worry. This error will appear only for those who downloaded the presets earlier than January 29. For these users, it's enough to download the archive and reinstall the presets. New users will not have this error


    2018-02-03 04:17:21
    Purchased Reply

    Fantastic product! :)

  • nukefx

    2017-12-12 05:40:23
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice work!!

  • maksmovie

    2017-12-12 06:18:10
    Purchased Reply

    whoa..take it easy, bro :D

  • onritecreative

    2018-01-27 04:38:12
    Purchased Reply

    keep getting a "functionerror" reference split .a undefined. using AE cc2018 on mac.

  • Kogoduos

    2018-01-27 04:45:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Send please a screenshot or video capture of the screen to [email protected] with this error. Does this appear when you try to verify the purchase code?

  • ador9944

    2018-01-28 22:21:04
    Purchased Reply

    hi, when i try to enter my purchase code it say "incorrect purchase Code for HSTv1.0 package"... any solution ?

  • ador9944

    2018-01-28 22:27:28
    Purchased Reply

    I bought your product this morning and I have the transition pack already installed with motion bro

  • videolancer

    2018-01-28 22:28:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! I apologize for these inconveniences.
    Please send your message through my profile page. In your message, specify which operating system you have, version of After Effects, and your purchase code.

  • ador9944

    2018-01-28 22:31:44
    Purchased Reply

    I send you a message. thx :)

  • crowefly

    2018-02-20 07:34:47
    Purchased Reply

    edit - found them. nevermind! Hi, when I opened the Promo AEP file all the demo images are missing? is there some way to download them?