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Modern Personal Blog WordPress Theme Made with Gutenberg

CURRENT VERSION 1.7 (see Change log at the bottom of this page)

Gutentype is a clean & fresh WordPress Blog based on Gutenberg page builder. It is apt for guest post blog, rouge, niche blogs, giver, viral blogs, giveaways, guides & how-to blogs. Also it fits homer, the tell-all, business, cryptocurrency, professional, reverse, writer & world news.

Furthermore, it works for inspirational stories, affiliate, minimal, media, freelance, news jacking, instructional, cheat sheet, entertaining & gaming. Above all it suits tutorial, industry, current events, checklists, listicles, infographics, case studies, profiles, interviews, expert opinions, reviews, comparisons, parody, funny, quizzes, surveys and polls, local, FAQs.

Also fits contests, screencasts, live-streaming, time-saving, pop music, beginner, gallery, auto-biographical, recipes, customer experience, memes, charity, sports, TV series and shows, ads, food, fitness, DIY, finance, political, parenting, movie, car, pet, video blogs.

What’s up with Gutenberg?

✔️ Support of all Gutenberg blocks
✔️ WooCommerce Ready-made WooCommerce Shop for all kinds of products
✔️ Enhanced block styles
✔️ Extra theme shortcodes compatible with Gutenberg (complete compatibility tested)
✔️ Demo-content made on Gutenberg with core-classes from Gutenberg like ‘alignfull’ and ‘alignwide’

Gutentype WordPress Plugins

It features full support of Gutenberg. Also it has an Instagram Feed, MailChimp for WP, Woocommerce and Contact Form 7.

Gutenberg WordPress Theme Blog Features

The theme is based on the powerful framework and made fully responsive, so that your website would look perfect on any device, from Android smartphone to Retina display. Besides, it has everything to get highly ranked in search engines due to 100% SEO readiness.

GDPR ready

Gutenberg Blog Key Features

  • Gutenberg compatible
  • GDPR Framework WP Plugin included
  • Professional design
  • One-Click demo install
  • Modern, Flexible, Customizable
  • WordPress 4.0+ Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3 code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE11+
  • Retina Images Support
  • Footer menu and Main menu support
  • Flexible Colors & Typography
  • Layout Features:
    • 100% Responsive & Mobile-friendly
    • Boxed and Fullwidth page layouts
  • Advanced Blog Settings:
    • Multiple Blog Styles
    • 20+ Post Animations
    • Customizable Blog Feed (choose from post types or categories)
    • Post views, likes and sharing buttons
  • Powerful Theme Framework:
    • Setting Inheritance and Override System
    • 750+ Customizer Options
    • Custom Widget Sets
    • Custom Shortcodes
    • Custom Theme Options Panel
    • Optimized for best performance
    • ...and many more!
  • Plugins Compatibility:
    • Gutenberg
    • GDPR Framework WP
    • MailChimp for WP
    • Contact Form 7
    • Instagram Feed
    • ThemeREX Addons
    • Woocommerce
  • Fontello & Image Icons
  • Google Fonts
  • Professional Support
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Regular Updates
  • And many more

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Images used in live preview are not included in the template.


Google Fonts

PLEASE, NOTE! This theme is a premium WordPress product made on free open source WordPress CMS (available for download at We do not guarantee the theme’s full compatibility with installations on, due to limitations in website control and theme customization.

Change log

31.10.2018 Version 1.7 – Update

- 'Light' blog style is added;
- Style 'Announce' for 'Recent News' widget is added;
- Plugin ThemeREX Addons is updated to its latest version

16.10.2018 Version 1.6 – Update

- "Separate" header style is added;
- New "Split" blog style is added; 
- "Center" footer style is dded;
-CSS styles are improved.

05.10.2018 Version 1.5 – Update

- "Recent News" widget is added;
- ThemeREX Addons Plugin is updated (version: 1.7.4);
- New Footer Type -> "Modern" is added;
- CSS styles are improved.

21.09.2018 Version 1.4.1 – Update

- Plugin ThemeREX Addons update (Version: 1.7.3)
- Gutenberg 3.9 update
- Slider Meta
- Woocommerce import demo data

21.09.2018 Version 1.4 -Update

- Updated ThemeREX Addons plugin (Version: 1.7.2)
- Updated documentation
- Gutenberg Shop Homepage – WooCommerce plugin
- “E-commerce” header style with Cart label
- “Banner” and “WooCommerce Search” sidebar widgets

14.09.2018 Version 1.3 – Update

- Show/Close Comments Translation ready - Plugin ThemeREX Addons update (Version: 1.7.1)
    - Plugin ThemeREX Addons update (Version: 1.7.1)
    - There is no js error when you activate Elementor plugin. 
    - “Add custom widgets area” fixed
- Lifestyle Homepage
- New Options “Show related posts”
- “Show section ‘Related posts’ on the single post’s pages”
 - NEW Theme specific thumb sizes – “Extra” and “Plain” / needed Regenerate Thumbnails
 - New Header Type -> “Center” - New Footer Type
 - “Simple” - New Slider Type -> “Modern”
 - Register new navigation menu. Display location
 - “Footer Menu” - Minor style CSS improved

05.09.2018 Version 1.2 – Update

- Plugin ThemeREX Addons update (Version: 1.7) -> Fix for compatibility with older PHP versions.        
    - Correct display of date in widgets ( function gutentype_get_date(){ ... } )
- New Homepage – Creative. - New Options ( Customizing ▸ Blog ▸ Single posts ) -> “Select position to show sidebar on the single post’s pages
- New Options ( Customizing ▸ Customizing ▸ Header ) -> “Header widgets (below)”
- New Blog style “Simple” (Displayed on Home Creative) - Minor style CSS improve
 - The options of the logo for each page are duplicated

29.08.2018 Version 1.1 – Update

- Theme Option dependency (in Main Option)
    - Demo Content (rename Home-pages)
    - Small rule in the code for filtration and verification of data (theme-specific\theme-tags.php)
- New Blog style (Displayed on Home Classic)
- Menu Animation
- Minor style CSS improve (Pagination)

27.08.2018 Version 1.0.1- Update

21.08.2018 Version 1.0 – Release

  • tropnevad

    2018-08-27 07:25:47
    Purchased Reply

    Great theme.. however I seem to have a minor issue and that is that all my default category pages look kind of lame.. Is it possible to set the default blog post page to be one of the themes included masonry, or grid style layouts without having to create a custom page for each category of our blog?

  • juliasanta

    2018-08-28 00:21:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Could you please check the support ticket reply. Thank you! Regards

  • rappel

    2018-08-22 23:59:48
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome. Is there an option for single post navigation (next and before) and related posts in single post view? Regards, r.

  • Julia_support

    2018-08-23 02:26:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hello R, There is Pagination style option in Posts Page Settings – it allows to select between page numbers, older/newest posts links, load more button, or infinite scroll. There is no related posts option in theme. But you can install plugin for Related posts, add Related posts widget to any website sidebar or add directly to each post using shortcode. Best regards.

  • AncoraThemes

    2018-08-29 21:40:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Rappel. We've just released a new homepage - classic, just like you wanted. Please check! Best regards!

  • rappel

    2018-09-03 18:34:49
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry, I mean the next/ before post navigation in single posts. Is this an option?

  • Panamaster

    2018-10-29 07:16:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i d like to use the team groups. But in the shortcode there is no any info to add group. How can i use group in different teams? For example i like t oadd ana about block with teammebers, and another one wit hguest bloggers ( for those i created a guest blogger team groups) thanks

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-29 19:39:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thank you for choosing our theme! You can insert cat="64" into shortcode, and replace "64" with your category ID. You can see category ID by hovering over team group title - Regards.

  • bertgogo

    2018-10-24 19:48:00
    Purchased Reply

    Its a very great Theme. I like it. If someone need a Masonry-Galerie Post Blockelement. Then you can use this Plugin We tested this Plugin also with this Gutentype Theme.

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-24 19:58:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for choosing our theme! Thanks a lot for sharing this information, we appreciate it :) Regards.

  • bertgogo

    2018-11-15 00:21:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Emily, we updated this plugin, now its support more Layoutviews - Masonry - Grid - Masonry Detail - Grid Detail Please have a look on the screenshots on the page

  • Emily_support

    2018-11-15 00:29:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thanks a lot for information!

  • AkhilKAniyan

    2018-08-31 16:54:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I want to create a blog page. Like /blog This will show posts from all categories. But, there is no options for all posts! What should I do? Thanks . Update: I fixed (Looks like I need to click Save Draft to see changes)

  • juliasanta

    2018-08-31 22:03:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I am glad you managed to solve that! All you need is to select page template "Blog archive" in Page attributes. In case you some across any further questions, please submit a support ticket at - and get qualified assistance! Regards

  • batmitra

    2018-10-08 20:35:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, just to let you know, the latest version of Gutenberg plugin is not working properly, it gives a blank screen when trying to create content. I hope it will be fixed quickly.

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-08 20:49:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We have checked the theme with the latest version of Gutenberg ( and didn't find any issues with creating a new post/page - Please submit a ticket at with the link to your website, WordPress login details and FTP details and our support team will check the issue. Regards.

  • akoetsier

    2018-08-22 05:36:03
    Purchased Reply

    Nice clean and bold theme, will buy asap ! Glws!

  • juliasanta

    2018-08-22 19:46:20
    Purchased Reply

    We appreciate your interest in our theme!

  • masterskg

    2018-08-23 22:05:41
    Purchased Reply

    This is the future....Great Theme folks. Quick pointer, when you click on Gutentype Grid , the masonry demo opens up and vice versa. Might want to fix that ;)

  • Julia_support

    2018-08-24 00:36:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for your nice words and for noticing that! We've forwarded this info to our manager and will fix that asap. Have a nice one!

  • tankevin

    2018-09-24 08:43:37
    Purchased Reply

    How can I put a call to action to the floating top bar

  • juliasanta

    2018-09-24 18:32:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Please submit your question in the support ticket at - and get qualified assistance of the Tech support team. Thank you! Regards

  • WPSelected

    2018-10-25 17:57:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, this is Kerem from WPSelected. Hope you're well! We prepared a Winner Kit for the authors whose theme has been presented on Inside the package; you'll find a couple of banners for your item page, a WPS badge for your demo site and a few versions of our logo to use anywhere you wish. Since you're one of our previous winners, we want to send this kit to you too. You don't have to link them to our site. Just do whatever you want! But please use them for your selected themes only. To get your WPS winner kit, please send an e-mail us via the contact form on our profile page. And with your permission, we'd like to add your e-mail to our "Author Newsletter" subscribers list. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-25 20:02:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Kerem. Thanks a lot for the good news. Nice to be the winners! :) We’ve sent you a message via contact form of your website, please find it there. Thanks a lot for the notice. AncoraThemes Team :)

  • AliA

    2018-08-22 04:08:20
    Purchased Reply

    Nice theme gud luck

  • juliasanta

    2018-08-22 19:45:50
    Purchased Reply

    We appreciate your feedback!

  • djsubotage

    2018-08-22 23:29:17
    Purchased Reply

    Love it - hope to get a Answermail soon... ;-)

  • Julia_support

    2018-08-22 23:59:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We appreciate your interest in our theme! Please expect our reply asap. Thank you.

  • djsubotage

    2018-08-23 06:06:24
    Purchased Reply

    Great. Thx a lot!!

  • Julia_support

    2018-08-23 19:14:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, You're welcome :) Have a nice one!

  • djsubotage

    2018-08-25 18:58:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, just bought the theme - but it dosen´t work for me and my blogzine fine - so is it possible, to exchange it?

  • djsubotage

    2018-08-25 19:40:19
    Purchased Reply

    just send a request to envato!

  • juliasanta

    2018-08-27 17:50:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, The manager in charge will get back to you. Please expect the reply. Regards

  • hopperman

    2018-08-24 09:14:15
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work. Love the design! I have a question. I want to set the Homepage 3, but looking in the Documentation there are some fields that I'm missing. I'm missing: Blog Style* Post Type* Category to show* Pagination Style* Post Meta* Are these just hiding? I can't find where to get them to show. Thanks for your help!

  • Julia_support

    2018-08-24 19:41:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for choosing our theme! For single posts you can adjust Post meta settings in Appearance> Customize> Blog > Single posts For Blog archive page, the post meta settings should be specified in the Theme Options > Content section of that page (If the page is created using the Blog Archive template). You can find Pagination style option in Theme panel> Theme options> Blog> Posts Page Settings. You can specify Blog style in Appearance> Customize> Blog> Posts page You can specify Category to show if Blog page is created using the Blog Archive template. Otherwise, blog streampage displays all posts. In case you have any further questions, please submit a support ticket at - and get qualified assistance. Best regards.

  • hopperman

    2018-08-26 03:33:49
    Purchased Reply

    I'm just trying to get the Massonry in the front page. It's a little confusing.

  • Julia_support

    2018-08-27 18:07:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, You can change blog style to Masonry in Appearance> Customize> Blog> Posts page> Blog style: If you still have difficulties or further questions, please submit a support ticket at – our Support team will be glad to assist you. Thank you.

  • Fuji_Design

    2018-10-14 22:41:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I think I'm going to buy this theme! I have one question is it working with wpbakery (visual compser)? and thanks.

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-15 18:47:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for your interest in our theme! The theme is not compatible with WPBakery page builder. Demo content is built with Gutenberg editor, you can also install Elementor plugin for creating new posts/pages. Regards.

  • hasse_76

    2018-10-18 23:50:39
    Purchased Reply

    For the display of temamembers, it seems as it sorts by firstname. Is it possible to sort this by type id? I want the head of offfice to be displayed first.

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-19 00:08:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for choosing our theme! You can add sort by date or post ID, here is example: - for post ID - orderby="ID" order="desc" (orderby="ID" order="asc" ) - for date - orderby="post_date" order="desc" (orderby="post_date" order="asc") Here is example of shortcode: [trx_sc_team title="Our Team" description="Nam ut rutrum ex, venenatis sollicitudin urna. Aliquam erat volutpat. Ut bibendum lacus vestibulum maximus." orderby="post_date" order="asc" count="4" columns="4" class="style-bg-top" title_align="center"] Regards.

  • hasse_76

    2018-10-19 00:33:45
    Purchased Reply

    thx Emily :)

  • Emily_support

    2018-10-19 00:38:01
    Purchased Reply

    Always happy to help :)

  • mRelby

    2018-11-10 20:43:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi In this theme only 4 shortcodes? But what about the tables, carousels, accordion, table comparison, pricing table, tabs, colums and much more? On one site I downloaded your theme to test. And I really liked her. Good job! But there, actually as in the demo, I did not see much that other developers are offering. Maybe I was just looking there, or is there really not much in this theme? Sorry for my bad english.

  • Emily_support

    2018-11-12 20:01:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for your interest in our theme! You can find theme specific shortcodes at Could you please specify where you downloaded the theme? Thank you! Best regards.

  • Skyny

    2018-09-12 00:32:12
    Purchased Reply

    The most beautiful blog theme i have ever seen.

  • juliasanta

    2018-09-12 17:09:22
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  • amicheals

    2018-09-10 06:08:43
    Purchased Reply

    What are the best image sizes for the blog post featured image? What is the best size for logos? My logo looks small on desktop. But great on mobile. Very fast theme. Can I use a video as a featured "image'?

  • amicheals

    2018-09-10 06:14:59
    Purchased Reply

    Also, how do I get a list menu on desktop? It's showing the 3 lines mobile menu

  • juliasanta

    2018-09-10 19:40:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We recommend uploading big images, e.g. 2133px width. The images are anyway cropped to needed sizes when you upload them to the Library. In order to increase the logo image size, max-height should be changed. Please add the following lines to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional css: .sc_layouts_logo img, a.custom-logo-link img, .sc_layouts_row .sc_layouts_logo img { max-height: 60px !important; } You will need to upload a featured cover image and select Post format "video": to display the post with featured image and "Play" icon: The header style can be changed to horizontal navigation in Customize -> Header Header style "default" should be selected: In case you have any further questions, please submit a support ticket at - and get qualified assistance. Regards

  • amicheals

    2018-09-13 00:36:38
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • Gambol

    2018-08-22 02:46:36
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS :)

  • juliasanta

    2018-08-22 19:45:40
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you so much!