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Introducing Javo House’s fully responsive real estate theme. Our clean and feature-rich theme is retina ready, bootstrap compatible, PayPal integrated and includes such functions as advanced Google Maps Pro+, IDX plugin support, front-end forms for agents, advanced property search widgets. Javo House is very active in theme building and will continue to release updates for this theme. Please check out our live demo!


Setting Options

There will be screen shots and links on each options soon

Theme setting options
- Property Pages
1. You have 2 style pages (2 cols and 3 cols)
2. Show / Hide Uncheck amenities option
3. Show / Hide Agent information option
4. 3 options to show locatoins on maps or road map
5. Able to setup search price range and currency

Javo Ajax Maps
1. Map panel on / off / hide (full width) option
2. Search by Keywords on / off option
3. Setting filtering option
4. Display properties by specific days (ex: last 30days)
5. Option for select buttons or dropdown box
6. Default custom map mark (you can add more)
7. Pannel skin customize
8. Able to change map area hight (ex: 120 px)
9. Option for show / hide Email address

- Header
1. Search box on / off option : it goes to javo map
2. Option for choose Full width or Boxed layout
3. Revolution plugin compatibility (not included).

- Import / Export
1. 1 click import for setting theme options
you can also save current option and use anytime

1. Custom map markers by status category
2. Able to filter 2 categories (ex: Newyork and Rent)
3. Able to show / hide maps on each property pages
4. Able to “save my favorite properties”

1. Options for 4 blog design styles
2. Able to filter selected categories (ex: news + events)

*Please make sure that this theme is NOT for a portal property site. it’s for agent sites. our map feature might not fast enough if you have more than a few hundred properties.

Compatible Property Plugins

myRealPage IDX Listings
realtyna WPL
[Make Sure] These plugins are mostly embed from the 3rd part database.

Our Customer Reivews

Update History

Version 1.9.2 – 27. Jun. 2015

Fixed : PrettyPhoto secure and fixed
Fixed : Header > Search result when header is using maps
Fixed : Javo Map Edit Category marker
Fixed : Theme Setting > Map > Default Maker Icon display
Added : Relative Property Widget
Added : Single Property Sidebar
Fixed : Add Property > Editor > Visual mode save issue
Fixed : Register > User Role > Translation

Version 1.9.1 – 08. Dec. 2014

Added : Agent Shorcode > 4 ~ 5 rows in a row
Added : Add a Property > Loading animation on uploading
Added : Backend multi uploading images
Improved : Edit Profile > Add Property : Profile picture multi uploading issue
Improved : Agent Shorcode > Query method changed
Improved : Agent Shorcode > Responsive imporved
Improved : Javo map loading speed
Fixed : error when deleted avatars

Version 1.9 – 02. Oct. 2014

Added : Option for Single Property Contact us Email from Admin / Author 
Added : Approval new properties.
Added : Multi Upload Detail Image.
Improved : Map loading speed
Improved : Ajax loading listing / map all (filter)
Improved : Property Shortcode amount and listing
Improved : Translation string for new update and scripts.
Improved : Images of shortcodes fixed and improved.
Changed : Demo-data sample images 
and some minor css, scripts improved, fixed.

Version 1.8 – 05. Sep. 2014

Added : Map : default location
Improved : Wordpress 4.0 compatibility
Improved : Translation missing strings
Fixed : Search Result : Pagenation fixed
Fixed : Search Result : Min Area, Max Area Fixed
Fixed : Agent wrong information on Type1
Fixed : Small bugs and css

Version 1.7 – 12. Aug. 2014

Added :       Room amounts option on Seach bar
Added :     Javo Main Search        Advanced on / off option
Added :     Added amount of rooms field
Added :     Added favicon option
Added :     Popup slider for detail pictures
Improved :         Added displaying list amount (max 30 to 100)
Improved :      After edit, staying current page    
Improved :   Contact us : mailing content optimization ( html, links )
Improved :       Property shortcode : Html, jQuery code improved
Improved :       Property Fancy shortcode : Html, jQuery code improved
Fixed :      Go to top : z-index fixed

Version 1.6.2 – 9. July. 2014

- Improved : Payment days change to input (unlimited)
- Fixed : Translation strings fixed
- Fixed : Edit button text fixed
- Fixed : WP_init error fixed.

Version 1.6.1 – 27. Jun. 2014

- Fixed : Agent update problem fixed on 1.6

Version 1.6 – 27. Jun. 2014

- Added : Center position navi menu type. (now 2 types)
- Added : Javo ajax map go to content button on mobile
- Added : More payment types and possible to add color
- Added : Property id for agents, search and widget
- Added : option for able to see agent contact info (on/off)
- Added : Flow contact form
- Added : Go to top
- Added : Phone (mobile) number on contact form

- Improved : Max, Min Bath, Bed option : Search Shortcode, Widget
- Improved : String lengths on property Shortcode 
- Improved : Prefix for currency

- Fixed : Assign agent! totally assign to other users (no metas only)
- Fixed : Landload role : remove_role (wrong spelling)
- Fixed : pagination for more than 10 items
- Fixed : Price slider min, max value (min 0)
- Fixed : Property category error on javo ajax map
- Fixed : Author page error
- Fixed : Small bugs in css, js

Version 1.5.1 – 11. June. 2014

- Fixed : User role (Agent update)
- Fixed : Top searching bar
- Fixed : Small css, bugs on 1.5

Version 1.5 – 10. Jun. 2014

- Added : Search result page view types
- Added : Search result markers and overlay
- Added : Menu clickable for top menu with sub menus

- Improved : email sending
- Improved : Unit (pricing comma)
- Improved : Not limited days in payment option
- Improved : Assign agent/landlord (update)
- Improved : Map markers as default (if there is no stauts markers)

- Fixed : single property page icon
- Fixed : Email broken html codes
- Fixed : Email sender email address (not wordpress)
- Fixed : Uploading image re-sizing
- Fixed : Javo map filtering fixed on mixed style

Version 1.4 – 30. May. 2014

- Added : Payment package and price list
- Added : Landlord user role and post type
- Added : Assign to others (agents, landlord or admin)
- Added : Possible to hide email or assign to admin or a user
- Added : Possible to Add users on Back-end (dash board)
- Added : Animation screen shot guilds for theme options
- Added : Publish / Private option for my properties 
- Added : Option for dropdown on Javo map panel

-Improved : Responsive - Mobile
-Improved : Send : Email filed for users and non-users
-Improved : Page setting for proper templates ONLY. easy to find on theme options
-Improved : Send button on Wall style single property page.

- Fixed : Menu order fixed
- Fixed : Display my properties on menu for other roles
- Fixed : Property Shortcode > Footer layout fixed

Version 1.3 – 27th May 2014

- Added : More marks on Maps by category (will be added 1 more cate)
- Added : Added 3 marks files, PSD
- Added : 1 click setting : theme options
- Added : Option for show / hide : agent contact info on singe pages
- Added : custom css filed
- Added : javo map display specific days (ex) last 30days)
- Added : More video types (not only youtube, vimeo)

-Improved : Responsive : Mobile
-Improved : Add more translate strings
-Improved : Youtube link improved to add id only
-Improved : Share or send without login

- Fixed : Menu order fixed
- Fixed : Shortcode search layout error
- Fixed : Footer layout : full width when an agent
- Fixed : Pricing Search fixed and possible from 0
- Fixed : Javo map : meta values
- Fixed : Javo panel : open/close/hide
- Fixed : search widget part
- Fixed : google analytics special charactors
- Fixed : small bugs and css

Version 1.2.1 – 17 May 2014

- Fixed : Footer error
- Fixed : My page script error
- Fixed : Small bugs and errors on V 1.2

Version 1.2 – 16 May 2014

- Added : Multi selection for property display (ex: Rent and Newyork)
- Added : Price changed to jQuery and setting option
- Added : "Edit" button on single property for own author
- Added : Show/hide option for agent information on single property
- Added : General user type. (No agents or landlord)
- Added : Save favorite properties option and page
- Added : Hide option for map panel (display only marks, maps)

- Improved : My page menu improved
- Improved : Default pages are hidden when the pages are not setup
- Improved : Register page for user types
- Improved : Better layout on Register page
- Improved : Excerpt length Agent
- Improved : Added more description on theme option 
- Improved : noUI slider new version

- Fixed : Main shortcode wrong spelling
- Fixed : Removed sidebar on Agent list
- Fixed : Contact us button on Javo map
- Fixed : Sending emails on Javo map contact us
- Fixed : Edit profile page
- Fixed : Small css / layout bugs

Version 1.1 – 12 May 2014

- Added : Javo Ajax map pro (3 panel types)
- Added : Top searching bar (Location, Keyword) for Javo Map
- Added : Full width option for Navigation menu bar
- Added : Send Link Button (Email to your friend)
- Added : 3 positions for maps ( can choose normal or road map)
- Added : 1 display style (Grid style)
- Added : Login redirect selection (where to redirect after login)
- Added : 2 more short codes for properties
- Added : Payment history template (separated from agent list)
- Added : Searching Keyword
- Added : Show / Hide unchecked options or Amenities
- Added : More fields (Built Year, Living Room, Plot size, Orientation.. etc)

- Improved : Search fields and default / advanced option
- Improved : Simple template style (full page)
- Improved : icons, layouts
- Improved : Single Agent style
- Improved : Agent List

- Fixed : Searching with Price
- Fixed : SNS share link on single agent page
- Fixed : Video bug (youtube, vimeo)
- Fixed : Back-end page options (Map on/off)
- Fixed : Small bugs and css

Version 1.0 – 5 May 2014

V1.0 Theme release
  • JohnyCash

    2014-06-06 23:08:55
    Purchased Reply

    I bought this theme today . i didn't find the name of the slider in documentation . what plugin do you used ?

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 23:31:24
    Purchased Reply

    It's revolution slider. Plz see your zip file.

  • gurkan123

    2014-07-19 18:24:13
    Purchased Reply

    I have some Questions for this Template - Do you have turkish language support? or how we can change the language to turkish? - can we install some payment gateway? paypal? payu and etc? - can we add also some other modules? extensions to this templates? - For example i want to sell membership to realestate agents ( monthly,yearly and etc.) can add each realestate agent to your shop some realestate advertisment? please send us information thanks for your kindly support and help

  • gurkan123

    2014-07-19 21:58:22
    Purchased Reply

    and my some other questions - is there any possibilities to degree the members for ex. free members and premium members? And can we add payment modules? - can we set the slider in "home" as boxed? - can we add html pages ? - and how is the supports for the turkish font family? - the memberships must be activated from administrator. - can we sell or rent except realestate for example car? and etc? - can you explain me IDX ? what means IDX? - can we get after sales also supports from your Side?

  • javothemes

    2014-07-20 13:02:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello gurkan,
    Yes you can change to your own language.
    paypal is intergrated. additional payment would be updated in the future.
    I am not sure about another modules and plugins. it depends but I don't think it is all working if our developer do not make compatibility.
    I am not sure what kind of advertisement. but basically they can post theirs own properties and there is a description box. they can add some advertise.

    - yes we have free and payment levels.
    - it depends on what kind of payment modules. paypal is only available at this moment. we have see.
    - the single page slider? not at this moment. but it will be soon.
    - html on pages : you can add some html on description. but make sure correct html not to break layouts
    - we use google fonts. there might be some google fonts for turkish.
    - this is based on property. so no cars and other classifieds.
    - IDX is a famous property database. you need to have your own account in IDX. please have a look at IDX sites. you may know more than us. ;) our theme is compatible with an IDX plugin. you need to setup others. this is all same as other themes.
    - yes, we help you to setup your site. but not customization help. we help to setup your site like our demo themes.
    Thank you,

  • tjsajja

    2014-07-17 01:10:16
    Purchased Reply

    For Multi Lingual Support, Do I have to buy WPML plugin separately? Is it include in the package?

  • javothemes

    2014-07-17 11:10:02
    Purchased Reply

    It is not included. Most of theme do not have WPML included. we did Compatibility with WPML. Thank you :)

  • tspmgroup

    2014-07-23 20:50:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Where can I modify advanced search text's? I need to translate the site to other language... but since I cant find the file for search option, I cant do that. Help!

  • javothemes

    2014-07-23 21:13:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Please do not modify files. you can use plugins such as code localization. that would be better for you. Thanks Sean

  • tspmgroup

    2014-07-23 22:58:54
    Purchased Reply

    The plugin is not working for your theme. :(

  • javothemes

    2014-07-23 23:20:25
    Purchased Reply

    It is working. many our purchasers have been using that. please ask our support team ( ) Thanks Sean

  • AlexWPL

    2014-06-06 16:34:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We are looking for a responsive Wordpress real estate theme, but need to make sure that your theme is compatible with WPL plug-in?, We are a new company, that provide single family homes based on WPL framework and it's critical to find a fully compatible theme. Thanks

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 17:20:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Alex, I guess it is compatible with WPML. we have been updating many things. we may need to check with WPML. because of ajax coding part. if it is not at this moment, we will make it compatible with WPML. we may send new version to WPML and check again. Thanks, Rob

  • AlexWPL

    2014-06-06 17:37:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Rob, Thanks for your prompt reply, I'm talking about WPL not WPML. I appreciate if you investigate the theme based on WPL and let me know the result. Thanks

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 17:42:56
    Purchased Reply

    oh.. sorry for misunderstanding. I just sent our new version to WPML ;)
    I will check it and let you know. the thing is it's local holiday and there is no developer at this moment. I will try to do and get you back.
    thanks, Rob

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 17:46:11
    Purchased Reply

    Alex, can you please message me your email address? or just email me at [email protected]

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 18:27:56
    Purchased Reply

    Alex, I guess it works with WPL, could you please email me your email address. I will send you a link for demo site.
    I setup a demo site for you thanks, rob

  • AlexWPL

    2014-06-06 19:16:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Rob, It's ok :) You can find my email address here [email protected] Regards,

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 19:31:21
    Purchased Reply

    Emailed you. Thank you.

  • sasksoft

    2014-06-06 03:32:02
    Purchased Reply

    I was able to load the data but can't find the revolutioner slider. Do I have download it separately? please advice

  • sasksoft

    2014-06-06 03:38:20
    Purchased Reply

    I found the plugin but it is failing to install? Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed.

  • sasksoft

    2014-06-06 03:40:34
    Purchased Reply

    nevermind, there is another .zip within It is installed now

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 06:36:45
    Purchased Reply

    Sounds good. :)

  • sasksoft

    2014-06-26 03:43:33
    Purchased Reply

    We are having issues with "Error loading language file http://...../wp-content/themes/javo-house/js/yoxview/lang/en.js" do we have to reinstall the language file or something?

  • javothemes

    2014-06-26 12:07:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hello sasksoft, Do you think you can send us some more detail information about that? you can use our support site. ( ) the support team will help you out. Thank you, Sean

  • datonis

    2014-06-05 20:05:00
    Purchased Reply

    Dear javothemes, Is there an Import/Export features to import properties from other portals (csv, xml...) Also is there a feature to highlight or TOP an property after an landlord or agent payment? Thanks

  • javothemes

    2014-06-05 20:54:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hello datonis, From other database, it's not available yet. we are planing to have them in the future. but not very soon. We don't have any plan for feature and highlighted posts. but we will work on them soon. we have basic payment setting at this moment such as how many posts, how long, how much. we will add more options soon. Anyway Thanks, Rob

  • bat_mon8888

    2014-05-07 03:37:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I purchased are not in the Map and Topbar and IDX plugin.Where is this? Please send me orignal template! [email protected]

  • javothemes

    2014-05-07 07:12:48
    Purchased Reply

    You can download IDX plugin from I will email you the detail and others in a few hours. thank you.

  • javothemes

    2014-05-07 13:38:12
    Purchased Reply

    Please check your email. thank you.

  • deepa15

    2014-05-11 09:11:24
    Purchased Reply

    pre-sale question.. I really like this theme but as im from the UK was wondering if this would work here.. i.e can i get it into pounds ?? If yes then im definitely buying as it look fantastic

  • javothemes

    2014-05-11 10:47:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hello deepa, Yes it is. you can change $ to pounds. any price prefix (currency) can be added and will be displayed. FYI, we have next update is coming soon. you may like it. Thank you.

  • JamesPrismall

    2014-06-03 22:37:39
    Purchased Reply

    In this theme can users submit a 'Available From' field that can also be search for by visitors using a calendar? Thanks!

  • javothemes

    2014-06-03 22:48:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello James, I am afraid there is no that filed. Sorry about that. Thank you. Rob

  • hmkaptan

    2014-06-03 23:09:10
    Purchased Reply

    I want to buy theme geolocation and The satellite image map Can I control the If you want to buy them now if you could help please Waiting for an answer from you

  • javothemes

    2014-06-04 11:02:32
    Purchased Reply

    I got your sceen shots in our mail and I will talk to our developers. I will get you back soon. Thanks Rob

  • xsire

    2014-10-22 03:11:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Pre-purchase question: I see there's an option to favorite listings, is this also something the admin can see in the backend? So can the admin see what the favorites are from the demo user? Thank you!

  • javothemes

    2014-10-22 13:18:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello xsire, Unfortunately there is no listings for favorites on back-end. if you need to see, you have to use a user switch plugin. Thank you, Sean

  • jgucci333

    2014-11-01 02:27:17
    Purchased Reply

    Theme is not working with IDXpress plugin. There are tons of errors when using widgets and navigating through front end of site.

  • javothemes

    2014-11-01 21:57:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello jgucci333, I think it's working fine with IDXpress plugin as long as there is no other effected plugins or scripts. we are off now due to weekend. please let create a ticket on our support site ( ). we will assist you on Monday. Thank you,

  • barnisayz

    2015-02-17 18:31:49
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you. Nice.

  • enine

    2014-06-03 12:01:11
    Purchased Reply

    Pre sale questions 1. Do you have the ability to have both branded and non branded pages? 2. On the homepage can u not have the house search field? Thank you

  • javothemes

    2014-06-03 12:04:41
    Purchased Reply

    1. you mean you want to have 2 style of property sites?
    like... classic and map style?
    then you can do like our demo site if you know how to setup multi-site.

    2. I am not really sure "house search field" means. we have search bars already. top search bar for javo ajax map ... and search bar for property pages
    Thanks Rob

  • sasksoft

    2014-06-06 02:31:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I bought this template and once I installed it, I see it empty. Is there any settings that I can import to make it look like what you have in your demo and then slowly customize it from there?

  • javothemes

    2014-06-06 06:35:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello sasksoft. Yes please see installation video or guide. If you have any problems, please contact me ( Thanks

  • b2bramos3

    2014-07-15 00:40:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Is it possible to have all properties submitted by users saved as drafts in order to manually publish them once approved? Thanks.

  • javothemes

    2014-07-15 21:45:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, sorry for late reply. we have been busy today. Do you mean you want to do all approved? umm.. I am not really sure. I guess you can do bulk publish. You'd better leave it on our support site. support team will help you out. ( ) Thanks,

  • bluclay

    2014-07-04 12:54:47
    Purchased Reply

    I just launched a site for a client and did not even notice but client pointed out that in the featured properties section when you manually input a property, then on the live site when someone clicks on it it actually says behtrooms instead of bathrooms. Is there a simple and easy fix to this?

  • javothemes

    2014-07-04 14:58:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, do you mean there is wrong spelling? we will check and fix it. that's simple one. Thank for your report. Sean

  • javothemes

    2014-07-04 15:06:33
    Purchased Reply

    oh bluclay, we have found that your version is old one. you may need to update the newest one. we will also check it out again. Thank you, Sean

  • bluclay

    2014-07-05 03:18:42
    Purchased Reply

    I overrode the old version and installed newest version via ftp file manager on hosting account, cleared cache just in case, reopened the site and individual property but same issue.

  • javothemes

    2014-07-05 15:52:03
    Purchased Reply

    Rob (support team) will answer you :)

  • Allusiveaxe24

    2014-07-09 02:14:04
    Purchased Reply

    After loading all the properties I find that does not work well the search from the home page, and if you are looking for apartments from the sidebar paggina contattaci us by showing all the apartments. How can I fix the problem? Am I wrong to charge the apartments? Help me :-) Thank you

  • javothemes

    2014-07-09 10:43:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hello :)
    I have found your ticket in support site. Rob will be back to you soon.
    Thank you.

  • Allusiveaxe24

    2014-07-09 17:37:11
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • chipaila

    2014-07-10 00:33:38
    Purchased Reply

    When a user or agent logs in, it redirects to WP Backend? I would very much like my users to have frontend profile management. Will you make frontend profile management update? Thanks :-) Sam

  • javothemes

    2014-07-10 11:57:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I think it is. did you try with admin account? only admin account goes to backend. you may find the option which page you want to redirect on theme option. then normal users go to the page you setup. If not, please talk to our support team ( ). Thanks, Sean