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Jigoshop – Social Login extension allows users to login and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live.


  • One click registration.
  • Ability to sends newly created account details to user’s email.
  • Auto Integrate on checkout page.
  • Includes a short code, [jigoshop_social_login], that can be used to place the social login buttons on any page, as well as a widget that can be used in any widget area.
  • Ability to set custom redirect URL on which user will get redirected after they login with social media.
  • Admin can change the order of social networks buttons by drag and drop.
  • View number of sign-ups for each social network.
  • Generate Pie graph for Social Networks Register Percentage.
  • A clean & user friendly admin UI to manage everything.


Please see the Documentation of the plugin to learn how to use the plugin.


Need help? Please be sure to read the Documentation. If you’re still stuck you can contact through our support platform or email us on [email protected] for any pre-sale inquiry only.


  • Xemrind

    2014-09-06 16:14:38
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS! :)

  • wpweb

    2014-09-06 16:30:41
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks a lot :)

  • evyral

    2017-07-18 02:57:28
    Purchased Reply

    I have purchased this plugin and attempted to created a support ticket although the Item Purchase Code is not being accepted so I am unable to create a ticket. I have directly copied the accurate Purchase code for this plugin. Please advise.

  • denniswpweb

    2017-07-18 16:39:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Are you sure you have selected correct product while creating ticket? If still you are not able to create ticket then please contact at [email protected] and provide you purchase code there

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  • zenozaga

    2017-01-12 04:13:36
    Purchased Reply

    Very good. GLWS :)

  • wpweb

    2017-01-12 22:08:15
    Purchased Reply


  • Stewan_io

    2016-12-29 11:32:41
    Purchased Reply

    good job , very nice

  • wpweb

    2016-12-30 00:50:24
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you.

  • jet-black

    2014-09-07 01:31:07
    Purchased Reply

    Useful extension. GLWS!

  • wpweb

    2014-09-08 05:22:40
    Purchased Reply



    2015-04-15 03:10:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I did the installation and activation of the plugin as indicated, however, after the process has not arisen in the Wordpress toolbar Jigoshop the icon. How should I proceed? I have already installed and reinstalled 3 times to see if it was a conflict, but not solved. Thank you.

  • wpweb

    2015-04-15 18:29:53
    Purchased Reply

    please create a support ticket and we are happy to help you via that.

  • vidmartx

    2015-07-23 22:33:25
    Purchased Reply

    Works with Buddypress? Thanks