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Kaspian is a multipurpose keynote template. Since the beginning of the creation of this template, we focused on the real use, good readability and meaningful suggestions of all slides. We have devoted time testing in keynote where we managed to tune many details. In cooperation with designers, we have prepared modern colors that are used in Web design and bring you trend insights. Great animation deliver dynamic and make your presentation interesting and unique.

We believe that we have created a professional product, which will facilitate many users of their time and effort.


  • Retina and Full HD
  • 100+ Unique Creative Slides
  • Drag n Drop Object Placeholders
  • 450 Key Icons (Included in presentation)
  • 50 Key InfoGraphics (Included in presentation)
  • 2 PSD files – Mobile App Presentation Mock-Up (Included in presentation)
  • Mockup Devices (Included in presentation), (Laptop Air, Laptop, Monitor, Pad Black, Pad White, Phone Black, Phone White, Phone Perspective Black, Phone Perspective White, Pod)
  • Keynote 09 file (For Old Versions of Keynote)
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Keynote Styles for Easy Global Editing
  • One Click Resolution Change (4:3, A4)
  • Print Ready
  • Free Fast Support
  • Free Updates
  • Invert slides (Dark and Light Version)
  • Video Preview
  • Used Free Fonts
  • Documentation
  • Pixel Perfect Progressive Design
  • Resizable Vector Elements
  • Fully Animated Slides
  • Layouts Based on Master Slides
  • Masonry Portfolio
  • Skewed Pictures and Elements
  • Overlay Picture Effect

Content of product

Kaspian – Keynote Progressive Template (.key file)
Mobile_App_Presentation_Mock by GoaShape (2 layered .psd files)
Old Keynote File (09 .key for Old Keynote Versions)
Documentation (.pages, .docx, .pdf)


Used Macintosh System Font Helvetica

Used Images

Used images are not included in template pack, because envato policy does not permit include creative common photos.
Andreas Levers
Joel Bedford
Nick Goulden

Free Support

[email protected]
You can do this simply by adding stars through you download tab, after having to download the product.


Update V1.1 / 4 November 15

  • Clarification and simplification of the paragraph styles. (You can easily change the global font, text color, text alignment, text spacing and many more).
  • Update services icons. Now can be used as a shape, vector or bitmap.
  • Added Mobile App Presentation Mock-Up to the master slides. These mock-up are also contained in product pack. Simply fill their own content in photoshop and replace the master slides.

  • 80spornstar

    2015-11-11 02:24:48
    Purchased Reply

    I just brought this but realised that the slides aren't in PSD as well. I'm sorry but I don't have keynote so I was relying on a PSD with the designs so I could use some of the layouts. Can I please get a refund? Or can I get the Powerpoint version ;)

  • GoaShape

    2015-11-11 03:46:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, PSD files are the Mobile App Mockups. It is written in the description. If you wait a few days, we get the powerpoint version. Then we can send it to you after verifying your purchase. PPT version is currently finalizing.

  • 80spornstar

    2015-11-11 04:40:03
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks that would be great. If you have a 1/2 done version of the Powerpoint version I'm good with that also. My email is simon(@) I need to keep working on this project. ps love you work!

  • GoaShape

    2015-11-11 09:12:05
    Purchased Reply

    All right, deal. I will let you know. Thanks

  • GoaShape

    2015-11-19 20:54:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Simon, We have sent you an e-mail regarding powerpoint version.

  • jamesohara

    2015-11-05 08:42:30
    Purchased Reply

    Love this template, however don't have a mac, are you gonna make it for PowerPoint?

  • GoaShape

    2015-11-05 09:29:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, we are working on PowerPoint and Google Slides versions. Soon ;) Thank you for positive comment.

  • GoaShape

    2016-05-20 05:07:39
    Purchased Reply

    PPT version is out now.

  • Jorosie1984

    2016-10-31 04:00:13
    Purchased Reply

    How do I add this to the theme chooser as the files I have received do not include the HKV (think that is what its called) file - just the key one?

  • GoaShape

    2016-10-31 04:17:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, open key file and save kth file (save theme - option). Alfter open kth file and save in theme chooser.

  • GoaShape

    2015-12-31 23:49:56
    Purchased Reply

    KASPIAN PowerPoint version available now!

  • GoldenBoyWonder

    2016-06-06 21:11:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, the keynote doesn't contain the photographic imagery?

  • GoaShape

    2016-06-07 05:31:36
    Purchased Reply

    Used images are not included in template pack, because envato policy does not permit include creative common photos.

  • eminencegroupe

    2016-07-31 02:14:35
    Purchased Reply

    How do i place an image so that it takes advantage of the design of the slide, for e.g. left skewed line to place image so it looks like its cut in that way?

  • GoaShape

    2016-07-31 04:51:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, thank you for purchase our product. Are here two ways how add / change pictures. 1. Select image placeholder and simply delete it. After this you see empty placeholder and can use drag and drop feature. We are left blank pictures inside placeholders due preserve some effects. 2. Select image placeholder and use right click for "change picture". Next find your picture and click ok. We recommend this trip for the maintenance of all proposals. Please let me know if it work fine for you. Thank you.

  • blithemes

    2015-11-04 15:21:19
    Purchased Reply

    amazing! GLWS

  • GoaShape

    2015-11-04 20:00:50
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you.

  • scottskibell

    2016-05-24 22:24:43
    Purchased Reply

    How do I change the formatting and auto-capitalization of some of the headers? For example, if my H2 header contains the word "iPhone" the "i" is automatically capitalized and I can't capitalize the "P". On the slide it appears as "Iphone" and I can't control it. I've played in the formatting and can't seem to find where/how to override the capitalization. Thanks.

  • scottskibell

    2016-05-24 22:26:39
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry, duh, I found the gear icon to change it. Never mind.

  • GoaShape

    2016-05-30 21:22:10
    Purchased Reply


  • KitCreative

    2016-09-10 22:04:57
    Purchased Reply

    Amazing work :)

  • GoaShape

    2016-09-13 03:23:51
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you

  • zenan1238

    2015-10-27 02:52:43
    Purchased Reply

    Finally something unrivaled and modern. I really like it. A lot of sales!

  • GoaShape

    2015-10-27 03:00:11
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for this comment :)

  • fkazemi5236

    2018-05-08 17:35:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hello .. I hope you have professional sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

  • MicroGravity

    2015-10-27 02:49:13
    Purchased Reply

    WOW amazing design. GLWS!

  • GoaShape

    2015-10-27 03:00:26
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you!

  • youalth

    2016-05-06 00:50:12
    Purchased Reply

    How can I change 'the slide size' to A4? Do you mean just printing size? or choosing the slide size at document? When I change the slide size just at document tool, it is just bigger. I mean the contents is not matched with the slide size. How can I do? >> FEATURES One Click Resolution Change (4:3, A4)

  • GoaShape

    2016-05-06 03:41:16
    Purchased Reply

    Presentation size is 1920x1080px (16:9). Changing the ratio to 4:3 Peeling certain spaces and size elements. Most of slides correctly and remains applicable. In some it happens that something may not be right. We do not state to provide comprehensive correct version in 4:3 but it is possible to change the presentation and possibly to correct deficiencies. If you want print slides use print option File/Print and give fit on the page in either portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Alzbeta1982

    2015-11-01 06:39:29
    Purchased Reply

    I created a slideshow using this template. It was really easy. Everything worked perfectly. Thank you author!

  • GoaShape

    2015-11-01 07:15:09
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you. We are pleased with your satisfaction :superbashfulcute: