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Kazaar brings your products to life in an incredibly powerful way. The design is beautiful and easy to use. It extends the features of WooCommerce to give your store an amazing experience.


  • Amazing Page Templates
    • Home
      1. Home (With Fullscreen Slider)
      2. Home (With Background Image)
      3. Single Product Store
    • Shop
      1. Shop (with Advanced Sidebar)
      2. Shop (With Category Sidebar)
      3. Shop (With Infinite Scroll)
    • Blog
      1. Blog (With Sidebar)
      2. Blog (Full Width)
      3. Blog (Infinite Post Load)
    • About
      1. About (Multiple Content Sections)
      2. About (Background Image)
    • Contact
    • FAQ
  • WooCommerce Feature Extention
    • Color Product Attributes. (without third-party plugins).
    • Image and Icon Product Attributes. (without third-party plugins).
  • Mega Menu with Background Image. (without third-party plugins).
  • Advanced Mailchimp Newsletter Integration. (without third-party plugins).
  • Continuous Feature Updates.
  • Easy to Customize.
  • Documentation included.
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3.
  • CSS3 Content Animations.
  • jQuery Enhanced.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Cross-browser Compatible (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari).


Images are for demonstration purposes only and replaced with placeholder images in the download file.

Credits & third-party resources.

  • Javascript:
    1. jQuery (by The jQuery Foundation).
    2. jQuery Mobile (by The jQuery Foundation).
    3. jQuery throttle (by Ben Alman).
    4. ScrollMagic (by Jan Paepke).
    5. SimpleBar.js (by Adrien Grsmto).
  • Fonts:
    1. Montserrat (by Julieta Ulanovsky).
    2. Quicksand (by Andrew Paglinawan).

  • joomlastars

    2017-05-02 22:22:01
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • royalzthemes

    2017-05-25 19:21:59
    Purchased Reply


  • celtano

    2017-04-28 07:14:18
    Purchased Reply

    Nice one :) GLWS

  • glossclients

    2017-06-07 02:53:20
    Purchased Reply

    preview is not working

  • royalzthemes

    2017-06-08 04:02:10
    Purchased Reply

    We are working on it. Thank you :)

  • pritpal

    2018-02-16 13:35:56
    Purchased Reply

    After installing, I wanted to see how to use the theme (I am not a coder), But all the documentation pages are showing 404 error, I couldn't find any help written or video demos. This is very unprofessional I believe to keep your buyers stranded with no help. I've requested for a refund as I am not very comfortable using a theme which has no documentation.

  • ThemeCuriosity

    2017-04-28 03:25:29
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • MetalPotatoUK

    2017-11-22 03:31:10
    Purchased Reply

    Your demo does not work

  • royalzthemes

    2017-12-02 03:13:07
    Purchased Reply

    Please check once more, It's fully functional!

  • PreScriptZ

    2017-04-27 18:48:22
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

  • lumberjack

    2017-07-25 23:11:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Very nice theme! Is your theme visual composer compatible? Cheers...

  • lumberjack

    2017-07-25 23:23:40
    Purchased Reply

    Can the shop images be masonry and different sizes, i.e. landscape, square, portrait?

  • lumberjack

    2017-07-25 23:25:19
    Purchased Reply

    There is a bug with your top navigation, it keeps "bunching up" looks like "HomeMenWomenAboutBlog"?

  • royalzthemes

    2017-07-26 08:30:18
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for the feedback, We'll take care of the small bug. About your questions, Our theme is visual composer compatible but as for the shop images; it's a standard size, so it looks great with the 3 hover variations available.

  • hubb360

    2018-09-07 16:01:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Is this theme dependent on a page builder?

  • senayuk

    2017-12-22 03:09:25
    Purchased Reply

    jtephunlock, any news about woo commerce compatible

  • janxcode_team

    2017-04-27 21:59:54
    Purchased Reply

    Great job. Impressive design and functionalities. Good luck with the sales :)

  • jheimz

    2017-05-28 21:52:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there. I just bought the theme today, and I am looking for the child theme from all download options but I cannot find any. Can you please update the download files. Thanks.

  • royalzthemes

    2017-05-29 19:06:40
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please contact our support at: [email protected]

  • szthemes

    2017-04-27 18:55:47
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • jironia

    2017-05-10 13:45:52
    Purchased Reply

    Umm... Your live preview link isn't working properly. It shows default theme "Twentyseventeen" rather than your work. Please check settings for live preview.

  • royalzthemes

    2017-05-11 03:23:51
    Purchased Reply

    The preview site is working fine now. Thank you for the notice.

  • andrewpina

    2018-03-24 18:11:21
    Purchased Reply

    this does not have mobile support? I view on mobile and it is all jacked up and does not even show a menu. also how do i make the menu bigger on the desktop view?

  • fenicks-rzn

    2017-10-24 05:40:10
    Purchased Reply

    gonna to buy this theme, have a question: can i do a normal homepage (with texts, few products, sliders, news etc) or there is only one option - plain slider and that's all. it is not good for seo if so

  • royalzthemes

    2017-11-05 21:46:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Hope you like the theme! There is few variations as you can see in the theme choose for the home page! and each is built to fit with the right design and products.

  • AliA

    2017-04-27 19:19:32
    Purchased Reply

    Nice theme gud luck

  • dewdrops007

    2017-09-14 14:16:59
    Purchased Reply

    Is there any 'multi-color' options in the product description page?

  • dewdrops007

    2017-09-14 14:36:04
    Purchased Reply

    When is the new update coming?

  • royalzthemes

    2017-09-26 03:39:59
    Purchased Reply

    We're still working on the update!

  • stephunlock

    2017-12-14 21:55:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Can you please help me with the below.....Your theme (Kazaar) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme. Learn more about templates

  • EricProchnow

    2017-04-27 22:48:17
    Purchased Reply

    very cool work ! i wish you all the best for your sales and a nice day ;)

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