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“Life in Motion” is all about inspiration. It’s positive melody is cool and confident. It’s meant to motivate you and your team as you reach for the next level of success!

It starts with a soft pulse, then slowly builds just like an idea as it begins to take shape. There’s emotional up’s and down’s in the music but always moving forward as it finally transforms into a driving triumphant track with full strings and a pulsing groove! It’s a perfect song for all types of media presentations, corporate videos, commercials, sports montages, films and TV projects.

Along with the full mix, I’ve also included is an “Instrumental” version with no melody (3:07 in the Preview). It’s perfect for mixing and matching with the full track if you need to lengthen or change emotions. Also the track is editable so you can easily customize the perfect music score for your project!

Files included in zip:
1) Life in Motion-full track (3:09), WAV and mp3
2) Life in Motion-instrumental (3:09), WAV and mp3

Helpful Tips:
“Life in Motion” has a tempo of 110 BPM and is in 4/4 time. The beginning of the file is synced to that tempo. Depending on your audio program, you might find it helpful to set your session to Bars/Beats and the tempo of the song. That way most of your edits will fall on a downbeat.

Comments are always welcome. PLEASE don’t forget to rate it. And if possible, send me a finished copy of your project with my song and I’ll display it on homepage!

Thanks for purchasing my track!