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A modern and clean user interface kit intended for apps focused on search, search results, and user account information.

The kit includes

  • 15 screens (see below)
  • two color schemes – dark and light
  • 750×1334 resolution (iPhone 6)
  • scalable shapes


  1. Login screen
  2. Registration screen
  3. Search screen
  4. Search screen with filters
  5. Order Status screen
  6. Pop-Up Notification screen


  1. History screen
  2. Wish List screen
  3. Friend List screen
  4. Settings screen

Search Results

  1. List screen
  2. Map screen
  3. Filter screen


  1. Info screen
  2. Gallery screen


  • Opens Sans (

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. We won’t bite, we swear.

  • speaklog

    2015-02-05 20:46:10
    Purchased Reply

    Cool work mate :) GLWS ;) and by the way welcome to envato family :D

  • Closingbell2012

    2015-05-16 23:47:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. I bought your design work but only the login page is in your file. Nothing else. Please upload all the design work. Thanks

  • Closingbell2012

    2015-05-16 23:49:48
    Purchased Reply

    Ignore my message. Figured it out. :)

  • Moka_Plus

    2015-02-05 08:56:52
    Purchased Reply

    nice work, wish you the best

  • n2n44

    2015-02-04 23:19:30
    Purchased Reply

    good modern work GLWS ;) welcome to GR and good luck ;)

  • pixelcraftIO

    2015-02-05 05:43:19
    Purchased Reply


  • angelabvasquez

    2015-06-22 23:44:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, your Graphic Files say they include AI but the app layout is strictly in Photoshop. Do you have an Illustrator version? Thank you

  • pixelcraftIO

    2015-07-04 00:40:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there! Thanks for purchasing. Unfortunately there is no .ai version (we were trying to refer to vector icons included which could be used in illustrator but that option wasn't available). We've fixed the description now, apologies for the inconvenience. An .AI version can certainly be considered in the future if there is enough demand! On the bright side, all the shapes in the PSD are vector shapes so if your concern is scaling that shouldn't be an issue. Let us know if you have any other concerns.

  • uobis

    2015-09-09 00:37:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I sent you a message, please respond soon