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Olomo – Listings & Directory WordPress Theme is a listings directory WordPress theme with user dashboard. You can use it for directory listings for real estate, car dealership, restaurant, jobs, hotel and any other type of listings. Olomo has prepared multiple directory elements like Google Maps, reviews or submissions page, email to friends, share listing, send message and many more. It includes 3 Home Page Style, 6 Type of Listing Styles, 2 Type of Listing Detail Page and 20+ other Inner pages.

Olomo – Listings & Directory WordPress Theme is advanced and user-friendly directory theme. This theme mainly focused for Local Business Directory, Online Business Directory, Local Listing, Directory Listing, Business Directory and all kind of Directory Services.

  • Fully Responsive
  • 3 Home Page Styles
  • 4 Type of Listings Styles
  • 2 Type of Listing Detail Page
  • Including User Dashboard
  • Blog listing & Grid and single article pages included
  • 20+ other Inner pages
  • Unlimited Color
  • Child Theme
  • Clean, Modern & Beautiful Design
  • Typography Font Size Option
  • Mail-chimp Newsletter
  • Google Maps
  • Listing Reviews
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3 with Responsive
  • Bootstrap 3.x
  • Creative and Modern Designs
  • Google map with stylish search field
  • Social media icons
  • Easy to use and customized code
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome Icon
  • Very Clearly Documentation (Step by Step)
  • Regular Updates
  • Top Notch Support


  • Google WebFonts
  • Font Awesome


  • Pixabay
  • freepik


  • Bootstrap Framework
  • jQuery
  • OWL Carousel JS Slideshow
  • Countdown.js
  • gmaps
  • jqueryvalidation

Note: All Images used only for demonstration purposes. Please do not use package images for your own purpose.

Version- 1.3.1 [Dated- 06November2018]

- Added Arabic Languages .PO and .MO files in plugins and theme package.
- Added Single Listing design style 2 banner image.
- Add Update version of WPBakery plugin.
- Alphabetic Order Location and Category in search filter.

Version- 1.3.0 [Dated- 16October2018]

- Improvements in Language translations.
- Added .POT for Plugins.
- Added .PO & .MO files for plugins.
- Home Page 2 Search Filter Alignment Issue solved.

Version- 1.3 [Dated- 24September2018]

- Added Banners Dynamic on Pages.
- Added Services Section on Listing Page.
- Add, Edit, Delete Services option on Listing Page.
- Add PayPal Payment Option on Services.
- Service Payment Transaction email send to Admin, Author and User.
- ADMIN have all services orders history at WP Admin Dashboard.

Version- 1.2.2 [Dated- 11September2018]

Add Child Theme.
Added RUSSIAN Language .PO and . MO files.

Version- 1.2.1 [Dated- 24August2018]

Fixed CSS issues on search filter.
Fixed responsive issues.
Added Down Arrow.png image in search filter plugin.
Added video in DOCUMENTS for Google MAP API and Theme installation video.

Version- 1.2 [Dated- 30July2018]

Added - Make it Featured Listing for Front End User's on Submit Your Listing page.
Added - Make it Featured Listing option in Plans/Packages.
Added - Choose Multiple Category for listing on Submit Your Listing page.
Added on Dashboard- Total Number of Views on active listing.
Added on Dashboard- Account Delete Option for front end User's.
Added on SignUp- Check Box: I agree to the Terms & conditions.
**Added - NEW Advanced Search Filter Plugin, Here are Features:
- Search By Title
- Category
- Open or Closed
- Price range slider
- Auto Complete Google Address
- Rating Range Slider
- Search by locations
- Tags or Keywords
Added - Claim Listing Button on Listing details page.
Added - Admin can TRANSFER LISTING to any user account. 

Version- 1.1 [Dated- 11July2018]

Added - Maps shows results based on visitors IP only country wise.
Added - Manage Map results by Theme Options in Map Settings: Select Map Options by Visitor IP / All Listings. 

Bugs Fixed [Dated- 06July2018]
Send Message, Email to Friend and Report Fixed on single listing detail page.
Add/Edit Business Hours Fixed.
Auto Complete Google Address (Page-"Submit Your Listing") working.
Google Map working on Single Listing detail Page
Spelling mistake on Submit Your Listing Page.
Image Upload Issue fixed in Safari.

Bug Fixed [Dated- 21June2018]
Search Page google map and cluster fixed.
Home Page 3 google map and cluster fixed.

Version- 1.0 [Dated- 14June2018]

ADDED .POT File Ready.
ADDED Languages are available in Italian, French, Spanish and Germany .PO & .MO file is ready.
ADDED 3 Types of Header Styles.
ADDED 4 Types of Footer Styles.
ADDED 3 Types of Listing Page Layout.
Search Page CSS issue fixed.
  • shlomycohen

    2018-10-18 05:48:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry for my English. The template looks great and exactly what I need but before buying I have a few questions: 1. Can I set the right-to-left (RTL) format? 2. Can I set up one business in several categories? 3. Is the map and listing by default can be set to "Israel"?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-10-18 15:52:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello shlomycohen, Sorry all 3 points are not available in theme but yes we can customize it as per your needs. So Please let me know. THANK YOU!

  • tkeener

    2018-10-04 23:08:44
    Purchased Reply

    Pre-sale questions.  Can the search filter be customized by deleting some of the options you show? For instance the price range, rating? Opening Times: Can the : be deleted? It looks out of place. Can the first place holder 0 in 09:00 AM be deleted? Is there documentation for this theme? Thank you

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-10-05 00:49:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hello tkeener, Yes you can add or remove the search filter option from back end, please check the screenshot here: Yes you can delete the opening timings. Yes there is a documentation for install theme and how to use this theme. THANK YOU!

  • theme_ware

    2018-06-02 16:34:16
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-02 17:50:18
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you theme_ware!

  • grootmade

    2018-07-16 23:00:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, is your theme compatible with WP Job Manager?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-07-20 22:09:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hello grootmade, Sorry theme is not compatible with WP Job Manager plugin, but you can use custom plugin which we developed for this theme. THANK YOU!

  • DEV-Themes

    2018-06-02 05:17:56
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! :-) Excellent work and design. I wish you big sales.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-02 13:42:19
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks alot Dev-Themes!

  • streamingperuano

    2018-06-26 20:44:14
    Purchased Reply

    Please, a complete guide on how to configure and put the map with a specific map on the main face of "Home 2" Help us with this step, please, it is very complicated and difficult. In your help documentation just say put the API and there is no more information about it, please give a detailed guide how to put change and put a personalized map.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-26 21:37:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hello streamingperuano, Please visit this link for more information: Now on left hand side you can see lots of options so you need to chose as per your requirement and create the API key for your project. Also you don’t need to pay but you must add a valid credit card because they stop the spammers. For more details please check the screenshot here: THANK YOU!

  • dani4775

    2018-08-04 07:01:38
    Purchased Reply

    Would you consider making a Stripe integration?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-08-04 15:29:54
    Purchased Reply

    Theme have PayPal option only. If you want then we can integrate Stripe custom payment gateway. Please let me know here: [email protected]

  • melvinperez

    2018-10-12 23:33:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Vikas I wrote you asking for help with a topic related to URL rewriting, could you check your email please? Thanks.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-10-13 16:15:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Its long weekend here so I am not in office. Please send me FTP and Wp admin details here: [email protected] Will look this issue on Monday. THANK YOU!

  • powerbroker4

    2018-10-19 04:14:39
    Purchased Reply

    How do the services work? Do you have a docs available?

  • powerbroker4

    2018-10-19 04:21:51
    Purchased Reply

    When someone book now - pay with PayPal - Who gets paid? The user or admin?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-10-19 14:32:25
    Purchased Reply

    Good Morning powerbroker4, When someone pay with PayPal only website wp admin will receive the payment. Thanks!

  • Valerie100

    2018-09-29 23:33:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, is there a way to import locations and locations? Thank you.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-10-01 14:41:14
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry there is no way to import locations, you have to add all locations manually by WP Back end.

  • Gambol

    2018-06-02 01:52:51
    Purchased Reply

    Nice Work, GLWS :)

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-02 02:23:55
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you Gambol!

  • cbernadou

    2018-07-07 21:38:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there! I need to make a few pre-sale questions. I’m really interested in the theme. I need to understand just a few things, will be possible to use All-Import premium plugin to import listings to the theme? And also, I don’t have an image for most of the listings, is it possible to have it working properly without it? Did you do any performance check for example for having more than 2000 listings in more than 500 cities? Is it possible to work the locations with hierarchy of country, city and locality? Thanks a lot in advance for your comments.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-07-07 22:01:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hello cbernadou, well for listing we use our own custom plugin for listing, rating, featured, etc. Yes without image of the listing it works perfect. You can try by your own and please check on our demo URL. Also you can add many listings for same locations. THANK YOU!

  • cbernadou

    2018-07-07 22:07:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, thanks. Is there any test stage available where I could test batch uploading listings to check if it works? About locations, will be possible to work for example with a dependant hierarchy like country/city? Do you have a refund policy if the theme doesn't suit this needs? Thanks again.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-07-07 22:12:46
    Purchased Reply

    Please test the theme here: Username: vikas Password: olomo Sorry we will not refund in case if it not suits to your requirement. THANK YOU!

  • cbernadou

    2018-07-07 22:14:59
    Purchased Reply

    Sadly is not possible to use the admin to test this: You don't have permission to access this page.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-07-09 14:49:01
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry due to weekend I was not available. Please check the wp admin demo here: THANK YOU!

  • saavedraonline

    2018-06-21 05:59:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hello friend, the theme is perfect but PayPal is not a good option in my country. Is it possible that in the future you can add other integrations? "Mercado Pago" would be ideal for my region. Or do you recommend hiring a personalization? Could you make that customization for me for an extra cost?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-21 14:49:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hello saavedraonline, Well this theme is designed and developed for overall user's and PayPal is most common payment gateway in this world. But do you want me to add custom payment gateway "Mercado Pago" then of-course it cost you additional. For more details please email me here: [email protected] THANK YOU!

  • bryllo

    2018-10-02 01:03:21
    Purchased Reply

    Does the theme have one click installation?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-10-02 16:19:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, It is more easier as compare to 1 click installation, you can watch video how to install this theme here: Or else please let me know once you purchased this theme we can install theme for you in case any issues. THANK YOU!

  • Cortelis

    2018-08-03 10:59:28
    Purchased Reply

    Geolocation does not work properly with google... :/

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-08-03 14:09:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Cortelis, Can you please send me FTP and WP admin details along with website URL here: [email protected] THANK YOU!

  • saavedraonline

    2018-06-21 12:38:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello friend, I have sent you some emails that maybe you did not receive. In one of them I suggested the need for Olomo to allow two or more different schedules in the same day. There are businesses that, for example, open in the morning, close at noon for a few hours, and return to work in the afternoon a few more hours. Do you think you could add this?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-21 14:47:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hello saavedraonline, Add two or more different schedules in same day, this feature is already available. Please check the screenshot for better understanding: THANK YOU!

  • saavedraonline

    2018-06-22 02:37:40
    Purchased Reply

    It does not allow to do it in "Submit listing". Please, watch the screenshot of your demo . Also, if you put it from the wp-admin area, only one of the schedules appears, not both.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-22 15:42:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Saavedraonline, Email sent, please check your email! THANK YOU.

  • solvingitllc

    2018-06-23 14:57:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I am building a mobile food vendor tracker that will allow local vendors to update locations via listing. I was wondering what sorting options are available? I want a listing to be on the site for no more then 24 hours before it expires and the vendor has to update the listing to get it back on the page. Is this possible with this system? I would only want them to purchase one listing for 30 days but they have to basically update the listing to have it on the page. Thanks

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-23 22:36:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hello solvingitllc, Well there is a simple search which runs here: But if you want to add more sorting options for search filter then please let me know we can customize as per your needs. Also the other requirement "I want a listing to be on the site for no more then 24 hours before it expires and the vendor has to update the listing to get it back on the page." that feature is not available in this theme but we can customize as per your needs, which cost you additional. There is a plan settings where you can manage this features: I would only want them to purchase one listing for 30 days but they have to basically update the listing to have it on the page. THANK YOU!

  • evey101

    2018-06-23 03:11:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, great theme! 1. do you offer Stripe recurring payments for subscriptions? 2. Is your theme compatible with or ? 3. Is it possible for the booking box to be sticky like this 4. Is it possible to have a sticky footer on mobiles with a call and book button on the single listing pages? Here's an example 5. Is it possible to have text for SEO at the bottom of the search pages? Scroll to the bottom of this page to see an example Thanks

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-23 22:30:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hello evey101, Above features we not tested yet that they are compatible with your requirement or not. But if you want then we can customize all 5 points as per your needs with this theme. It will cost you additional. Please let me know. Thank you!

  • evey101

    2018-06-29 04:56:03
    Purchased Reply

    How much would it be to do all of these customisations?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-06-29 16:55:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hello evey101, Can you please provide me your email id so that I can drop you email directly there... OR Here is my email: [email protected]

  • dimsal

    2018-09-06 15:43:28
    Purchased Reply

    Pre-sale question. Does your theme support radius search within certain location, like City or Zip? Thanks.

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-09-06 17:42:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Dimsal, Yes we can provide you radius on city or zip. Please let me know once you purchased so that we can provide you this features FREE OF COST. THANK YOU!

  • dimsal

    2018-09-06 21:42:26
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you, I will.

  • jz777

    2018-09-29 02:58:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hello looking to purchase this theme. My website will feature among other things free and paid event listings. Will the platform work for this?

  • webmasterdriver

    2018-09-29 14:26:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hello jz777, Please check theme functionality here: Let me know if this works for your platform. THANK YOU!