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Outgoing Email Logs is a Magento Extension that allows you to log all emails that are sent through Magento.


- Easy Installation & Configuration
- Logs All Outgoing Email Sent by Magento
- Edit and Resend Single Email
- Mass Resend Email
- Auto Forward Email to Multiple Email Address

  • diank123

    2014-05-13 19:20:15
    Purchased Reply

    Good job! Best of luck :)

  • magedev

    2014-05-13 19:22:47
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks man :)

  • alex_buzatu

    2014-11-27 22:04:30
    Purchased Reply

    is it working with 1.9.1? thanks

  • magedev

    2014-11-28 00:20:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, yes of course

  • nayan_cp

    2017-01-13 17:22:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Magedev, Can you tell me the which functionalities covered in this plugin? All the emails like orders, invoice, shipment, creditmemo, customer account creation, forgot password email, newsletter subscription email, and any other custom emails which will sent from magento website. and also this plugin can tell the email status like it is delivered or not? If not delivered then what was the reason for this. Can you provide me the answers for above queries ASAP. Thanks

  • parlt

    2015-06-12 08:28:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi is this extension compatible with magento 1.9 ? Thanks

  • magedev

    2015-06-12 12:14:39
    Purchased Reply

    yes, it should compatible with magento 1.9