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Pastor’s Honor: Church Flyer Template is designed church events that need a classy modern look with colors that pop. This premium flyer design is constructed to give the highest dynamic quality when printed or posted to social media site and other formats. This file is exclusive to

Included in this file:

  1. 8.5×11 Flyer
  2. 4×6 Flyer
  3. 6 Color Options
  4. Tutorials

All layers in the files are arranged color coded and simple to edit.

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Bickham Script:
Calibri: System Font
Bebas Neue:
  • Godserv

    2012-09-24 22:58:24
    Purchased Reply

    Very cool and modern design and layout - keep it up

  • SeraphimChris

    2012-09-25 08:23:01
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! Got a few more like this I wanna do. B-)

  • loswl

    2012-09-18 22:25:55
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice, great for clergy appreciation month :)

  • SeraphimChris

    2012-09-19 02:13:57
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, more to come! :-)

  • royallove

    2012-09-21 06:28:24
    Purchased Reply

    I like the effect on the photo its self, I also like the color combination!

  • SeraphimChris

    2012-09-22 03:24:37
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. b-)

  • leliafore

    2012-09-21 05:48:01
    Purchased Reply

    LOL! Great Design!

  • SeraphimChris

    2012-09-21 06:17:08
    Purchased Reply

    :-) Thanks!