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Photo-realistic Lap Book Pro Mock-Up

Premium quality LapBook Pro mock-up. This mock-up include 13 eye catching view angles.The drop shadow and screen reflection is also optional.

Layer Structure

Updated 12 June 2013
- Improved shadows. - Improved Lightning.

Updated 10/8/2012

- Fixed problem with smart object.

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  • kamarashev

    2012-06-26 01:28:42
    Purchased Reply

    amazing mockups :)

  • mudi

    2012-06-26 01:51:48
    Purchased Reply

    Thank You :)

  • pimpndecals

    2012-10-09 00:15:14
    Purchased Reply

    No Worries at all, let me know when you have the update as i would really like to put this to full use :)

  • mudi

    2012-10-09 01:24:54
    Purchased Reply

    Update is live. You can download it now :)

  • iwanara

    2012-06-26 03:10:20
    Purchased Reply

    woww....very detailed and realistic .... how long it takes ??

  • mudi

    2012-06-26 03:16:41
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you it takes long time specially to render and hard work and patience ;)

  • pimpndecals

    2012-10-08 13:20:11
    Purchased Reply

    Great job, but the logo insert should be under the curve effect of the laptop for larger logos rather than over the top of everything.

  • mudi

    2012-10-08 21:20:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! Thank you for purchasing and making us aware of that problem. We fixed the problem and update is on it's way. Thank you for your valuable feedback :)

  • tnylea

    2013-01-21 09:12:04
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks man! This is amazing :) I love it!

  • mudi

    2013-01-21 22:31:00
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for purchasing. Glad you like it :-)