Landing Page Details

Pump is a Wedding Event HTML Theme. It’s super simple. It has a responsive design meaning your content will be displayed beautifully on all mobile devices.


  • Home page (We have added 6 Styles Home page)
  • Responsive
  • Includes extensive documentation
  • Lots of Shortcodes
  • Third level dropdwon menus
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Coding
  • Image Gallery
  • Gallery Page
  • Portfolio Page
  • People Page
  • Faq Page
  • Testimonial Page
  • Contact Page
  • Blog Page
  • 404 Template

PSD Files are Included.

  • Home Page PSD
  • Gallery Page PSD
  • Blog Page PSD
  • Contact Page PSD
  • About Page PSD

Note: the demo Images are not included in the download files.

  • joomlastars

    2014-11-26 16:00:33
    Purchased Reply

    Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

  • fieldthemes

    2014-11-26 12:17:35
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS!

  • bhdrnzl

    2014-11-26 05:38:30
    Purchased Reply

    First I bought it. :) I hope will be lucky ..

  • speaklog

    2014-12-08 05:18:06
    Purchased Reply

    excellent work buddy!!!

  • alexdesign47

    2015-04-29 23:39:51
    Purchased Reply

    What is it good for theme.js? this js generate a error smooth control is not a function on line 65 of theme.js, ok i put the theme.js after all js and the error is yet, if i erase the the theme.js the home works good, what do the theme .js? how i solve the error of smooth control? i don't speak english.

  • alexdesign47

    2015-04-30 00:01:43
    Purchased Reply

    ok i solve it, the theme.js there is any error, i copy the theme.js of the demo and paste it at my downloaded theme.js, and works fine. you should solve it for futures sales sorry for my english, i don't speak it

  • HinaThemes

    2014-11-25 18:50:16
    Purchased Reply

    Very Good and Unique Item, GLWS ;)

  • alexdesign47

    2015-05-05 23:33:47
    Purchased Reply

    the validate js don't works to insert into database, the validation works fine but when i send the form to database don't insert, if i insert the form without validate.js the rsvp form inserts to database perfectly. i want to use the validate.js to validate the inputs