Landing Page Details

Roll-Up banner size 30×70in

Bleed 1in

Photoshop CS6



Arial Rounded MT Bold: Stand PC/MAC font

Info file included

Photos are not included

  • n2n44

    2014-11-27 19:09:32
    Purchased Reply

    nice GLWS ;)

  • inddesigner

    2014-11-27 22:37:58
    Purchased Reply


  • ubinov

    2015-08-04 21:16:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! Nice work! Can you give me the link of the photo so I can buy them please?

  • inddesigner

    2015-08-04 23:26:22
    Purchased Reply

    sorry for the late reply, dont hate me :( Btw you can buy it here: