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Amazing Features

  • 150 unique multipurpose slides
  • 10 pre-made color templates
  • 45 master slides
  • 1500 slides in total
  • 16:9 full HD widescreen
  • Using free fonts (please read product manual)
  • Modern, simple and clean Design
  • Tons of unique Infographics
  • Any shape is editable vector
  • Ideal for modern business presentations
  • Elements pack with 500+ vector icons included
  • Drag and drop image placeholder

  • Slide Contents

  • Title slide and breaks
  • Picture galleries
  • Team members
  • Person information and skills
  • Paragraphs
  • Icons and features
  • Vision and mission
  • Timeline horizontal and vertical
  • Calendar and schedule slide
  • Hours of the day schedule slide
  • Special shape picture placeholder
  • Device and browser mockups
  • Charts and infographics
  • Social media links
  • World maps : US, UK, EU, AU, CA, JP, etc.
  • Contact details and more…

  • Files Included

  • Space PowerPoint in GREY schemes (default)
  • Space PowerPoint in RED schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in ORANGE schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in YELLOW schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in TURQUOISE schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in GREEN schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in PINK schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in PURPLE schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in BROWN schemes
  • Space PowerPoint in BLUE schemes
  • Space PowerPoint Blank project
  • Elements Pack
  • Product Manual.pdf

  • Font Used

  • Please read product manual for download link

  • This template build in Office 2016. It MIGHT work on older Office version, but you will notice some differences on features/layout. We suggest to update to the latest Office version to experience the full feature on this template.
    Note : Due to Envato terms, images used on the preview are not included. Source links for images is provided on product manual or contact us on email with proof of purchase for support.


    • amirgraphix

      2017-07-15 15:09:40
      Purchased Reply

      Thumbs up, this really really great work

    • alitolama

      2017-07-15 15:12:53
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks, mate!

    • EKA712

      2017-08-21 23:55:57
      Purchased Reply

      Hello I want to ask You. It's only 15$ for all these slides? And i'm interested What kind of files are here? PNG? Will I be able to change all the photos I want?

    • AishwaryaRai

      2017-12-06 00:16:17
      Purchased Reply

      good job! GLWS!

    • alitolama

      2017-12-06 00:18:36
      Purchased Reply


    • kongchoruchirot

      2017-12-13 00:13:23
      Purchased Reply

      I already buy the slide can you please tell me where can i find the picture in the slide? my email : [email protected] Thank You

    • alitolama

      2017-12-13 00:59:48
      Purchased Reply

      Please kindly check your email. Thanks.

    • herlannawwi

      2017-07-24 12:49:51
      Purchased Reply

      Very nice item! :)

    • alitolama

      2017-07-24 13:43:47
      Purchased Reply



      2017-07-26 12:30:59
      Purchased Reply

      Hi there, can you import these files into photoshop easily? Thanks

    • alitolama

      2017-07-26 12:38:22
      Purchased Reply

      You can easily export this files to JPEG by PowerPoint.

    • pincmarketing

      2017-10-26 08:18:20
      Purchased Reply

      Beautiful design. Where can i find the font?

    • alitolama

      2017-10-26 12:11:15
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks for your purchase. Please read product manual for font and download information.

    • dedavedacosta

      2017-06-27 16:47:49
      Purchased Reply

      Good design and very easy to customize. I found many photos used in the preview, but not for first slide. Where should I look?

    • alitolama

      2017-06-27 16:54:57
      Purchased Reply

      Thank you for your purchase. Please drop us an email so we can help you much easier.

    • dedavedacosta

      2017-06-27 21:21:45
      Purchased Reply

      Great support from the team! Very highly recommended!

    • phinyadl

      2017-08-03 13:54:19
      Purchased Reply

      Can I get the pictures used in the preview please?

    • alitolama

      2017-08-03 13:57:38
      Purchased Reply

      Please drop us an email along with your proof of purchase to [email protected], so we can help you there. Cheers!

    • dougystyle

      2018-06-10 06:15:30
      Purchased Reply

      Are the slides animated?

    • alitolama

      2018-06-10 06:24:04
      Purchased Reply

      Basic transition animation only.

    • GtnRS

      2017-11-25 01:10:10
      Purchased Reply

      Does this template have animations?

    • alitolama

      2017-11-25 01:12:41
      Purchased Reply

      Yes, basic transition effects between slides such as push and fade.

    • GtnRS

      2017-11-25 01:21:34
      Purchased Reply

      if sorry, I was not so clear, I mean if the slices have animations for example the infographics. Thank you

    • alitolama

      2017-11-25 01:25:18
      Purchased Reply

      Unfortunately no. Basic transition animation only.

    • GtnRS

      2017-11-25 01:32:33
      Purchased Reply

      thanks for the clarification.

    • neeraj1783

      2018-11-18 17:17:07
      Purchased Reply

      I had requested the pictures used on the theme by email. Please respond. thanks.

    • alitolama

      2018-11-18 18:20:07
      Purchased Reply

      We mostly responds within 24 hours. We also have replied your email on Nov 14. Please also check on spam folder. Thanks,

    • djjeep

      2017-10-10 09:01:17
      Purchased Reply

      Looks great! ;) cool work! 8)

    • alitolama

      2017-10-10 10:02:44
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks! :)

    • vonardenne

      2018-01-24 00:28:04
      Purchased Reply

      Thank you for this very nice template! The canvas within the template is in a custom size, way bigger than the "16:9 PowerPoint default setup", making it harder to copy content from regular PPTs into this one. Is there a reason for the alternative size?

    • alitolama

      2018-01-24 00:36:15
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks for your purchase! Please drop us an email along with your proof of purchase to [email protected], so we can help you there.