Landing Page Details

Every sticker could be changed!
place your company logos over taxi car and promote your services
background could be changed with any image
audio fx included

Miscellaneous Templates

  • Stanislav_K

    2014-10-16 20:08:56
    Purchased Reply

    Great job :)

  • KingandQueen

    2014-10-17 00:38:27
    Purchased Reply

    good work :)

  • mehargags

    2015-09-30 04:55:06
    Purchased Reply

    Can you customize this for my business A-1AirportCars... I need to change the Car to Lincoln towncar

  • se5d

    2015-09-30 20:03:23
    Purchased Reply

    unfortunately no

  • HananOumer

    2017-09-23 22:57:09
    Purchased Reply

    Can we change the color of the taxi two tone split in half

  • se5d

    2017-09-23 23:14:33
    Purchased Reply

    two tone split in half? example please. image