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Version: 1.2.7

topHot is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. It is fully responsive, retina ready and has many powerful features. We offer great support and friendly help!

The topHot theme is excellent for a news, craft, sport, tech, newspaper, magazine or publishing site. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, topHot supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

topHot theme is clean, flexible, retina ready and has a fully responsive design. topHot theme is loaded with features, and has powerful customization options. Built with HTML5 & CSS3. It comes with free support on our support forum.


  • Customize any color
  • Post offset feature
  • Left & Right post sidebare
  • Page Builder – Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Flexible Theme Layouts (Unlimited theme layout variations)
  • SEO Ready – We make this theme with Search Engine Friendly Practices in mind. Moreover, this theme can be used with SEO plugin: SEO by Yoast
  • Translation Ready – WPML Plugin Support
  • Random Post Button
  • Post Share Count
  • Weather & Time
  • Child Theme
  • Google Adsense Ready
  • Featured Posts – Hilight post/article/video that is hot/trendy
  • Social features: Social Sharing & Social Accounts
  • 1-click Sample Data
  • 1-click Auto Update
  • Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Latest UI/UX practices


//  v1.2.5 - 04.12.2016
Compatible for WP 4.7
Add: RTL support
Add: Show posts from specific authors
Add: Show posts from specific taxonomy
Add: Post excerpt special for post lists
Fix: Minor bug fix
//  v1.2.4 - 03.12.2016
Add: Option for Share Count Check
Fix: Author page issue
Fix: Boxed layout issue
Fix: Post pagination
Fix: Minor bug fix
//  v1.2.3 - 30.11.2016
Add: Visual Composer plugin compatible
Add: Title for post grid shortcode
Add: Post shortcode now can use posts from post tag’s
Improve: Demo content installation
Fix: Minor bug fix
//  v1.2.2 - 25.10.2016
Fix: JS crash for old iOS and IE11
Fix: Minor bug fix
//  v1.2.1 - 12.10.2016
Add: 16 different category layout styles
Add: Lightbox for images
Fix: Search page posts
Fix Category pagination issue
Improve: Lazy load
Improve: multilingual compatible

//  v1.2.0 - 05.10.2016
Improve: Search page
Improve: Author post page
Fix: Post sidebar middle add
Fix; Scroll to top button in firefox
Fix; Customizer layout settings
Fix: Fixed share menu firefox design issue

//  v1.1.9 - 04.10.2016
Add: Second mobile header and menu style
Fix: Pagination issue
Improve: Post list image source 
Improve: Remove wether and time javascript if not used in header

//  v1.1.8 - 20.09.2016
Add: Alt for small post images
Improve: Google ads
Fix: Minor bug fix

//  v1.1.7 - 20.09.2016
Add:Option to turn off/on small menu button Customizer/Header/Header Top
Add: More color settings for menu
Fix: Header responsive issue
Fix: When random button is off, then remove search button right border
Fix: Adsense ads

//  v1.1.6 - 18.09.2016
Add: 3 different Grid style post lists
Add: Turn on/off header button to open in new tab
Improve: javascript scroll performance
Fix: Header responsive issue
Fix: Footer logo issue
Fix: Top fixed menu z-index issue
Fix: Social link issue
Fix: Weather icon font compatible issue
Fix: Logo top/bottom space settings

//  v1.1.5 - 15.09.2016
Add: Option to turn off/on random and search buttons from Customizer/Header/Header Top
Fix: Magazin plugin installation error

//  v1.1.4 - 14.09.2016
Add: Option to turn off sticky sidebar
Add: Option to turn off carousel autoplay
Improve: Header objects vertical align
Fix: Content character inside header
Fix: Pinterest sharing image issue

//  v1.1.3 - 13.09.2016
Add: One more post list style width small thumbs
Fix: Empty post category issue

//  v1.1.2 - 13.09.2016
Add: Menu full width background style
Add: Header top Ad area
Fix plugin version issue

//  v1.1.1 - 11.09.2016
Fix: Built-in plugin update request issue

//  v1.1.0 - 10.09.2016
Add 7 new post styles
Add background color and image for each page
Add Boxed layout style
Improve: Better post meta customization
Improve: Better Customizer customization
Improve: Small menu default design
Improve: Default mega menu animation
Improve: Post excerpts
Fix: Customizer ad input field error
Fix Share button crash from mobile

//  v1.0.9 - 08.09.2016
Improve: Responsive style
Improve: Fixed share menu
Fix: Gallery navigation for mobile
Fix: Carousel responsive issue
Compatible for WP 4.6.1

//  v1.0.8 - 07.09.2016
Add: Mega Menu post category
Fix: Customizer error

//  v1.0.7 - 06.09.2016
Add: Google font select from Appearance/Customizer/Fonts/Font family
Improve: Demo content installation

//  v1.0.6 - 05.09.2016
Add: Post pagination
Add: Video input field for video post format
Fix: Social widget Youtube link
Fix: Mobile menu issue

//  v1.0.5 - 04.09.2016
Add: Post page option for top area carousel
Fix: Share count issue
Fix: Video post format for search
Improve: Load images before print

//  v1.0.4 - 03.09.2016
Fix: Customizer Ad input field issue
Improve: Css and jQuery animation performance

//  v1.0.3 - 02.09.2016
Add: Fixed header only when scroll up
Add: Comment count inside fixed share top
Add: Post top Carousel slider settings for each post
Improve: Design for fixed share top
Fix: Carousel slider horizontal overlap issue
Fix: Carousel slider touch function issue
Fix: Weather widget city name

//  v1.0.2 - 31.08.2016
Improve: Comment count visibility threshold, no more 0 comments messages.
Add: Single post page carousel settings, now you can turn on/off post carousel for default or individual posts.
Add: Small menu color settings different from small menu button.
Add: Carousel slider for gallery post format.
Change: From OWL slider framework to Slick slider framework.

//  v1.0.1 - 30.08.2016
Add: Post settings for featured image.
Add: Request for subscription e-mail field.
Add: Post shortcode/widget heading right float choose.
Add: Child theme
Fix: Fixed post sharing menu.
Fix: Mobile menu touch function.
Remove: 12KB code from carousel slider .js
Improve: Documentation

//  v1.0.0 - 29.08.2016
Initial release

  • M_ahmdd

    2016-09-28 23:39:07
    Purchased Reply

    I have purchased your theme, How can I remove the text which display on all post in top slider?

  • madza

    2016-09-28 23:41:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please use our support area: Best Regards! madza

  • FP-INF

    2016-09-07 02:29:09
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome job! I want to purchase this theme but first, one thing is my main concern. You know mobile version is way more important than Desktop version. I've noticed one issue with the slider on mobile. It doesn't look aligned to the center. Post thumbnails are cut by 2-4 pixels but they are aligned to the center of the screen. In-post gallery left button is misplaced. Image with share buttons has no share buttons. If you fix those errors you'll make this theme extra good and of course I'll be buying over the other two options I have. Thank you! In the way you can improve mobile version to make it look like an app I'm sure you'll achieve a better success.

  • madza

    2016-09-07 02:54:23
    Purchased Reply

    Tomorrow updates in v1.0.9 I will include this fix.
    Best Regards!

  • FP-INF

    2016-09-16 01:35:27
    Purchased Reply

    Saw the changes. And bought it! Thanks!

  • artaweb

    2017-07-07 07:53:58
    Purchased Reply

    Please add the shortcodes feature so we can use it within the editor while adding new posts. adding shortcodes of [share] and ads manually by typing takes much of our time as we publish at least 20 posts. It would be very nice of you to consider that. Thank you

  • blacktiger786

    2017-07-17 03:40:58
    Purchased Reply

    i already install main theme but when i install child theme i got error

  • stan68

    2016-08-30 06:00:02
    Purchased Reply

    fantastic work madza, congratulations. seriously thinking about buying this

  • madza

    2016-08-30 06:26:33
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! :)

  • rastavica

    2016-08-30 03:15:19
    Purchased Reply

    Is there a option to make fetured posts carousel boxed like tthe rest of the page? Nice work tho'!

  • madza

    2016-08-30 03:45:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks Yes, When edit page from Page Builder, set Row Options -> Row Layout -> Standart Best Regards! madza

  • saihoai

    2016-08-29 21:13:07
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • madza

    2016-08-30 00:01:37
    Purchased Reply


  • akoetsier

    2016-09-01 18:16:03
    Purchased Reply

    I really like the theme, great work! Q1: What is the difference between normal and small style? Or do i miss something? Q2: Is it possible to create a post list layout as you do in the block above the footer?

  • akoetsier

    2016-09-01 22:31:29
    Purchased Reply

    And hoe are the Hot and Popular posts been calculated? On views and replies, or on the number of shares ?

  • madza

    2016-09-02 05:30:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks! 1. I fixed this link. Now you can see small post thumbnail style inside this page 2. Yes you can do it very easy from Page Builder. 3. You can order this post - Title, Date, Replies, Random, Most Viewed, Most Shares Best Regards! madza

  • akoetsier

    2016-09-02 05:33:04
    Purchased Reply

    You rock Madza!

  • madza

    2016-09-02 08:11:12
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! if you have any issue. Please user our support area: Best Regards! madza

  • boolokam

    2017-03-10 04:45:04
    Purchased Reply

    When will we get an update from you ? Will you integrate your 3 identical themes together ?

  • madza

    2017-03-10 19:23:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Tomorrow is update day for this theme to! Best Regards! madza

  • Wassy24

    2017-03-28 02:52:21
    Purchased Reply

    I wish to know how to add the share button on the right of my images in post. Please show me how.

  • madza

    2017-04-12 12:43:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, [share]image[/share] Best Regards! madza

  • Yudie

    2018-09-03 16:57:50
    Purchased Reply

    f we share article link from website with this TopHot Themes to Facebook Page, text or article after title isn’t not same article with the title, but text/article from other article. Could you fix it? And could i have the author email, so i could send the picture of the case? Please Fix IT!!!

  • Yudie

    2018-09-03 16:58:12
    Purchased Reply

    If we share article link from website with this TopHot Themes to Facebook Page, text or article after title isn’t not same article with the title, but text/article from other article. Could you fix it? And could i have the author email, so i could send the picture of the case? Please fix it!!

  • webduzzimedya

    2016-09-25 03:10:18
    Purchased Reply

    I before purchasing Hello, very nice theme only mobile load low test Mobil 65 / 79Speed

  • madza

    2016-09-25 04:02:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for your interest! Actually topHot theme page speed results are better than other magazine themes inside market (Most selling magazin theme has 72 points but topHot theme has 74 points). We also planing relies mobile theme for topHot theme in October. Best Regards!

  • aartdes

    2016-11-29 05:50:00
    Purchased Reply

    I try to add tag Nextpage ( ) on my post but it dosn't work , I try it in the other theme and it work ! the same problem with

  • madza

    2016-11-29 06:55:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Fixed for tomorrow theme update Best Regards! madza

  • boolokam

    2016-11-04 22:11:19
    Purchased Reply

    not seeing your replies from last 18 days. I think you have to make a website other than envato profile.

  • laranz

    2016-11-04 22:15:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, All supports are done via, please create us a ticket there for a faster reply. Thanks,

  • boolokam

    2016-11-05 21:38:50
    Purchased Reply

    This is not possible because i haven't purchased your theme yet. I need to ask some presale questions. So many others may have same questions before purchasing your theme.

  • boolokam

    2016-11-05 21:42:28
    Purchased Reply

    Will you provide an option for external font face use through custom css in admin side?

  • flavvius

    2017-02-12 08:07:13
    Purchased Reply

    Still waiting for about 1 month ago... for updates... and nothing!

  • madza

    2017-02-12 08:25:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please show me your ticket number Best Regards! madza

  • flavvius

    2017-02-12 23:15:46
    Purchased Reply


  • flavvius

    2017-02-19 17:16:46
    Purchased Reply

    7 days ago I post here ticket number and no reply. WHY ?

  • flavvius

    2017-02-19 17:26:58
    Purchased Reply

    If in 2-3 days bugs are not resolved...i will report you and i want my money back because this theme is not functional.

  • madza

    2017-03-12 09:20:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Theme is updated! Please update latest version 1.2.6 Best Regards! madza

  • flavvius

    2017-03-21 00:01:00
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! Is ok now :)

  • negoz

    2017-04-14 20:45:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hey. Can I view the manual/documentation? I've been trying to get it for 2 months for theme mellany. Negozinc

  • madza

    2017-04-21 13:05:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please send email via my themeforest profile contact form Best Regards! madza

  • davidbow

    2018-06-01 01:46:47
    Purchased Reply

    How do I change my Copyright notice with this theme? I need to change the year and have looked all around and cannot find where to change it :p

  • boolokam

    2016-11-08 18:20:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Madars.. I have started some tickets in and waiting since yestreday onwards. Hope you guys will reply fastly. I need to correct an error from a live site.

  • laranz

    2016-11-13 07:55:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Already replied. :) Regards,

  • Salvateur

    2016-09-03 18:31:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, where can I translate "

  • madza

    2016-09-04 11:43:29
    Purchased Reply

    You need also translate Magazin Plugin
    Best Regards! madza

  • nixii

    2017-05-29 09:56:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I would first like to praise the work, every honor of the design I really like. I tested your topic on my site that has 1000 visits in the day and the results are the following You can work on speed I also have to add when I want to edit a page, for example, a car crashes After editing, You have to fix it. You can add an ads to the header sticky after dropping down to appear along with the share and wiev button as shown in the image I would love to work on this and fix it, so I could buy the theme and my other blogs. If you want, we can agree on the subject to advertise you on my blog to get more than 1k review in the day for your topic if you fix this

  • madza

    2017-06-01 07:16:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Can you post this issues inside our support area: Best Regards! madza

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