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This plugin is an addon to Visual Composer WordPress plugin. You want to catch visitors attention use this plugin.

There are lots of options such as color change options, animations, icons etc. It includes 24 styles. As this VC addon so you can edit these tabs anytime.

osCitas Fancy Tabs Settings

osCitas Fancy Single Tab Settings

Here are features list

  • 24 Styles
  • 6 different layouts such as Bottom and Top left, right & center.
  • Global Settings to set the global settings which will apply to all the tabs.
  • Individual Settings where you can do the settings for individual such as color, animation, background images.
  • Support all animations from Animate.css
  • Color Settings option to set the different colors of the tabs such as color and hover color of icon, tab title, tab title
  • background, tab content background.
  • Icons settings option where You can use the icons in the tab title based on the tab style you have selected. This plugin support all Visual Composer Icons and change these icon any time.
  • Fully Responsive with full control where you can control the behaviour on different screen sizes such you can set only icon views on small screens or even you can set it as accordion on screen size you want.
  • Support shortcodes in the tabs content.
  • Fully documented
  • Fast & 100% support
  • Free updates


Version 1.1 - 02/02/2018
+ Implemented option to add background images to the tab headings. 
+ Can set different or same images for selected & unselected tabs.
  • itadminfuel

    2017-05-11 05:39:34
    Purchased Reply

    Good Afternoon, We just purchased a copy of your plugin, but upon installation, we instantly receive the following error notice: Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_path_dir() in /Users/redacted/clones/redacted/wp-content/plugins/fancy-tabs/visual-composer-oscitas-fancy-tabs.php on line 953 In an attempt to possibly just fix this quickly, I attempted to just change that site to the following: require($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . "/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/shortcodes/vc-column.php"); This did not help though and we're now receiving the following: Fatal error: Class 'WPBakeryShortCode' not found in /Users/redacted/clones/redacted/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/include/classes/shortcodes/vc-column.php on line 12 WPBakery Visual Composer Version 5.0.1 is installed, activated, and being used around the site already, so it's definitely not a plugin activation issue; any other ideas? Thanks in advance, -Nick

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-05-11 15:30:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Nick, Thanks for contacting us. We have checked the plugin with the VC 5.0.1 and have not found any issue. Can you please forward us your site and admin login details? so that we can check the issue. Please don't paste details here, use our contact us page to send the details. Thanks

  • EricProchnow

    2017-02-02 20:20:05
    Purchased Reply

    awesome, very good work ! i wish you big sales ;)

  • airyhq

    2018-10-05 20:43:32
    Purchased Reply

    For me it creates unwanted artefacts (might be caused by my template), I would like to get a refund for my license as I also went with another solution now.

  • hendridm

    2017-10-31 09:22:47
    Purchased Reply

    I don't see a way to create shorter anchor links to directly link to a tab. Right now, it is auto-generating a long tab ID of something like: Also, I know that I can change everything with CSS, but it would be nice if I could just turn off the icons rather than hiding them.

  • Oufdeladingue

    2017-03-29 00:38:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Can I change the navigation between the TABS to a veriacal navigation?

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-03-30 13:37:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for contacting us. At the moment some of the animations are not workng in vertical tabs mode, so we have disabled the vertical tabs, but soon we will provide the update. Thanks

  • PreScriptZ

    2017-02-02 19:22:13
    Purchased Reply

    Amazing Work! Congratulations! Nice Work & Good Luck With Sale :)

  • jalburai

    2017-05-02 05:24:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hello sir, I saw you plugin and I'm using the free version on my website. I have a question before buying it. I'm using it for Arabic website. Your plugin doesn't support rtl, right?! I want another feature but i'm not sure if it is available in the premium version or not. I usually add three tabs to my website in every post. Of course the active tab all the time is tab 1 by default. Now, can I have a feature to control it to make it for example tab 2 or 3 whenever I want in all website posts automatically. I need it in all posts with one click to make tab 2 active, for example. And then whenever I want to make tab 3 is active or tab 1, etc... Can I do that automatically with just one click and not having to edit that in every post manually? Waiting for your reply please. Thanks in advance

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-05-05 15:04:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for contacting us. At the moment plugin doesn't have such option to select the default for all pages tabs. It's a good idea. We will implement it soon. Thanks

  • WarriorzLife

    2017-07-14 03:20:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, as soon as I install the plugin in my environment my wordpress locks me out of the admin area. It says "sorry you don't have permission to view this page". I have to then delete your plugin via FTP in order to access my WP-Admin area again. Please advise ASAP.

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-07-15 00:10:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Please provide us the temp admin access to your site, so that we can check the issue or please provide us the list of the plugins and theme you are using to check the issue. Use our contact us page ( to send login details or send us the direct message. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any other query. Thanks

  • miplugins

    2017-02-03 01:01:15
    Purchased Reply

    awesome ! Good Luck With Sale

  • interactoon

    2017-06-08 04:07:21
    Purchased Reply

    hola, tengo un problema con el plugin, cuando navego en una pagina que contiene el tab, este se muestra correctamente, luego cuando selecciono otro tab y navego en la página, esta automaticamente cambia a el primer tab, esto sucede solo cuando el tab se muestra en columnas. adjunto dirección web de prueba.

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-06-10 18:23:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, We have not got the issue, can you please give more details? Thanks

  • Jepo1998

    2017-05-05 04:28:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I am having a bunch of issues with this plugin. When it comes out it says "Vc_Icon_element- icon fa fa home." It is causing bugs and errors into my website , it is making everything slow, and it is very hard to customize, and I would like a refund if possible.Thank you and I appreciate your work.

  • Jepo1998

    2017-05-05 04:29:00
    Purchased Reply

    And yes, I have visual composer.

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-05-05 14:56:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for contacting us and mentioning the issue. We will check & resolve the issue, and update the plugin. Can you please let us know which wordpress version and Visual Composer version you are using? or send us the link of the page where you are facing the issue. Thanks

  • ls1000

    2017-07-23 07:47:50
    Purchased Reply

    Does this plugin include an option to have a tab title link to another post?

  • webmaze94

    2017-10-31 01:57:22
    Purchased Reply

    Dear sir Presale question I want to now if is possible to have tab inside tab or acordion (faq) inside the tab? If yes is there possibility to have a url link, to sent the client in a specific accordion (to be open) item of a specific tab???????? Thank you

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-10-31 06:38:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Yes, you can use the Visual Composer osCitas Fancy Tabs inside the accordion element, but you can't use the accordion inside the tabs or tabs inside the tabs. You can set the default open tab number, but you can't set active tab number in URL, not at this stage but we are working on it. Please feel free to contact us in case you have any other query. Thanks

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-10-31 06:45:59
    Purchased Reply

    Here is the sample page

  • sommerjack

    2017-04-15 22:41:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. When I activate Visual Composer osCitas Fancy Tabs in WordPress version 4.7.3 with DIVI theme I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_path_dir() in /home/ on line 953 f31d6752-b298-4fa8-a326-e75b6daa41ea - 15 Apr 2017 What to do?

  • oscitasthemes

    2017-04-20 14:12:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thank for contacting us. As mentioned in the plugin description that, this plugin is addon to the Visual Composer Plugin, so you need to install the Visual Composer Plugin before you install Visual Composer osCitas Fancy Tabs. Thanks