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A rolling or spinning water stream in blue

4K + alpha

because of the high resolution you can use it for poster or still images. for background or backdrops. could be used for large screen displays or projections.

the water is a colorless stream, transparent and odorless. can be tasteless liquid or with a flavour of colours with taste. the water could form an object or lake and rivers. The form could be a basis of the fluids of living organisms. The water pour and streams following and flying in the air. could be used for moisture or tears. could be used for a drink with alcohol. a fresh line of water moving like a snake. The speed a slow and can be speed up if needed. the colours could be changed. the water is aerodynamic, smooth and sleek.

the water stream turns or cause to turn or whirl around it own path. it revolve, rotate, turn, go round, whirl, gyrate and in a circle. the material of the water is clear, crystal clear or see through also translucent, pellucid, limpid, glassy, vitreous