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WooCommerce Product Sales Report and Exporter extension shows you all Products sales information in one main Dashboard. It’s very easy to understand and user friendly format. Which gives a best overview of your WooCommerce Store.

Plugin allows you to easily find Total Profit and Cost of Goods by adding a Cost of Good field to simple and variable products. You can add Cost of Good on each and every variable of variable products. It will be able to give you details about how much profit is made for each sale and will give you handy insights into your profit details in all opttons like Current Week, Last week, month, year, selcted time prior and even per product wise.

WooCommerce Product Sales Report display reports and statistic which doesn’t provide by woocommerce. For ex. woocommerce doesn’t shows sales with variable and SKU. Plugin allows to track a total profit.

Display Product’s total Sales Count on Product’s Shop page and Details page with your own text.

Display Products total Sales Count and Cost on Product’s List page on backend side.

You can shows your report using multiple filter like By Week, Month, Year, Products, Seller and Custom selected dates.

You can Sort and Search data report which you want amd export in to Excel, CSV and PDF. Also copy data in clipboard and paste where you want.

Sorting and Searching are based on fully Ajax based. No need to refresh a page.

WooCommerce provides several excellent reports built in. The most important is probably the variety of order reports.Using WooCommerce Product Sales Report and Exporter Plugin you can see Total sales in one Day, Week, Month, year and selected time Priourd. Also see seller wise reports.For more details check our functionality.

We provide order status wise report which woocommerce doesn’t Provide on default report.


  • Get report by using multiple and powerfull filters
  • Adding a Cost of Good field to simple and variable products
  • Display Product Sales count on Product’s Shop and Details page
  • Product Sales count and product cost Column on Product’s List page(Backend)
  • Product Sales statistic with variable and SKU which wocommecre doesn’t provide
  • Sorting, Searching and page listing are based on ajax no need to page refresh and load on server
  • Easy to understand and user Friendly
  • Filter

    • Filter by Order Status
    • Running Week
    • Last Week
    • Running Month
    • Current Year
    • By Products
    • By Products Seller / Author
    • Custom Selected date or time period
  • Export Report

  • Export your reports after sorting and searching which you want.
    • Export In Excel
    • Export In CSV
    • Export In PDF
    • Copy On clipboard

Product Cost of Goods:

You can add a cost of goods to your products while editing them. You can get field under the productpricing fields for simple products.

you can set a Cost of Goods for each variation of products.

Need help? or more infornation about product than Please be sure to read the Document. For read Document Click Here. You can also email us on [email protected] for any pre-sale inquiry only.

Change Log:

Version 1.3.0 (2017-08-15)

* [+] Has own dashboard to display chart and usefull details
* [+] Daily Chart : Have day by day products sold reports also contain total orders, items sold, Sales, tax and shipping information By each day
* [+] Order Chart : Display chart using certain statuses
* [+] Each reports have simple and variable products details
* [+] Give direct link for product to show and edit from reports
* [+] Update functionalities ad wordpress and woocommerce updated version
Version 1.1.4 (2016-04-26)

* [+] adding a Cost of Good field to simple products
* [+] adding a Cost of Good field to variable products
* [+] adding a Cost of Good field to each and every variable of variable products
* [+] Reports with Cost of Goods and Profit
* [+] Get profit by each and every product sales
* [+] Get profit by each product varable sales too
Version 1.1.3 (2016-01-19)

* [+] Add Report with variable products
* [+] Variable report with atrributes and sku
* [+] Variable product report display by selected product and sold date too
* [+] change some code as wordpress and woocommerce update 
Version 1.1.2 (2015-12-02)

* [+] Add Filter by Order Status
* [+] Order Status filter on Current Week, Motnh, Year and also in Last week
* [+] change some function as wordpress and wocommerce updated
  • Pinutsca

    2015-10-22 14:53:30
    Purchased Reply

    Does the plugin reposrt sales of product per variations? And can you report also the taxes? Thank you

  • indicane

    2015-10-22 22:57:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, No, This is not in current version. But if you want it then we can modify it. If you want to modify it, please send us support mail. Thanks, Indicane Team

  • Pinutsca

    2015-10-23 01:02:05
    Purchased Reply

    I'm looking for that feature so I guess I'll wait for the update then

  • AdriannaAppl

    2015-10-16 02:44:22
    Purchased Reply

    I can't find the review section, but I wanted to say that the author of this plugin, Apin, was very helpful to me. I couldn't get one of the reports to work and he looked at my website and told me exactly what I needed to do to make it work. He skyped with me over the course of two days to get everything running perfectly. Highly recommend this product and this author!

  • indicane

    2015-10-22 22:58:22
    Purchased Reply

    Thank You So Much :)

  • comunicazi1

    2016-10-05 21:12:07
    Purchased Reply

    hello, i have a presale question: in my site i'm using the "measurement price calculator" plugin to sell products by kilos or grams. i'm wondering if using your plugin i will see theese measurement inside the sales table in the "product sales" column.

  • indicane

    2016-10-05 21:46:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, In this plugin do not have that functionality but its possible after do some modification. We will do customization for you as per your extra product option. You can send a support mail to us we will discuss more on it. Thanks

  • MariaAdelayda

    2018-07-03 01:03:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hello i have a problem when i try to put the cost of goods and save it it is not saved.

  • celenco

    2016-05-22 18:18:19
    Purchased Reply

    Wow! This plugin just broke my site, I am lucky I tested it first or else NO ONE would have been able to get to the cart page. I just purchased this right now. Once activated it shows this error: The plugin generated 4 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin. Then when I click on a product to go to the cart page, here is the error it shows me: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mysite/public_html/ in /home/mysite/public_html/ on line 1171 It broke the site. I have deactivated it now, please look at this. I am a new customer.

  • indicane

    2016-05-22 18:22:04
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry for inconvenience, Send us a support mail to [email protected] and we will solve your issues right now. Thanks

  • reproone

    2016-07-14 17:40:33
    Purchased Reply

    I get this error code: cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /kunden/258577_56357/webseiten/electronicvisions/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-sales-reporter/includes/admin/class-woo-sales-report-admin.php:244) in /kunden/258577_56357/webseiten/electronicvisions/wp-content/plugins/tickera/tickera.php on line 1009

  • indicane

    2016-07-14 22:23:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Send a support mail to us and we will solve your issue. Thanks

  • gnim

    2016-07-10 05:15:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hello indicane. I just bought this plugin and am facing the same issues as user celenco: "The plugin generated 4 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin." can you guys take a look at it please? I have it deactivated as well.

  • indicane

    2016-07-10 15:25:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, you already sent mail to us and also we replied on same so check your mail. Thanks

  • neogenesisweb

    2017-03-14 20:15:47
    Purchased Reply

    I want to make a customization in your plugin, need add different fields.

  • indicane

    2017-03-14 22:15:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We can do customization and you already sent us email so we can discuss over there. Thanks.

  • intensywni

    2017-06-14 01:37:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, can I bulk edit cost of goods for many products and recalculate profit for previous months (before the plugin was instaled)

  • indicane

    2017-06-19 16:31:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, There is no bilk edit option for cost, you need to edit each product cost. Thanks.

  • roufahmad

    2016-12-08 01:23:58
    Purchased Reply

    Where i can add the Sellers Name

  • roufahmad

    2016-12-08 01:24:14
    Purchased Reply

    Pre sales Question

  • roufahmad

    2016-12-08 01:26:32
    Purchased Reply

    Is it possible to add Sellers Name and Buyers Name

  • roufahmad

    2016-12-08 01:48:17
    Purchased Reply

    Is it possible to Extract reports by Categories

  • indicane

    2016-12-08 02:36:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Seller name is already in reports but you need category and buyers name then we will modify it for you. If you want that extra future or more help then send a support mail to us we will discuss on mail. Thanks.

  • whitetornado_nl

    2017-06-06 02:39:28
    Purchased Reply

    [PRESALE] i need report on a selected date by [ orderID - buyername - sku - product name - quantity - order date] and a report for stock [sku - product name- quantity in stock - ordered (in the filter period) - ordered by orderID and buyername]

  • indicane

    2017-06-06 23:10:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Right now there is functionality to filter report by date and shows product sales report. But you need order and stock details so for that need to include that functionality. For the we can do customization for you. Send support email to us and we discuss more on there. Thanks

  • rahikkala

    2017-10-25 02:42:16
    Purchased Reply

    You have HTTPS bug in the plugin. Latest 1.3.0 wants to load via HTTP even if the site has HTTPS.

  • user5599

    2016-02-02 05:25:24
    Purchased Reply

    Will this export a report showing each of the customers orders so that it can be imported into another system?

  • indicane

    2016-02-02 05:29:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, This plugin export all report which are displayed. Thanks

  • user5599

    2016-02-02 05:33:19
    Purchased Reply

    A simple yes or no answer would be ideal. I didn't see anything in your documentation showing that it will export a report showing each of the customers orders. Or maybe orders for a certain time frame. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that your answer was meant to be translated into "No".

  • indicane

    2016-02-02 05:49:53
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry for confusion. This functionality is not available in this plugin. but same is available in our another plugin called "Order Export". Thanks.

  • user5599

    2016-02-02 05:55:41
    Purchased Reply

    Excellent, your "Order Export" plugin is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  • TommyKoncept

    2016-08-10 12:17:42
    Purchased Reply

    After sales question: hi, when i add your plugin and activate it works fine. But my other plugin to generate pdf invoice start to crash. The error message: TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file Can you point me in the right direct to solve this please. Thanks in advance, Tommy

  • cyberfly

    2016-11-22 00:33:39
    Purchased Reply

    presales question, can I get sales report by user role? for example wholesale role

  • indicane

    2016-11-22 02:17:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, For now its not possible but if you want it the we will modify it for you. You can send us a support email and we will discuss there. Thanks.

  • Tresmeiazero

    2017-01-14 03:32:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, i can add the name of costumer and produtc categorie on repport to export?

  • indicane

    2017-01-15 00:52:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, its not in current version of plugin but if you would like that feature then we will customize it for you and add that on plugin. Send us a support mail we will discuss there - Thanks

  • rmx101

    2015-12-01 03:48:50
    Purchased Reply

    do the reports show data for orders received, in processing status? we want to see sales data base on orders received (not shipped). the default woo commerce reports show sales data on orders completed. Does your plugin support sales data on orders received (not completed)

  • indicane

    2015-12-01 04:02:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Not on this stage. But if you want to customize it we will do that. Please contact us on [email protected] Thanks, Indicane Team

  • indicane

    2015-12-09 23:58:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We was upgrade plugin and its also display status wise. So if you want than look up again. Thanks, Indicane Team

  • lukasprelovsky

    2018-01-31 12:40:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i need translate pharse in plugin.. example Cost, Cost of Good

  • Milkman_Dan

    2016-03-05 20:33:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, a pre-purchase question to ensure this plugin has the functionality i'm seeking. Can I export a list a count list of all products (simple) ordered within a filtered range (processing & on hold)? Thanks

  • indicane

    2016-03-07 16:29:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry for late reply but was on vacation since last few days. Its not possible on this version but if you want than we will modify it. Send a support mail we discuss on it. Thanks

  • ravravrav

    2016-06-01 07:54:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I've added extra fields to my products called ingredients. So the user can select up to 3 ingredients for their product. Can you sort orders by ingredient using this plugin?

  • indicane

    2016-06-01 14:14:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, currently this functionality is not a part of this plugin. But this is possible in that we can customize it for you. Send us a support mail to [email protected] and we will discuss there. Thanks, Indicane Team