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Simple Wooden GUI kit for Web and Applications. Designed in Adobe Photoshop (PSD). Included all the basic elements of web interface. Unique handmade wooden texture. All elements are fully organized and named.

Easy to edit and use: tiled pattern, vector shapes. Standart Web Resolution(72dpi) + Retina(2×72dpi) Fonts used: Helvetica (you can use any other).

Includes: Menubar, Login Form, Download Button, Share Button, Like Button, Button, Button hover, Button active, Textfield, Textfield active, Search Field, Drop down, Counter, Arrows(left/right), Switch on, Switch off, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Horizontal scroll, Toggle, Progress bar, Tooltips, Alerts(accept/wrong)

  • despoth

    2013-01-06 23:05:33
    Purchased Reply

    Nice kit.

  • Mkite

    2013-01-10 18:25:09
    Purchased Reply


  • Slidr

    2012-11-09 00:23:50
    Purchased Reply

    Great! But take care with the fonts sizes/styles/kernel :)

  • Mkite

    2012-11-10 21:50:08
    Purchased Reply

    What's wrong? How can I improve it?

  • VadimSoloviev

    2013-01-13 00:20:48
    Purchased Reply

    Cool job. I love it. Add to bookmarks. Keep it up! :inlove: