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6+ Best Premium eCommerce WP Themes. Designed by Top Elite Author. New theme released on 2015.

6+ custom design for:

  1. Supermarket, shopping center, fashion mall, grocery store
  2. vertical mega menu, electronics market, marketplace
  3. fashion, apparel, clothes, t-shirt, pants for men & women store
  4. Fullwidth layout with left sidebar sticky
  5. business, cooperation, company layout
  6. Magazine & News portal
  7. Personal blog & portfolio, showcase

Theme includes various styles: creative, unique, flat, material design, clean, elegant, generic, common, box, modern, outstanding, eye-catching

This theme is one of the trending, popular and bestselling theme ever.

Cool features like:

  • Multi-purpose, multipurpose
  • Bootstrap 3, SASS/SCSS, W3C HTML5, CSS3 valid.
  • Responsive, mobile compliance & friendly, SEO
  • Mega menu (megamenu)
  • Revolution slideshow / slider
  • WPBakery Visual Composer / Page Builder
  • WooCommerce plugin shopping cart
  • Portfolio, Testimonial integrated.
  • Advanced admin theme options
  • Ajax search
  • FontAwesome icon
  • WPML, Multi-languages, multi-lingual, translation ready, i18n
  • jQuery Parallax scrolling effect
  • bbPress forum support
  • Product discount, sale countdown

Main Features

  • Nivo Slider with new style
  • Boxed & wide layout
  • Translation Ready
  • Over 30 shortcodes
  • Font Awesome Icon
  • 500+ font with google font
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Multi widget (included 15 widget)
    • Advertisment Widget
    • Color Layered Nav
    • Feedburner Subscriptions
    • Recent Posts
    • And Other Widgets
  • Feature and Testimonial shortcode.
  • Team member and Project shortcode
  • Extensive documentation
  • WooCommerce 2.1.+ compatible
  • Fully Customizable Homepage
  • Cloud Zoom ready
  • One Page Custom Checkout
  • Custom Category Page
  • Custom Product Page
  • Color Layered Nav
  • Demo content
  • Catalog Mod (show/hide Add-to-cart button)


Version 1.1.1 - 2016-04-29- Reversion 193:
+ Update Wordpress 4.5.1
+ Update WooCommerce 2.5.5
+ Update Slider Revolution 5.2.5
+ Update WPBakery Visual Composer
+ Update Contact Form 7 4.4.2
+ Update Enable Media Replace 3.0.4
+ Update WP-PageNavi 2.90
+ Update YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 2.0.15
+ Update bbPress 2.5.9

Version 1.1 - 2015-12-30- Reversion 184:
+ Update Wordpress 4.4
+ Update WooCommerce 2.4.12
+ Update WPBakery Visual Composer 4.9
+ Update Slider Revolution 5.1.4
+ Update Contact Form 7 4.3.1
+ Update Features By Woothemes 1.5.0
+ Update Projects 1.5.0
+ Update Regenerate Thumbnails 2.2.5
+ Update WooSidebars 1.4.3
+ Update WP-PageNavi 2.89.1
+ Update YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 2.0.13
+ Update Layer Slider 5.5.1

Version 1.0.7 - 2015-10-06 - Reversion 180:
+ Update  Relovution slider Version 5.0.9
+ Update WPBakery Visual Composer 4.7.4

Version 1.0.6 - 2015-09-23 - Reversion 178:
- Support WordPress v4.3.1
- Update WooCommerce v2.4.7
- Update Relovution slider Version v5.0.6
- Update WPBakery Visual Composer v4.7.1
- Update YITH WooCommerce Compare v2.0.2
- Update YITH WooCommerce Wishlist v2.0.11
- Update Contact Form 7 v4.3
- Update bbPress v2.5.8
- Fixed some bugs

Version 1.0.5 - 2015-06-29 - Reversion 171:
- Update WooCommerce 2.3.11
- Update Revolution Slider 4.6.93
- Update WD quickshop plugin
- Update WD portfolio plugin
- Update Visual Composer 4.5.3
- Update YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 2.0.8
- Fixed PrettyPhoto xss issue

Version 1.0.4 - 2015-04-24 - Reversion 170:
- Support WordPress 4.2
- Support Woocommerce 2.3.8
- Update TGM Plugin Activation class
- Update add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions

Version 1.0.3 - 2015-03-20 - Reversion 167:
- New Feature: Ajax Search
- Update Woocommerce 2.3.7
- Update Visual Composer plugin
- Fix some minor bugs

Version 1.0.2 - 2015-02-12 - Reversion 165:
- Update Woocommerce 2.3.2

Version 1.0.1 - 2015-02-09 - Reversion 162:
- Fix installation bug.
- Fix bug on the mobile device.

Version 1.0.0 - 2015-02-04 - Reversion 160:
- Initial Release.

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  • itsnyc

    2015-02-25 13:36:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, happy holidays to you....By the way I manage to get the back to tpo image changed, so where can I find the new and sale words? I do know thats it's text on top of image, but just can't find it. ;)
    DEV. site.....

  • duynn

    2015-02-25 19:29:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi itsnyc, 1. change background image in [theme_folder]/css/base.css at line 1147. 2. change text in [theme_folder]/framework/functions/woo-hook.php file, at line 224, 226 and 230. Regards,

  • wiredcommg

    2015-03-01 10:14:35
    Purchased Reply

    This theme has major problems, we have been trying to get them sorted out for over a week now and had to give up on it. Don't waste your money on this theme, it is broken. Themeforest should stop sales of it until it is fixed.

  • duynn

    2015-03-02 13:20:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi wiredcommg, Could you tell me the problems? We will help you to fix them. Regards,

  • HinaThemes

    2015-02-05 18:16:27
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice and clean item, creative… GL ;)

  • tvlgiao

    2015-02-05 19:03:24
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you! :)

  • momed333

    2015-02-15 02:08:36
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for the very beautiful theme. I have a question before I proceed to purchase this theme. Will I be able to change the language to Persian? Since the writing will be RTL, I want to know if the customization would stay fine! Besides I want to know if the menu can be replaced from left side of the page to the right side. BR,

  • duynn

    2015-02-15 23:31:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi momed333, You can translate to Persion language, but this theme doesn't support RTL in this version. If you want to customize the menu from left to right side, please send your request to [email protected], our support team will help you. Best regards!

  • momed333

    2015-02-17 02:46:50
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, after I have completed the website customization I will definitely contact the support team to help me get it RTL compatible. BR,

  • Tom__2489

    2015-02-19 13:31:18
    Purchased Reply

    Is this theme compatible with the multivendor plugin? Thanks

  • duynn

    2015-02-20 19:37:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Tom__2489, Yes, this theme is compatible with the multivendor plugin. Regard,

  • brindes

    2015-03-20 09:11:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, can I buy this the for 30 days test and if the they is not What I want , can I get refunds?

  • tvlgiao

    2015-03-20 13:04:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi man, You can check the demo page and theme functions list in theme details page. You can also read the documentation here If you have any problem, you can open a new ticket here, our support team will help you. Please note: We don't own authority to make refund on Themeforest. You need contact to Themeforest about this issue. Regards

  • iristist

    2015-06-06 08:52:26
    Purchased Reply

    It's OK

  • duynn

    2015-06-06 14:50:04
    Purchased Reply

    thank you

  • iristist

    2015-06-12 06:44:37
    Purchased Reply

    I want to set up mega menu with two, three or four columns. I would like my menu to look like yours If you would, please show me how it can be automatically displayed as a submenu, or it must be added as a html code in the Widget, and how it should look an example of that html code for widget? Widget Thank you in advance

  • duynn

    2015-06-12 12:01:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi iristist, Please reference document here:!/menu_configuration Or open a new ticket here send your website admin account and item purchase code. Our support team will help you. Regards,

  • Magh

    2015-02-15 16:31:28
    Purchased Reply

    Great Theme!!! I just need to be consistent in the design. I have several products. If I search by Category I get a grid with Product image, title and price. That is perfect. But, if I search by Tag, I get image, category, product title and then content of the h1 title block that shows part of the raw code of VC. I would like to remove those extras and only show image, title and price just like a search by Category. Many Thanks

  • duynn

    2015-02-16 00:27:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Magh, We check on the demo site and it's ok. Could you send me a screenshot for your issue?. Or send your issue to [email protected], our support team will help you. Best regards!

  • kennbo

    2015-08-21 19:39:46
    Purchased Reply

    What is the latest version of woocom allowed?

  • tvlgiao

    2015-08-24 18:20:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi kennbo, Sorry for the delay, now this theme is compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.11. We will update a new package for Woo 2.4 ASAP. Regards

  • vismayil

    2015-02-12 11:24:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi i need a webpage where my user can sell to. Can i do it with your theme?

  • duynn

    2015-02-12 13:21:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi vismayil, You can use this plugin to your user sell their products. Our theme is compatible with woocommerce multi vendors. Best regards!

  • adityakapoor

    2015-03-05 18:02:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have set "Third Footer Widget Area 4" from widget section. But it can't appear on website.

  • duynn

    2015-03-05 19:57:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi adityakapoor, On demo site, we only show 3 blocks for Third Footer Widget Area

  • Tobbeabrahamsson

    2015-09-15 19:46:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Is there any update that supports woocommerce 2.4.0? Thanks

  • tvlgiao

    2015-09-16 11:55:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, We will release the new package for WordPress 4.3 and WooCommerce 2.4 on next week. Regards

  • pragash3

    2017-06-15 17:12:19
    Purchased Reply

    Helloo i have never get the reply for your support ticket . 3 weeks gone .. can you please have a look ? Ticket #2789891024

  • tvlgiao

    2017-06-15 20:05:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Our support team did check and fixed for you, please check your site again Regards,

  • pragash3

    2017-06-19 04:32:40
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks can you please tell me how to activate the register page here ? -

  • tvlgiao

    2017-06-19 12:41:28
    Purchased Reply

    hello, Please login to wp-admin > Setting > General > click anyone can register as image at here Regards,

  • pragash3

    2017-06-19 16:02:14
    Purchased Reply

    i have changed the settings but no changes -

  • pragash3

    2017-06-19 17:40:35
    Purchased Reply

    how can i activate the left sides filter -

  • tvlgiao

    2017-06-19 20:42:45
    Purchased Reply

    You can check the setitng on Woocommerce > Setting > Account > check to box register on my account page as image at here: About the left side bar: you can check the widget of this page > please go to Apperance > Widget > Product Left widget are and add widget for this are. Regards,

  • pragash3

    2017-06-19 20:54:36
    Purchased Reply

    how can i add widgets like this ? -

  • tvlgiao

    2017-06-20 11:25:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We will check and reply for you via ticket 2789891024 asap on today. Regards,

  • pragash3

    2017-06-20 16:05:55
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much

  • pragash3

    2017-06-28 16:51:15
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please check my ticket ? Thanks

  • pragash3

    2017-07-16 16:19:22
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please check my latest ticket ? Thanks

  • Tawheed1

    2015-03-23 20:00:59
    Purchased Reply

    Well, that was a huge letdown. I purchased the theme with high hopes and worked on it for a week and after installing Buddypress it didn't work. I contacted the theme support and they said that the theme doesn't support Buddypress (which is strange, I never seen a theme that isn't compatible with Buddypress). This should have been mentioned in the documentation that it is not compatible with some plugins. Now I'm going to ask for my money back;

  • tvlgiao

    2015-03-24 13:31:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hi man, You should read the item informations before purchase it. This is WordPress WooCommerce template, it is compatible with bbPress, not compatible with BuddyPress, you can see here If you want a refund, please contact to Themeforest. Regard

  • ryanbeentje

    2015-02-09 19:10:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Your theme looks great and I'm highly interested in purchasing. However, I have some worries about the responsive design. When testing the design on HTC Nexus 9 and/or iPad 2 I noticed the left menu disappeared and some links did not work (Home #1). It works perfectly when sizing browsers on desktop, though. Is the preview in this way representative for the final product? Please let me know!

  • duynn

    2015-02-09 20:25:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi ryanbeentje, It's ok now. thank you for your help!

  • marbran

    2015-02-19 05:59:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, is there support for video posts in theme? Such as YouTube and Vimeo.

  • duynn

    2015-02-20 19:36:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi marbran, Yes, this theme support for video posts. Regard,

  • alotheme

    2015-02-06 19:22:19
    Purchased Reply

    Nice design, GLWS :)

  • duynn

    2015-02-06 19:42:54
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you so much! :)

  • tuvalgerbi

    2015-05-29 22:42:51
    Purchased Reply

    hi, i try to install the Theme and its work but hef of the plugins is doesnt worked! i work on it 2 days and i crazy all time error i think if i buy in $50 Theme its need to be easy to installed and without errors...! i sent you email befor a a week and stell you didint answer.. answer plz!! and hellp me installd your team or give my money back!

  • duynn

    2015-05-31 03:26:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi tuvalgerbi, Could you tell me the ticket ID? We will check it. Regards,

  • pariswalker

    2015-06-09 07:49:50
    Purchased Reply

    Every time I try to add a menu item on the vertical menu - I go to the site and the vertical menu disappears - I go to manage locations only to find it is automatically unsetting the vertical menu when I reset the vertical menu the menu item I previously set disappears as if I never added it in the first place - is there some kind of bug in your theme causing this issue ??

  • duynn

    2015-06-09 12:00:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hi pariswalker, Please open a new ticket here send your issue and item purchase code. Our support team will check it for you. Best Regards!

  • tonika_01x

    2015-11-19 01:40:19
    Purchased Reply

    I can not add icons in the vertical menu , I try to add background on the " mega menu" does not work , you can help ?

  • tvlgiao

    2015-11-19 15:59:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi tonika_01x, Thanks for your feedback, Please open a ticket here Send us the details of your issue and website admin account. Our support team will help you. Regards

  • tonika_01x

    2015-11-25 02:28:22
    Purchased Reply

    Any instructions for install Goodly theme Fullwidht? step by step

  • tvlgiao

    2015-11-26 14:42:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, If the documentation doesn't have instructions for install Goodly theme Fullwidht step by step, you can open new ticket then our support team will guide you install it. Regards,

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